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Damien's POV

I carry my angel back to our bed and lifts the duvet up to her shoulders and cover her.
I want to wake her up and make her eat her favorite pasta but now I know how much she is exhausted so I refrain from it.

I take up my phone and call Ashton, my second in command and one of my trusted man.
He was my assistant in my company but when my Amelia graduated I could not risk her working with anyone else so I ordered her to work for me.
My silly little baby thought that she could work in that fucker Nicholas's company.
I know him , of course he is a man whore who is more than willing to spend his time with sluts .
I know even I was no different from him,considering the amount of women I fucked .
But that all changed when my sweet Amelia came.
Though Ashton once flirted with my baby,without knowing who she is and ended up with a broken leg and an arm,he did not dare to flirt with her again,because he knows how obsessed I am with her,and although my baby is now my assistant I will not let her do any work,I just want her with me,so Ashton still does all the work,other handling my schedules and faxing some files.

I cannot but give my angel some work when she whines about me not giving her any job.

Well what can I do I cannot let her move away from my eyesight,unless she is in our mansion or in this penthouse as both of these is heavily guarded, especially after my marriage with Amelia and there is no way any man can enter these.

"Yes,boss",He takes the call on 1st ring,knowing how much important it is considering the fact that there is a fucking bastard getting tortured in the basement.

The bastard tried to spy into my life and tried to report it to the pakhan .

Ya,they thought it is easy,how pathetic,he thought he could betray me.

First rule in my life,never trust anyone , especially a person in Mafia.

"Did he spill anything?". I aksed, eventhough I know the answer.

"No boss,we have not done anything too much in his body,since you asked me not to give him any too many scars".

Of course the fucker won't reply,he thinks he will have an chance if he keeps quiet while he is in our hands.

"I will be here in an hour".I tell him and hang up.

I take out a shirt from among the hundreds of those from the walk-in closet and button up.
Amelia does not know have any idea about my mafia and that I goes out almost every night to handle it .

My sweet baby,she is so innocent and she sleeps just like an angel almost immediately after our love making and is out for nearly hours and will not be awake before i wake her up.I know I am a bit rough with her sometimes but how can I control when I am with her.

Her beautiful baby blue eyes which has white flecks in them brimmers with innocence and widen when she is happy or exited.

The way she bites her lip unknowingly when she is nervous and knows that she has done something which she was not supposed to do.
Her long wavy brown hair that extends up to the end of her spine .

Her small, soft ,perfect curvy body is so fucking beautiful.

Her cute button nose which she scrunches up when she is confused and her beautiful eyebrows which she knits together adorably when she is angry.

Her skin is so smooth just like a baby's and it is pale and so beautiful, no wonder wherever she goes she turns every man's head without her knowledge,which makes me want to kill all those fuckers,that is why I scarcely let her out alone.

I pull on my jacket and go near Amelia to check on her one last time,she is sleeping with a little drool on her mouth and suddenly a frown marks her face and she is stirring now,she jerks slowly and gets up and I quickly take her in my arms.

"What is it baby that made you wake up from your beauty sleep?" I ask her huskly now a little worried.
"It was just a nightmare" she replies groggily her voice laced with sleepiness.

"Want to talk about it?" I ask her softly,

"No Damien,I nearly forgot it"she says and lays her head on my chest and then she quickly sit up and look at me.
"Where are you going at midnight?"she asks wearily.
"Hmm,just a business came up,nothing for your pretty head to worry about".

"Are you leaving me now and where are you going at the middle of night?"she asked me now, all the traces of sleepiness gone and instead replaced with utter sadness.

I does not answer instead dips my head and my lips captures her pouty lips and I thrust my tongue in her. My hand slowly pulls the duvet away and cups her D-cupped breasts.

"N-No" she cutely bargains and pulls away from the kiss.
"I am still tired" she mewls out and tries to go back to sleep.
I gather her in my arms and softly cradle her.
Soon she is out like a star and I lay her carefully down and again covers her with the duvet.

I kiss her forehead and stands up and head out of our room and into the car garage and takes my Lamborghini veneno and slide into it and just then I get a call from Ashton.
I connect the call from Ashton to my car and drives out of the complex not before assigning nearly fifty guards with the duty of protecting my little angel.

"Boss we have woke him up from his deep sleep" his voice speaks out followed by a sinister chuckle. I know what he meant by that.
He is nearly as sadistic as I am.
"I will be there in 5".I say and hangs up.

I drive through the night with nearly no traffic and there is nearly no other can than my car and the cars of my men who is following my car.

My hands are itching to just beat his shit out and I am going to do that.
Oh how that fucker will wish for death when I am done with him.


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