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Jezebeth MxF with some FxF

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This…is more pleasurable than dominance. He’s offering himself to me because he wants to, because he chose me. I growled. I hate to admit it but I’m going to take him, he’s mine. I’m going to give myself this moment and deal with the mess in the morning. Like I said, just one night

Erotica / Romance
Zelene Miles
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Chapter 1

Bethi was her father’s pride and joy. Her father, Pehflos, was a Tiefling and her mother a human. It’s incredible how many women and willing to sleep with a Tiefling if it’s kept a secret. Wilfa hid her pregnancy and left Jezebeth in a cave in the wild after birth.

She was her father’s 6th child out of 11.

Pehflos found Jezebeth in a cave after he jailed and tortured Wilfa for her location. Being his sixth child, Bethi was destined to become his heir. Pehflos found her feeding on cave bugs, took Bethi home, and ensured Wilfa was jailed for the rest of her life.

Pehflos took great pride in raising his daughter in his image. Bethi was raised in a comfortable lifestyle to be a ruthless, greedy, hateful beast. She was her father’s pride and joy and stood to inherit his estate, including the large family home, upon his death.

Bethi, an heiress and family favorite, was also very popular with several friends who gave their unconditional loyalty demanded to retain her favor. She made her first kill at 6 when one of her siblings told her no. She was given sweets for her achievement by her father after.

At 13, she met Pranav Rhahrer, a fighter from a nearby village. He was training to take over his father’s role as a place guard. Since Pehflos was shrewd and wealthy, he knew many merchants, tradespeople, and nobility. Many despised the Lust family since they were Tieflings.

At some point in their ancestry, a deal was made with the devil. Now here stood Bethi with her red skin, black hair, canine teeth, bat wings, and spiked tail and back. Most steered clear of the family and made only the most generous of deals. Several years ago, a traveling merchant tried to cheat Pehflos. The man and his family, several towns away, were found mysteriously dead. No one dared to accuse Pehflos, knowing he would do the same to them without a second thought.

And now he had a daughter that put his treachery to shame.

Bethi knew she was spoiled, but many underestimated her, believing she was stupid as well. No one made that mistake more than once. She hated to be bored and didn’t care if anyone knew what she did. When she was 10, four girls, Kaitlyn, Reyna, Dasia, and Magdalen – the ringleader, tried to bully her about her skin, tail, and bat wings.

That night she kidnapped all of them, tied three of them to a tree, and made them watch as she strangled the Magdalen to death. No one said a thing about the appearance of the Lust family ever again. The three girls who lived became some of Bethi’s most loyal followers, at her beck and call at any time of day. Dasia, Magdalen’s best friend, became her most loyal servant.

12 years Later


He had been dreaming of Bethi since he was 13, that red skin, black hair, those fangs. He may be the head of the palace guard, but she was his weakness. He would betray the royal family for her. As the matriarch of the family, she frequented the town, making deals. She was so striking, and it wasn’t just the bat wings. She carried herself with an air of nobility.

Over the years, he regretted no longer seeing her in school as he took on his training. At the same time, maybe she would notice him if he was the best. He sighed. A lot of good that did. He shook himself. Time to stop acting like a child and ask her out. But is that how it works with Tieflings?


Dasia ran across the town. Bethi had demanded she bring a particular order of silk to line her new clothes. Helping her Queen dress was her favorite of duties. She got to see more skin, more of her beauty. She threw open the door and ran upstairs, nearly tripping.

“Drop it, and you’ll have to be punished.” Bethi laughed at her from the couch. “Thought I think you would enjoy it.” Dasia felt herself become moist. It was so hard to be in her service. She wanted to give her Queen more of herself, everything she had to offer.

Dasia fell to her knees before the couch and bowed her head, offering the silk. Bethi ran her hand across the silk, down Dasia arm. She shuddered, and Bethi smiled, throwing the silk to the floor and stomping on it. “I’m sorry! Did I displease you? How can I fix it?!”

Bethi laughed, and Dasia smiled. It’s her amused laugh. I’m not in trouble! “I just love to watch you run and fetch me things.” Bethi grabbed the back of Dasia’s head, pulling her blond hair hard until her head was tilted back, and she was looking into her lady’s dark green eyes. They had no pupil or sclera, just deep green.

Bethi moved her mouth nearly to Dasia’s. “Would you do anything for me, Dasia?” Oh… my Queen. I whisper, trying to keep the want I feel out of my voice, “Anything.”

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