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"Life has no limits,except the ones you make"
-Lee Brown.

Amelia's POV

"Ah,ahh,Master,ahh",countless moans are spilling out of my mouth and it feels like I don't have any control over it.
He is thrusting so hard in me with his long,deep and very thick dick and it is so brutal that the bed is shaking with his powerful thrusts.

"Do you want to cum my, fuckdoll?", Damien asks me with his deep,husky voice.

"Yes,master,please"I cry out.

The phase of his thrust increassed again and he is ramming into me and I can't take this pleasure anymore and my pussy is starting to hurt by not releasing for a long time.

"Then cum ,my fucktoy,cum on my dick,little whore". Atlast he gives me he permission and even before he could complete,I cummed so badly,that I think my pussy bursted.

"Ah,Damien,Damien, Damien,I love you"I screamed out aloud,while I rode out my high.
He looks at me for a split second with his eyes full of love and adoration before his eyes again turn into dark again and continues to thrust into my poor pussy again with much force.

"Don't think this is your last orgasm,you are gonna come 9 more times for your master, aren't you my whore?". He says this and kisses me passionately.

I swallow a lump in my throat and look into his eyes and I plead him for mercy
Even with one orgasm my pussy is hurting so bad and 9 more times means I can't walk tomorrow.

My body is again climbing my next high and now again I released.

Oh no,again there is that tight knot,he is fucking me through my orgasm and now I feel like releasing again and I did and I cried out my name.

I fall back into to the bed with no energy and my body still continue to move back and forth as he fucks me mercilessly.

I now match his description,I am now just a fucktoy and he is using my hole to the maximum.

While i am thinking this,my body already reached it's 4th orgasm and I released around him.

He lowers his hand to where we are connected and presses his fingers against my clit and I scream as I release for the 5th time,this time completely out of surprise of him rubbing his fingers on my clit.
I am completely exhausted and he sees this and removed his dick from my pussy and flip me to my front and now I am lying on my stomach,just like a fuckdoll,who is too tired from all this pleasure he is giving me.

I scream out as he enters me from behind and at the same time pulls the dildo which is in my ass back and forth. He is fucking both my holes together and his other hand comes to the front and rubs my clit.

I thrash around him because of the unexplainable pleasure and tries to move away from it.
Seeing this he removes his hand from the dildo,after pushing it deep in my ass and making me release for the 6th time and then blowing a so powerful spank on my butt,that I climaxed again for the next time.

I am so tired, I can't even keep up and I now rest my head in the pillow while my master continues to use both of my holes and rub my clit.

"Master, please stop,I am tired and my pussy is starting to hurt,please Master", I cry out somehow.

"You think you have a choice,slut?,you are here to satisfy my need and as your master it is your responsibility to satisfy me,whore"

.Eventhough he tells me this he still looks at me and stops for a second for examining whether I am as tired as I have said , I am sure that when he look at me,all he sees is a slut who is loving and enjoying her master fucking her holes mercilessly and degrading her.

Seeing his he continues and rams me into my 8th orgasm.

He takes his hand from my clit and spanks me hard and I moan so hardly.
My body is now accepting his thrusts whole heartedly and receiving all his wrath and has released for the 9th time.

I love it when he uses my body as nothing but a toy for his pleasure and at the same time I know that he will stop even before him cumming if he thinks that he is really hurting me. I know he just tells me all these dirty things and degrades me on our bed so it is pleasurable for both of us and I love every moment of it.

He is fucking both of my holes and now he is choking me tightly by keeping a tight hold on my neck.
"Don't cum,slut,wait for your master "he orders me and thrust into me in an inhuman phase and the bed is now again starting to hit the wall from his powerful thrusts.

I try my best to keep myself from cumming and take all that he is giving me.

"Now,cum,Now,whore, and milk my dick as it is the only thing that dirty slutty fuckhole is good for".

He says this and tightens the hold on my neck as well as him fucking my ass also goes deeper.
I cum for the 10th time and atlast satisfies my master and he cums in me.

"My baby angel ,my only light,the only reason for my life ,my baby angel". He says this and pecks my forehead and my lips.
I am tired and his cum is leaking out of my pussy and Damien is looking at it . I am so sore,so damn sore and I am sure I can't even stand up,while he gets up and my heart misses a beat as he looking so beautiful with his back muscles bulging and looking so yummy and I am wet again and his cum continues to leak out into my thighs.

He goes amd take a buttplug from the cabinet and then comes to me.

"No master,no I can't do it again."I plead him.

"My baby we are just going to lock my cum in that little pussy as I won't allow you to take a bath today,so you are sleeping with my cum in you today so in order to prevent it from falling into our bed ,I am keeping this buttplug" .
saying this he keeps the buttplug in me and tears leak out of my eyes due to the pain as my pussy hurts so bad.

I can see him panicking,as he sees my tears and he takes out the buttplug out of me and keeps it in the nightstand and takes me in his hand and slowly cradle me as I keep my face in his neck and throws my hand around his neck and relaxes.

"Ah daddy"I moan slowly as he takes the dildo outside of my ass.

"Shhh,it is okay we are not gonna do anything else and now I will run you a warm bath as i know that you are so sore, eventhough I want to keep my cum in that heavenly hole". He pecks me and again cradles me and pushes my head into his neck and walks into our bathroom and takes water in the bathtub and slowly dips me in it and I relax into him.

He smiles at me slowly,which is very breathtaking and takes me into his arm by sitting down behind me in the bathtub.

I now calms down completely and relaxes into my husband's arms,which I know will always protect me.

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