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Chapter 2


I can barely speak. Bethi’s never been this close to me before. Bethi ran her forked tongue along Dasia’s bottom lip. “Anything?” Oh god. “Does that mean I can do anything to you, Dasia? You know I tend to be unkind,” Bethi said with a smirk. Voice still quivering, “I am grateful for anything you are willing to give me, my lady.”


God, toying with Dasia is so much fun. She quivers, shakes, and does anything I want. I have half a mind to reward her for her years of service. Not too much though, don’t want to spoil her.

Bethi never thought she would be with a man, at least not a living one, and certainly not for pleasure or any other reason. When she came of age at 18, marriage negotiations began. Nearly every noble, Tiefling, and Tiefling noble that tried to court her disappeared or turned up dead mysteriously several towns away. At 20, all courting ceased. Bethi had to admit; it was nice not to be bothered with trivial shit like weddings and arranged marriages. Besides, her father had always been happy to hand over his estate to her alone. She was content to tease and torture her playthings since childhood.

I kiss her mouth lightly. “Will you always service me?” “Only you,” her eyes were bright and her breath short. I killed her best friend, now she serves me and begs for any attention or sexual gratification I’ll give her. Bethi laughed softly, kissing Dasia again. Life is good.

“Do you want to taste me, Dasia?” Her baby blue eyes looked like they were going to pop out of her head. I only heard shallow gasps. I frown, feigning disappointment. “Are you not going to answer me?” She manages to squeak out, “I would be honored to, my queen.” “It’s more than that, isn’t it?” This poor girl is going to drip through the floorboards. Good. I like to see her pine; she looks best on her knees. I run my nails gently along her throat.

I can smell her need; she’s completely soaked. “Tell me how badly you want to taste me.” “I would give or do anything for it. I’d kill for it. I would do anything. Please.” So well behaved. “Would you be my slut? What if I told you to fuck a man, would you? Would you fuck a horse?” “I would fuck or do anything for you.” Damn, she means it. I wonder how far I could push her.

“So, you would let Kaitlyn and Reyna fuck you for me?” She hesitated. I thought so. Fucking people you know is different than a stranger, but will she do it? “Is that a no?” I kiss her chin. “I would,” she breathed, “I would beg your indulgence and ask that you watch.” Oh, Dasia. This is why you are my favorite bitch. So well behaved and needy.

I slide my tongue up her throat to her chin. “Your wish is granted.” I pull her head back further and suck on her neck as she does her best to keep from moving. I can feel her pulse racing. This piece of human trash would do anything, even fuck people she doesn’t love. I want to see it. I flick my tongue up and down the vein in her throat.

“Entertain me, Dasia. I promise to watch only you if you promise to do anything I say.” She was moaning her answers to me now, “Yes, my lady. I will do anything you say, anything. Tell me what to do. I’ll fuck anyone you want, but please watch me.”

I press my mouth to her ear. “If you do well, you may get to taste me.” I looked down. She could see the edges of her pants were moist. “It seems my slutty girl is ready for action already.” I run my thumb down her throat, “You promise to think only of me?” “Always.” “Then let’s start.”


Serving Bethi hasn’t been easy, but there are some perks.

Reyna and Katlyn sat on either side of Bethi, watching Dasia undress. Ever since that night at the tree, she’s owned us, and it’s only gotten worse with time. I don’t even care when she asks me to kill now. I think I might even enjoy working – being owned – by her.

Reyna let out a small gasp as Bethi slid her hand under her arm, grabbing her breast. Reyna was shocked and then realized her body was responding. I might as well; this could be fun. Dasia takes most of the punishments anyway.

Reyna leaned back and closed her eyes. This had never happened before. I suppose something like this was inevitable since she owns us. We were always bound to end up doing something like this for her. “Open your eyes, Rey,” Bethi commanded. “I’m sorry, ma’am.” Damn, she always makes me so nervous. I guess she would kill me without a second thought. I know she can’t care about us, but I don’t think I care about that anymore.

Bethi straddled Reyna, ripping open her armor shirt. “Touch yourself.” I did as her hand slid between my pant legs. I opened my legs, and she began to stroke me. Sorry, Dasia. I leaned back. I know you want this, but it feels so good. I was starting to get wet.

Katlyn looked on in horror. “Are we really going to do this, my queen?” Katlyn asked. Bethi kissed my neck. “Rey seems to be enjoying it. Come Dasia, let me touch you as well.” Dasia, still damp from her clothes, sat next to Rey. Bethi roughly shoved two fingers inside of her.

Dasia moaned and smiled, murmuring between painful gasps, “My Queen is so generous and good to me. I don’t deserve it.” Katlyn was frozen in horror while Dasia and I enjoyed ourselves. Dasia was so wet now, the thrusts were no longer violent, and I was going to soak the couch soon.

Bethi shoved her thrusting hand into Dasia’s mouth, making her taste herself. “Fuck yourself, Dasia. Fuck the pussy we all know belongs to me.” Dasia was sucking so hard; it was a few days after this before she could feel her mouth again. She played with herself.

“Rey,” she was nicely playing with my nipples but looking at Dasia. “Play with her nipples, and don’t be nice.” The jealousy that my Queen only looked at Dasia came out in my fingers. I pinched them hard and her breasts, leaving bruises, being as mean as possible.

My Queen’s voice turned to butter, almost purring as she took off my pants. “My Katlyn, Rey needs attention too.”


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