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Damien POV

So beautiful....
Even after six months of our marriage,I can't believe myself she is mine.
My beautiful angel she is.The only light to my darkness,the only woman who is worthy of everything in this world.
I remember the way I have held her in my hands for the first time in my life in the hospital when she was barely a week old.
Her baby blue eyes which seems to skimmer in innocence and the way she stared up at me,I know I was attached to her by soul.
I did not believe in cliches but now I am forced to believe in one.The way she controls and calms my inner demons by just being near me is a bliss.

I have loved her ever since from then on.

Her parents were,just like all others ,scared of us.

Everyone is ought to be scared of you when you are the only son of the scariest and cruelest Mafia,the Damiens.

Started by my grandfather,it was and it is the greatest terror of people as we are known by our horrible tortures to even innocent people.
Everyone is scared of us,except her.
Amelia,my Amelia,she is oblivious to all the cruel things happening around her.
She can't even think about harming a fly,which very much far away from my dirty work.

I have always kept her away from the dark side of my work.I deal with those matters at night,when my baby softly cuddles to me in her sleep.

She is not that innocent now though, as she now behaves like a little slut in our bed. Well I can't blame her,it is me who took her virginity and nearly took her everyday so as to make her stretch her small velvety vaginal walls for me.

Eventhough I have achieved almost everything a man could desire at the age of 29, that is , all the power,wealth,money,properties,respect and fear from people,still I was the most happiest when I took her virginity,which always belonged to me,ever since when she was born.

She always was kept under my wraps;
Sent to a school,under my management.

Completed her degree in business from a academy,owned by me.

Now working in my company,owned by me and under my eyes.

I have had many women in my bed,always eager to please me.All I have to do is just go on my own way and they will fall on to my feet.

I have had sex from my early age itself,since it is like that in Mafia.
But ever since me and my Amelia, started involving with each other,I couldn't even think about cheating on her with a money hungry slut.

Now when I look at her now,strapped on to a chair in my office,helpless and under my mercy,I couldn't but explode in joy. I know i am a sick fuck for thinking like this but I will never ever will allow her to even touch another man,even if it is a brotherly hug. And just like that she will always be mine.

I am a dominant by nature as I like to exercise control in everything around me and same goes to my fragile angel. She is a innocent little kitten, who is eager to please her master. I have taught her to call me master when we are inside our room as I completely own her.

Though at first she was confused,she started obeying me after I had explained every single thing related to sex and all the kinky stuffs, at the age of 18,when she didn't even know anything about it.

I felt proud in introducing her to this new world of ecstacy and how she will be pleasured by me.

She was so scared the night I took her virginity and she always wanted the person who she is marrying,to be the one to take it.
It was no doubt that it was me and I just took what belonged to me.

I kiss her on her cheeks and remove the cable ties and cuffs slowly so to not wake her up, although it is time to wake her up and she nearly slept for four hours and it is time to take my baby home.Though I took out the things that kept her bound, I still kept the thick highlighter in her so as to stretch that tight little pussy of her's.She always clenches so fucking tight around my dick when I pound into her mercilessly and it is such a turn on.

Well I get turned on just at the sight of her.

I watch as her stir in her sleep and slowly wakes up.

She opens that big blue innocence radiating eyes of her and look at her hands which is now untied and then at me.her eyes widen slightly when she sees me and a light blush covers her cheeks as she swift in her seat and as the highlighter goes inside her more.

I bet her slutty pussy has released more juices. I was so hard when I saw my hands imprinted in her soft ass cheeks which were bright red. But I didn't give her a little after care as she talked back to me.

She throws her hand around my neck and nuzzles her face in my neck and again try to go back to sleep.

"Baby,we will go back now?".
"Is your work done,daddy?".
"Yes and I was waiting for you to wake up,my little angel. now put that panties and pull down your skirt"I command.

She then get off me and bends to take her panties and then suddenly she stops after taking her panties and then looks at me and blushes deeply.

"Daddy can I remove the highlighter?"she cutely mewls out.

Well if she wants that,she can but in no way am I gonna keep that fuck hole empty so without answering I go back to the cabinet in which all our sex toys are kept and takes out the dildo of size 5 and returns back,hiding the dildo from her sight.

"Is that is what you want, princess,then we will remove it but we can't leave that hole of yours empty,so this will go in".

By saying this I take that highlighter out,which is drenched in her fluid, and thrusts my two fingers deep in her cunt and thrust hard. She leans back to the table and closes her eyes as she now knows better than to touch my hand with it's fingers inside her.
I stop and put the dildo inside her in one quick thrust and pulls up her panties.

She now look in a daze and clenches her thighs together and I watch her squirm ,as the dildo vibrates to life inside. I chuckles deeply and she blushes again.

I take her hand and walks out of my office ,all this while by playing with her pussy by controlling the vibrations by increasing it suddenly to the maximum and decreasing it when I am sure she at the brim of her orgasm.

I have kept her wanting and horny from yesterday onwards,though I have had my share of pleasure.
She waddles her way into the private elevator and as soon as the door closes I lift her skirt and put my hands inside her,filmsy excuse for a panties,and starts fucking her with a dildo.

I thrust deep in her and then take it back and then thrust it back and I can see her closing her eyes and just as she was going to come,the elevator ding and I takes my hand out and straightens her dress and put her back properly with the dildo still inside her.
She is in the verge of crying but tightly hold her self.

As she is this much sad for being denied I have decided to give her orgasms until she beg me to stop.

We step out of he elevator and I hold her hand and glares at most of the males as they peek at her through their corner of their eyes.
They must know better than to mess with me and my wife.

We get into our limo and I rolls up the partition as the ride begins. I look at Amelia and she is looking at me with fresh tears in her eyes and my heart crushes when i see her like this.

I lift her up and places her in my lap and kisses away her tears and takes he remote and put the dildo to medium vibrations so as to keep her in right amount of heat and need. She starts to squirm again in my lap and my dick,which was already hard from her sitting on my lap,hardens more.

We slowly grind against each other and just then the limo stops and we get out of it and enters our penthouse which is at the centre of New York.

Just as we enter our room,I lock the door behind me and sees her stripping down to her naked self with the dildo still inside her and then she kneels by our king-size bed and she keeps her eyes glued to floor,the exact position I asked her to be in when we are in our bedroom.

I remove my clothes slowly,all the while keeping eyes on her,and I put the dildo on maximum.

I watch as she struggles hard to be in position and as she is ready to cum,I shut off the vibrations and take the dildo outside of her and goes inside to the closet and take out the toys.

"Please,master ,please".My little angel begs.
"You will get it ,my little slut,I will give it to you just as I promised."

Oh this is going to be an enjoyable night
****** **************************************

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