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"The best revenge is massive success"
-Frank Sinetra.

Amelia's POV

I watch as master goes back into the closet and retrieves our toys.
My hole is aching so much that it begins to hurt,and I am kneeling beside the king-size bed and waiting for daddy to come.
Damien comes back with the cuffs and bottle of some liquid.

I wonder what that liquid is for.

"Get onto the bed,stay in your hand and knees there,your face low and your ass held high".my master ordered me.

I quickly obeyed him,getting on to the bed and onto my hands and knees with my head facing the headboard and my ass held high up in the air.

The cool air of the air conditioner hits my sore buttcheeks and a shiver runs up my spine.

"Amelia,we are going to do something new today my angel, As your master I want to use your other hole too".
I was confused as to what he was saying and many questions were about to apill out of my mouth but I tried my best to hold it back in,as I am not allowed to speak out of turn.

Suddenly,something cold was being applied to my asshole and sucked in a breath when more of it was again poured.

"We are gonna stretch this little asshole of your's now and it is gonna hurt a bit, my little slut,but you are gonna take it as a nice girl right,baby?"

So he is gonna put it in me,as soon as the realization dawned on me I turned my head at a supersonic speed and looked at him only to see him looking at me.
Eventhough he wants me to do this,he is also a bit hesistant and I can see concern clear in his eyes.

He is waiting for me to say something.
"Master,I am scared",I whispered so slowly that I doubt he had heard it.

By looking at him and seeing him taking that liquid away from me,I understood that he is not gonna do anything with my asshole.
"But I want to try it,master",I squeled out.
He stops midway and turns to me and look at me with a small smirk.

"So my whore wants to try it?"Damien asked me.

Whore?,what does that mean?.

"Master what does whore mean?",I ask confused.

A booming laughter echoes throughout our room and I watch in awe. He very scarcely does laugh and he always does it when he is with me.

"Baby whore means a person who eagerly spread her legs for her master and screams out loud when her master pounds into her tiny slutty hole,well does that sound familiar to you,my slut?"

He asks and I blushes so he meant me,oh ok.
But why am I turned on when he calls me all this?.

"My,my someone is clearly enjoying being degraded, aren't you enjoying it ,my fucktoy?"

"Yes master" I whisper out.

The aching in my hole resurface and I clenches around the dildo resting in me and sigh.

Seeing this Damien pour more of that liquid in my tiny butt hole .

"Baby I think you have enough lube in you and now daddy is going to put his finger in that hole".

Saying this master lifts his one finger and touches my back hole.
So that liquid is called as lube,oh okay.
I push my ass out more and wait in anticipation.
He slowly tries to push in.(keyword try).
He is not even able to push a little inside and I wonder why he is not just pushing in.
"Fuck" he curses.
"Push against my finger,sweetie,let that hole take in my finger".
He says and I obeys instantly.

I push against him and the finger goes in.
I gasp out loudly and he does not even stop he continues to push it inside me and I slowly squirm in order to get away from it as the pain becomes a little more.

A huge slap comes down on my ass and I stops squirming .
"Take it in,slut,just take my finger in. I know it hurts but there is no other choice for you,my fucktoy,just take it in".
I obey him and pushes against his finger again and finally the finger is buried deep in me.

He slowly start to thrust as he takes his finger all the way back to outside and in one go he thrusts back in to me.i mewl and slowly start to rock my ass and he goes a little faster.
The pain goes and the pleasure sets in slowly and I let out a moan and I feel a tight knot building up in my stomach".

He is now pushing it faster and moans are slipping out of my mouth continuously.
"Master may I cum,please" I ask him.

All of a suddenly the finger is taken out of me and I whimper as to why he did it.
He very quickly thrust his finger back in.
No,no,no,no,it is not a finger it is two of his finger.

My asshole burns in pain and tears leak out,sensing this he pours more of the lube and stops his movements with his fingers still deep in me.

"Is it hurting, baby? Should I stop?"he asks me,his voice filled with concern.

"No,no don't master,please don't stop". I cry out as the pleasure again start to set in.

He moves his thick,long hard fingers inside me and I am keeping myself from begging him to give me the permission to cum.
Just as I was going to cum without his permission and that too from just his fingers in my ass,he pulls his fingers out,and just before I could complain about this he takes the dildo from my pussy and thrusts it in my asshole without any mercy.

A scream of pleasure and pain leaves my mouth and I put my face into the pillows.
Damien continues to fuck me with that dildo which was in my pussy a minute ago.
He thrusts slowly and deeply at first and with the passage of time ,he thrusts it in me completely,hard and fast and I let out moans and screams.

He kept fucking my ass with that for another 10 minutes and then he keeps it deep inside me,as deep as it would go.
He then flips me into my back and I scream loudly and the dildo in my ass goes so deep inside me as I am now lying on my back in the bed.

He hovers over me,then kiss me passionately for a minute and then put his face in my neck and breathes in my scent .His breath is now tickling me.

His fingers are now rubbing my cilt fastly and he is grinding into me,such that the dildo is being thrust into me sofly.

"Master can I cum,please,please, don't deny me again,your slut wants to come so badly that her hole is aching so badly,Master please".i cry out unable to hold myself in again.
He knows it well that I do not know how to control my cumming,so I usually cry out and asks him much before I feel like cumming.
By now I am just at the verge of cumming and he is not allowing it.

Yes at last,I am going to cum even if he does not permits me,the fingers are going harder on my clit now and as I am about to cum,he stops.

Before I could even cry out to him, his thick cock fills me completely and the breath is knocked out of my lungs.

So huge,he is so huge that he cannot even be compared to the dildo which was in my pussy, just minutes ago, which currently is in my ass.
"How does it feel to be filled in both of your fuck holes?,my fucktoy, do you enjoy your master using your slutty holes?huh? Answer me ,whore" he shouts at me?

How am I able to answer him with all this pleasure going on?.oh oh he didn't even start moving and I am about to cum.
Oh god please help me.
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