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Kate's Airheaded Night

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This is the story of a night of pleasure getting even naughtier, going from a simple afterglow after using "special tricks" to having this female needing more than she started.

Erotica / Fantasy
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Kate's Airheaded Night

Late at night in Theodore’s home, there was a bit of “winding down” in the house happening. you see Theo had invited Kate over to see his new place and seeing as they’re so amazingly close to each other it was obvious that she would do nothing but accept. However, there was no way that those two were going to be in that house without something else happening that night. Now usually things would be somewhat vanilla between the two, especially with the inclusion of the other twin Jake, however the only reason for that would simply be Theo wasn’t able to “show off” in any other of those situations. now that he had her all to himself, he could do all that he wanted, including show off some of his other abilities that some would consider magical. the night was long and calling it pleasureful was simply an understatement. feel so great about what it just happened as did Kate, although one of them was much messier than the other.

“What an amazing night sweetie, that has to be the best fuck I’ve had from you in a while~.” She said, rolling over on the bed, looking into his eyes with a satisfied smile.

“Well, isn’t that just sweet to hear from you, clearly you wouldn’t want to miss this~.” Theo said, keeping his devious smile while staring Kate up and down.

Kate would kiss on his cheek before starting to rise up and off the bed, teasing him by licking some of his cum from her face while doing so. She takes a good look at herself in the mirror while speaking to Theo again.

“Clearly you made a sexy mess of me baby, unless you want me to smell like this all night, I think a shower is in order for.” Kate turned back to Theo, looking for his response and direction.

“You make me sound so cruel Kate; I’ll definitely make sure you shower in the new bathroom.” Theo rolled off the bed, stretching a bit before motioning for Kate to follow him down the hallway which she of course would do.

After exiting the bedroom Theo led her to the center of the upstairs hall where the bathroom was. The inside was very high class to say the least although not so much as to say it was above usual people.

“This is the secondary bathroom that I would suggest to everyone since it’s better than the main one in my bedroom.” He said before clapping his hands, causing the doors to open slowly while automatically spraying a lavender air freshener for convenience’s sake. “Pretty cool right? All this came with the house itself, I’m honestly proud of it although they did say don’t use it much but who cares?” He obviously thought it would be fine since the house was recently inspected but soon, he would be proven wrong, he just didn’t know it. “Now I’m going to go downstairs to make sure we end this night with a treat, call me if you need me~”. He said before clapping his hands again, causing the air freshener to spray again before the doors closed, this also would cause a short circuit on its next operation. He didn’t know that of course, but Kate would.

Kate smiled before clapping her hands to have the door open itself again. She took in the scent of lavender as she made her way into the bathroom. The door system then shorted and closed on itself, right around Kate’s waist. She yelped and looked back as she struggled to wiggler herself free but to no avail.

“D-dammit... Theo? A little help? Your door closed on me!”

Her calls would fall on deaf ears as Theo was outside collecting the fruits he had grown for his own garden to wash and cook with.

“The actual fuck? W-what’s going on now?!” She cupped her tits and sure enough, she could feel them swell. Little did she know that this wasn’t from the freshener, but from the “tricks” he used earlier, everything has repercussions.

“Oooh! Theo! You finally came to check on your toy~? I got a little... stuck, hehe. But I think you won’t mind it.” She teased, she would be soaking wet if she wasn’t already oozing his cum.

Theo gulped as he began to realize what had happened... though he couldn’t deny she had become even hotter than before. “Well.... this was unexpected... so much for the shortcakes.” He said before starting to work on getting her out..... but a little fun wouldn’t hurt after she was freed, and he knew she would love it to! Maybe Jake would like this... but for now, Kate better had been ready, because round two would start as soon as she was out. Theo gave his sexually sinister grin as he approached her. “I’ll have you out in just a bit... then the toy can have her use~”

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