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Chapter 3


Rey stared at Kat while Dasia, my sweet Dasia, continued to look at only me. “No?” “No.” Kati had always been the defiant one of the bunch, trying to encourage rebellion. Sweet Kati. The trick is to make them want to do it, but some people have to be taught a lesson.

Over the years, Kati caved to the pressure Rey and Dasia put on her. Though apparently, she was finally ready to grow a spine or at least attempt. “Oh, I’m sorry, Kati,” I smirked at her start. You thought I would throw a tantrum? Bitch, you’re a slave; I have you in the palm of my hand.

“You want individual attention, don’t you.” I moved in front of her on the couch, bent on one knee, and kissed her hand. “My kitty Kat needs a warm-up first.” Her cheeks were red, and she seemed astonished. This one does prefer to be cuddled. I tucked some of her hair brown hair behind her ears. She was smaller than the rest of us, and certainly me. Her green eyes looked up.

I kissed her softly on the mouth. “Tell me you want me to stop.” I kissed her again. “I – “She looked down at me. I slid my tail under her hand and over her leg. I lifted her shirt and kissed her stomach. “Say no, Kitty Kat.” She seemed to be frozen in place, caught off guard by the tenderness. I could see Rey’s jealous gaze and Dasia’s longing one from the corner of my eye.

“I didn’t mean - ”

I ran my hands from her lovely ass up to her sides. “Didn’t mean what?” I leaned up and forward, giving her another peck on her lips.


She had always refused to call me Bethi, though I think that might change after this.

“Are you going to make me wait, Kitty Kat? Are you going to starve me?”


I’m so confused; what the fuck! Jezebeth had always been brutal, cruel, evil. Now she was on her knees, kissing me like a lover, touching me gently. What the hell is happening?!? It wasn’t just my body getting aroused; I wanted her. I wanted her to fuck. Me. Mercilessly. I needed her to.

What is going on?

She looked up at me with pleading eyes, licking her lips, whimpering, “Let me have some Kat. Please? Just a little.” She’s capable of begging? Katlyn remembered all the people Jezebeth brought to their knees, made them beg, and then killed them. It has to be a trick.

“Katlyn.” She softly moaned my name and laid her head on my lap. Instinctively, I stroked her hair. I could feel something like a soft purr. She took one of my hands and kissed it. “Will, you at least touch me if I can’t touch you?”

I was dizzy. The same women that fucked corpses, and drank the blood of enemies in front of their families, was purring in my lap, begging for my touch. And I want to give it to her. I want to.

Katlyn leaned down and kissed her back. Bethi flicked her tongue into Katlyn’s mouth, making her moan. Rey and Dasia grew wetter as they watched the two make out. Katlyn had always pushed against their leader, and now she submitted freely.

How can she taste so good?! I want more. Her leader pulled her mouth away. “Will you do this for me, Kitty Kat? Will you say my name?” Bethi gave her a light kiss. NO! No! “Bethi,” Katlyn gasped softly, “you’re my Bethi.” Bethi kissed her again softly. “Are you willing to serve me unconditionally, Kitty Kat? No questions asked? No backtalk?”


I slide my hands into my pants to play with myself. I hated this woman, and now the thought of her, her kisses were making me wet. She kissed me. “Say my name again, Kat. Please.” “Bethi.” I stared at the ceiling, pleasuring myself, thinking of her, feeling her body on me. “Thank you, kitty. You helped me with so many problems.” She pressed her face in my chest, and I opened my legs wider.


Bethi moved her fingers, sliding in two and fucking her. Since Katlyn was so small, two fingers were enough to fill her. Damn, she might be headstrong, but this tight little pussy is worth it. Who knew? Kat’s eyes glaze over as I kiss and fuck her. Seducing her is fun; we’re going to fuck very, very often. She isn’t going to say no to me ever again. She’s nearly as loyal as Dasia now.

My two fingers thrust her deep into the couch as she holds on to my head in her chest. I turn my face so I can watch Rey and Dasia, who continue with more enthusiasm. “You’re part of the team now, aren’t you, Kat.” Moans begin to fill the room, “yes.” “And you’re going to be a good kitty from now on?”

I slow down my strokes, and she tightens her grip. “Yes, yes.” “Say it.” Blushing, she caved, “I’ll be a good kitty from now on.” I fuck her a little faster, staring into Dasia’s eyes. “My kitty?” “Yes, mistress, your kitty.”

I stop abruptly and pull away from her. “Mistress?!” Oh, that bitch wants me now. “Katlyn, you said some mean things about me over the years. Do you renounce those?” She stood, taking off her clothes.

“I renounce every single word. I was an ungrateful bitch. I’m sorry I was so mean to you.” She fell to her knees. “Will you forgive me?” She expects pain, so I’ll give her pleasure. Her punishment will come later. By then, she will accept it like the good girl she is.

I bend down, flicking my tongue across her neck. “Of course, I forgive my kitty, Kat.” I sucked on her neck, finger fucking her again. Her moans and whimpers fill my room, and I smiled. I turned to the other two. “Now we have to work as a team.” I pressed Kat’s face into my chest, and she hugged me as I fucked her.

“I want something, my loves; Will you give it to me?” “Of course,” purred Kat. “Name it,” said Rey. “My Queen,” moaned Dasia. I looked down at Kat and pressed my mouth to her ear. Then I looked at Rey, “Fuck Dasia like the two-bit whore she is, my whore.”

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