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Amelia's POV

Right now I am feeling so tired and I can barely move and all this is because of the person who is now sitting in his own posh leather armchair in his private office which is in the 75th floor of this building.

Neither did he let me sleep yesterday nor did he give me the release that I have been wanting ever since the minute that we have entered our room in his penthouse.He has overstimulated me so much that I am so sensitive now.Hardly did I sleep for 2 hours before being awoken by the my husband.
My husband.....the term seems so ......I don't know maybe cuddly?

Anyways now I am not talking to him and I am avoiding him at all instants,except for when it is related to business.He knows it now,i guess, by the way I have been dodging his dominant sexual remarks and for that purpose he has called me to his office,eventhough he has sent me to the finance section to collect the statement regarding Charles company,which is run by Charles,a man in his 40's. He was the recent person who had successfully submitted the reports, after nearly 4th time of rejection, in the last meeting.

Honestly speaking I am thinking of not talking to him for at least 2 hours,but you cannot blame me for not able to hold grudge against him because there is two reasons :

Number 1: is he is so beautiful that I am so sure God had taken nearly a week to sculpt him,his grey stormy eyes which seems to brew something within just like the phrase calm before storm.his height is like 6ft 7 and with a body so well built with 8 pack ,which I love to run my hands through.With tan skin and ripping muscles bulging from underneath his Armani suit he wears,he looks like a Greek god.
And by looking into those eyes we will stutter for sure and will definitely forgot what we came for.

Number 2: He is extremely dominating, especially when it comes to me, although only for me he reserves a calm,loving and patient aura.I am not scared of him unlike all other people who is working for him and also the public, because he has never lost his temper while I am in his vicinity . He loves me so much that he spoils me rotten, as well as he discipline me so much.Though at times when I lose my temper and do as much as scowl at him,he will be calm, but for sure I will be not be able to sit for nearly an hour as my butt will be too sore due to him spanking me.

The private elevator which is used by him and me as well, now opens leading me to the floor in which his office is in.

I barge into his office,oh huh holy muffins,I forgot to knock.Though he has asked me to come in without knocking at anytime,now is not that time as he is angry at me,as I can say by the way he is looking at me,and I know he will use this as strike 2,oh my poor butt,it will for sure be red and so sore if I get strike 3 also before I leave his office.

He is sitting there watching me as I walk past the couch in his office and comes near to him.
His office is a shade of black and grey with a small pinch of white. It is nearly the size of our guest room in the mansion and definitely it looks too big to me,if you ask me.In his desk is resting the rectangular box,I do not know what to call it,it is having my photos in it in all its four sides.And obviously the rest of the employees are not permitted to come inside.

I have taken my Master's degree in business and before even I could look out for jobs,he made me his personal assistant.My parents did not oppose to it and hence I obliged.He has been with me throughout my life and hence alongside my parents,I have loved him too,ever since I had started developing sense.

"Did u hear what I said,mio amore?" I was brought out of my thoughts by his deep, husky ,alluring voice
"I am sorry, I didn't get you, sir" I said sticking to my decision to act professional around him.
"Well,as you have decided to put up this act,let me tell you something,you are already in so much fucking trouble already"I slightly flinched when he used the f-word because I do not curse,well I do not have any option as he does not like nor allow me to curse,eventhough I learn most of the bad words from him."and you have earned your strike 3 by ignoring me for the second time,so I am telling you it is best if you bend over the table now".By saying this he took the remote and put the curtains down the big windows overlooking the New York city and locked the door.

By now I was so much angry that without thinking I shouted at my husband
"You didn't even allow me to cum yesterday and you thoroughly used my body,as you came in me nearly twice yesterday and now when I do not talk to you,that got you demanding right?But no I will not talk to you nor will I obey your demands.So fuck off ".

Call me idiot as I know what is coming in my way even before I decided to shout as well as curse at my love,but I am sexually frustrated.I can't even believe I am saying this as 6 months ago I didn't even know anything about sex and here i am being sexually frustrated.

But can you blame me?No, because he took my virginity.He fucked as well as made love to me nearly every day and hence I have become like this.
He knows it clearly well I did not get any release as he fucked me in position that was not pleasurable for me in any way.

Oh oh, He is looking calm,so calm,I know his expression
Rip my ass
"Bend over the desk now"he stated more calmly than before.
I figured out that it is better if I obey him as he is being so calm and he is never mad when he punishes me but he is always too calm when he does that.

I walked to his desk and bend over the table and looked at him,sitting behind the desk ,through my lashes and his eyes are fixed on me.
He got up slowly,removed his coat,and I can clearly see the rock hard muscles,through the white shirt he had worn under.He calmly unbottoned the two buttons and rolled up the sleeves and very calmly walked to me.

He is right behind me I can feel it.
He is now touching my ass ever so lightly.
"Your first strike is that you are not talking to me ,
Second is for barging in without knocking,is it appropriate,my amore? No right.
Third is you showed attitude when u walked in and your final strike is for shouting and cursing at your daddy,
Now tell me,babygirl should we leave that type of behavior unpunished?"

By now he has lifted my black pencil skirt and has lowered my lace panties.He is now squeezing my ass cheeks and my pussy is letting out it's natural juices. And I reply"No, daddy".
"Good that you chose to reply now and it will reduce 15 hits and that makes 85 hits on your ass, and you will count the hits, thank me for each of it and you will ask for the next hit to be more harder than before and you will address me as daddy for now, and not master. Are we clear?"
Oh good it is going to be a long day
Bracing for myself to receive the hits,as I do not expect any mercy from him,I reply



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