The feeling is Mutual

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Left alone with pawpaw leads to mind blowing sex

Erotica / Romance
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The feeling is mutual

My brother and best friend left to go to her mother's. Which left Pawpaw and I alone for the night.
Things were great we had dinner danced in the kitchen and were finally just chilling quietly on the couch.
I could feel the heat between my legs gather and start to leak into my panties.
"Whatcha thinking about babe?" He asks me.
"Honestly I'm horny..and really wanna molest you." I tell him shyly.
He doesn't say anything he just grabs his phone and starts looking up porn. As he's scrolling I get up and change into a night gown and take off my panties, and come back out sitting beside him.
"Enjoying yourself ? " I state looking at him. He's got his 8 inch cock in his hand Jenkins himself slowly watching the porno on his phone.
"Matter of fact I am..join me?" He says smirking at me.
Without a word I lean back on the couch pull up my nightgown and expose my naked glistening pussy,and watch the porno with him. I run my fingers over my outer lips softly slightly dipping my finger into my wet honey hole and rub my clit with the other hand.
A moan escapes my lips as my clit begins to tingle.
"Rub your clit while if fuck you hard." Says the guy on the porno causing me to look at Pawpaw who is watching me play with my pussy next to him.
I continue to play with my pussy as I watch him jerk himself off. I can feel myself getting closer. I've never done this before and am more turned on than I have ever been.
Our eyes connect as I feel myself getting closer.
"I can't make myself cum.. I've tried I can't do it." I tell him almost breathles.
"Yes you can I'll tell you to and all u have to do is let go. " He says ask he strokes himself faster. " I'm getting close. I want you to cum with me, because after I'm going to eat your pussy and fuck the shit out of you."
I start rubbing my clit faster in sync with him.
"I'm about to cum. CUM NOW!" He says he starts to cum.
I let go and cum hard on my fingers.
With out a word he gets up takes me by the hand and brings me to my room. Pushing me against the bed he takes off my nightgown and captures my nipple in his mouth making it rock hard, he switches to the other as to make the other one hard.
I moan loud encouraging him to keep going.
He pushes me on to the bed and I scoot to the head of the bed spreading my legs wide for him as he makes his way to my wet pussy. He breathes in my scent and lightly flicks his tongue lightly over my clit. Elicting a moan from my excited lips. I feel him grip my thighs as he tongues my pussy deeper.
"Please fill my hole." I beg looking at him.
He smirks and slips in two digits and rubs my gspot while he sucks and flicks my clit.
I start humping to the rhythm of his assault on my dripping pussy. I'm getting close and can't hold it back. I feel my release and him lapping it up quickly.
" Ohhh my turn." I tell him as he lays down.
I make my way to his hard cock and take him into my mouth. Slowly I build a rhythm and take him deeper causing me to gag. I slip him out of my my mouth with a pop and flick the tip with my tongue.
Looking up up at him I smile and take him again at a faster rhythm bringing him close.
"Stop.. I wanna fuck you right now." He says.
I lay on my side as he slides between my legs. He guides himself into my pussy slowly. He pushes deeper until I can feel him hitting my gspot. He starts pumping slowly and deeply gripping my ass. I can feel him picking up speed as I feel a hard slap on my ass. I groan in ecstacy.
" Fuck yea fuck my pussy babe. God you feel so good." I moan.
"Your mine now snatched. This pussy is mine." He says as he grinds himself deeper hitting my spot making me cum hard on his cock.
" OH FUCK!!" I scream as I feel him cumming inside my pussy.
He leans down and kisses me hard as he slips out of me to grab a towel to clean me up.
" That's the best sex I've ever had. I've never done that the way we did before." I tell him breathless.
"It's what I do. Remember your mine. Snatched." He says with a sly smile.

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