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Hello my name is candy and I am a mistress or how professionals like to call that dom. This story isn't about how I got my job or anything like that. It is about how I became a submissive and my experience being like that.

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How It All Started

Hello my name is candy and I am a mistress or how professionals like to call that dom. This story isn't about how I got my job or anything like that. It is about how I became a submissive and my experience being like that.

Just a usual day at work (by that it means teasing my sub missives and leaving them at an edge of an orgasm), which I enjoy of course but it gets boring and tiering sometimes. I never had any problems with my boss until she decided to change her position from working at rip tide (our club name). 9She brought her brother to start working as the manager and he was pretty strict. He made some new set of rules for example: before starting to fully work at the club you have to go through the knowledge of the toys we use on our sub missives, we have to go through training of being doms and sub missives, and last but not least we have to be flexible on what you do (that pretty much means that if you work as a dom like me you have to also work as a sub if the client choses so). If you ask me all these new rules are fucked up and why do we need to know the names of sex toys is just absorbed. Everyone needed to sign this contract of terms and acknowledgements about the new rules that were added. And me being me I didn't feel like signing it. I wasn't comfortable on doing something I don't know and feel like doing (being a sub). That got me in called in the bosses office which made me really nervous and I think that it was the first time I felt butterflies when I opened the door to his office. "Candy right" he said. "Yes that's me" I replied as sweetly as possible but it didn't turn out that good. "Nice to meet you, I am Nathen Woods" even his name was hot and I was the first one to meet him in the job. I answered back with a smirk "nice to meet you too." "Why didn't you sign the papers about the new rules in the club" "Is there something you don't like there" I decided to be bold and answer him back with the truth even though its not the best option, " actually I don't feel comfortable with switching the work I do". "As a dom it's not that usual to switch to being a submissive. It isn't as easy as it seems. You need a lot of practice to just turn off that dom side of you and lose control." He looked at me with this sadistic stare almost as if he was undressing me. " Come to this address and I will show you how easy it is to lose control, you might as well help me test out some new toys that my brother made." That wasn't the response I thought I heard but I agreed.

Hello beauties' tell me if you enjoyed this content and the improvements you think i should make. Sorry about the spelling and grammar mistakes a made and I promise for a spicier chapter next time.
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