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Amelia's POV

"80.......,thank ........you Daddy,can........... I have the next...............one more.......... harder........,please?".

By now tears are freely falling from my eyes, accompanied by sobs and hiccups. I know he is comparatively going less hard on me because the moment I started crying,the intensity of the slaps on my ass cheeks also reduced.i bet now it is all red,but the thing I feel more humilating is that my pussy has been constantly pouring it's juices, which is now falling down my thighs.

"You didn't count the 81st one,babygirl,do you want daddy to restart?"his voice is now laced with lust and is more huskier than usual.

"No daddy...... please no.....I will be a good girl...please...I am sorry"I cried out

"We have already neared the end,so take it as a good girl,baby"with this he continues his hits on my ass,which I am sure will be like the flames of the fire.

The onslaught continues and now we have reached the end of my punishment,I think so.

This is not the first time he has spanked me this much,he had done it many times before, though it hurts I kind of like it.After this he always tend to the needs of my horny pussy,whether be it finger fucking or putting his long,hard,nearly 10 inch cock with thick veins in me.
He is sometimes so hard and rough that I will not be able to walk for 2 days straight and when I am back to normal or even much before it he fucks me again,and I am not complaining.i feel like a sex addict now though, or am I becoming a slut?,more precisely personal slut for him?

A thick long finger penetrates me,and I slowly jump up but he keeps a firm hold on me and hold me in position.he lifts me up in position and seats me on the glass top of his desk.the coldness of it burns my abused asscheeks and he knows is very well too,that is why he has again kept a firm hold on my waist.

The glass now feels comfortable and I have adjusted to the intruder in my pussy.he starts with slow deep strokes and I start to moan.
He leans towards me and kisses away the tears from my face.he slips his tongue inside my mouth and completely tongue-fuck my mouth and I am out of breath in seconds.his fingers are now moving in a hard and fast phase and I try to touch his hand which is having it's finger in me.

As I reach near his hand, his other hand tackles and keep both of my wrists together above my head,such that I now lay on the top of his desk with his fingers going deep and hard in me.i moan again and again and keeps my eyes closed in escatsy and I am now a panting mess.Right when I am about to reach my high, he withdraws his finger from my aching hole and unknowingly I hump for it in the air.

My eyes flew opens in shock at being denied again and he is not in my eyesight and when I look behind I saw him taking something from his personal cabinet,which is the place where most of our toys,that is exclusively used for me in office,are kept.He returns with a cuffs that is having white puffy cover over it so it does not strain against my skin and mark it, as I move.He quickly lifts me up and put me on one of the chairs in front of his desk and cuffs my hand behind the chair.Now I am completely at his Mercy,though I want to say something,I decide against it as I do not want anymore blows on my ass.Is it wrong if I say I enjoy being at his Mercy?

He slowly watches me aand then he slowly turns around and takes something from the drawer of his desk.He turns around and I look at him confused ,as I see him holding up a huge highlighter.He watches me, the same way a hunter eyes look at it's prey and now he is near me.All the confusion in my head is gone as he sticks the huge highlighter in me and returns to his seat.

I am now in his office,cuffed to a chair in front of him,with a highlighter deep in my fuckable hole.

I am ready to shout at him for doing this but he gives me a look that clearly dares me to go ahead and talk against him and his actions.So I keep my mouth shut.I like being like this,at his Mercy and all and he knows it.

"If you open your mouth to curse again,then that will make your ass more red and even bruised ,so we do not want it.so for that",he tightens a black ball gag to my mouth,which he took from the cabinet and continues"this is enough,but for that long,slender legs that is moving so as to get a friction in that precious hole,we have to stop it too right?"he then takes cable ties,which he took from the cabinet itself and ties my leg with it to the foot of the chair in which I am sitting .

Hence,I am not able to move,not even a bit.
Well it is not a good position to be sitting in front of your boss with a highlighter in my horny hole,hands and feet bound and gagged by a ball gag.
Damien then returns and sits in front me in his leather armchair and continues his work.

He picks up his phone and calls his best friend and his ex-personal assistant,Ashton,who technically speaking is continuing his job as the secretary as all I do is just fax files and i am very rarely, is send by my husband to anyother sections in order to retrieve any files.

He always keeps me in his line of sight.Eventhough I feel like his eyes doesn't follow my movements every second,I now know that I am never alone when I am outside as there is nearly 20 bodyguards appointed by my husband to watch over me.he is utterly obsessed with me and loses all his temper when it comes any accident happening to me.

The call goes and he ask Ashton to email all the details regarding the meeting that was held nearly 3 hours ago,and hang up the call.

"I will fuck you raw and hard when we reach our penthouse.I guarantee you that you will beg me to stop fucking that slutty hole of yours.So till then we have to keep that fuck hole away from any type of attention."he promises.

I am completely turned on by his talking that my pussy pours more horny juices and the highlighter moves a bit out but he casually walks to me and plunge it deep inside me again and goes back.

"Sleep, my love,for you didn't get any sleep yesterday because of me nor am I planning to give you any of it today also"

He has always kept his promises made to me hence I lean back and eventhough I am sitting in an awkward position I am very much comfortable in this chair.
i close my eyes and think about the fucking I am about to get and fall comfortably in a deep sleep.

* * * * * * * * * * * * ****************************

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