The Perfect Catch

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Kasher Axerton has it all, he's a billionare, he's hot, and he's the star catcher of the Washington Nationals. But there's one thing he has promised he can't have: his best friend Cavalein Leif. They've been friends since kindergarten and no one dares to mess with them, only problem is Cavalein is bound to be married to yet another billionaire that Kasher doesnt want to deal with. What happens when feelings can't be held back and people are not who they seem. **warning: some mention of abuse**

Erotica / Romance
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Kasher's POV

" Hey Superstar!" Someone calls out from behind me. I grin knowing exactly who the voice belongs to. When you grow up with someone who practically lives in your house everyday, you know every tiny detail about them including their voice. This voice in particular would belong to none other than Cavalein Leif , my best friend since kindergarten when I accidentally pushed her down the slide. I may or may not have done it on purpose but look where it got me. I turn around to face her. There she is in shorts and I'm pretty sure that's my t shirt from one of my tournaments because its a bit big on her. Her beautiful curls are stretched in a neat bun and a blue headband to match her shirt. I can tell from here she's not wearing any makeup and goddamn does she look hot. She grins that smile that never fails to make me weak. Fuck I gotta stop day dreaming about her, she's of course taken by Kayson Raiker. Biggest billionaire ( and playboy) in Washington DC. Now don't get me wrong, I'm pretty far up there on the billionaire front but everyone knows that you don't mess with Kayson.

After realizing I've just been standing there staring at her, I decided to snap out of it and walk over to her. " Hey stranger, did you see that amazing throw-down I made in the fifth." I grin opening up my arms.

" Of course, your form could've been a bit better though" She says hugging me.

" Oh come on, can you be my best friend instead of my coach for one hot minute?" I ask kissing the top of her head. I hear a soft giggle from my chest. " I'll take that as a no" I say letting out an exaggerated sigh. This just earns me more giggles.

I shake my head looking down at her. I'm 6'3'' and she's 5'2'' and I wouldn't have it any other way. Hugs with her are the best because she fits perfectly and she always buries her face in my chest.

" Wanna have celebratory drinks at your place?" She asks grabbing my bag for me.

" I know for a fact your mother taught you to never invite yourself over." I say sternly while trying to hide my grin. In all honesty, if it were up to me she would be living in my house instead of that douche Kayson but I guess we don't all get what we want.

" And I know for a fact your mother taught you to never say no to me coming over." She grins as she starts walking towards the street where my driver is. I shake my head knowing she's right.

" Won't lover boy be mad though? " I ask quickly earning me a look and a glare at the same time.

" No, he has a business meetings." She says not meeting my eyes and I know she's telling me shit.

" Well then fine, I guess you can come over." I say deciding to not push it.

Cavalein's POV

Before I left the house for Kasher's game I checked myself in the mirror about 5 times to make sure the makeup covered the bruises. It was skin toning so Kasher wouldn't be able to see it which was exactly what I was going for. Now as Kasher is talking about Kayson, I do my best to switch the topic because I know I will spill everything just by looking at him. So for now whenever he talks about my fiance I wont look him in the eye. Do I know he sees right through my shit? Yes. What am I going to do about it? Absoulutley nothing. The longer I can keep Kasher out of my romance drama the better.

I grin as I climb into his car setting his bag down next to me. Kasher gives me a look as he gets in himself but then he smiles.

" So tell me about your latest escapade" I smirk over at him. Yea we're that comfortable with each other that we talk about each others sex life. He's got the sex drive of a horny teenager.

He gives me a big grin and his sweet dimples appear. " Oh god it was hot as hell. She had the same kinks as I do. Literally had her blindfolded and bent over my island last night." He smirks.

" Well I know where we won't be eating or drinking." I tease grinning. He leans over so he's close to my ear.

" You just wish that it was you I had bent over." He whispers ever so slowly and softly in my ear. I don't know why but this sends chills down my spine and he grins sensing it. He sits back up and winks.

" Plus it was at the Mansion not at the penthouse and we're going to the penthouse" He says calmly as if he hadn't just turned me on with his voice.

I shake my head and smile. This man definitely needs a girl to settle him down. I look out the window as we start driving to his penthouse.

I start thinking back to this morning. Kayson came home this morning clearly smashed. I was making breakfast and he had started yelling at me cause I wasn't letting our cook do it and so i told him that I just wanted to make something on my own. Next thing I knew I was slammed against the wall holding my cheek after being slapped.

" Cav!" Kasher shakes me gently. I hadn't realized he had been talking to me.

" Sorry, what were you saying?" I ask looking up at him.
" I was talking about how deep I got in her but that doesn't matter, what's on your mind?" He asks taking my chin gently in his hands forcing me to look at him. I hide my wince from a bruise that I got a couple days ago. He does this when he knows I'm not going to tell him the full truth but then somehow gets it out of me.

" I--It's nothing Kash." I whisper looking more at his forehead than his eyes knowing it would all be over if I looked him right in his eyes.
" Bullshit but fine" He says sighing and letting go of me. We pull up to his building. I slide out and we head up together.
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