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The Perfect Catch

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Drunk Talk Sober Thoughts

Kasher's POV

I could tell something was up with Cavalein. I did my usual trick to get it out of her but she somehow worked her way around. I swear I will have my answer by the end of the night. I walk into the penthouse behind her trying not to stare at her ass but by god is she ever so tempting. We head into the kitchen and she stands on her tip toes to get glasses down for us. Do I purposely put the glasses where I know she can't reach them? Yes. Am I going to do anything about? Oh hell no.

I smile and come behind her reaching up to get the glasses down. " Here ya go shorty." I tease smirking down at her.

" Thanks Asshole" She returns the smirk and walks to get drinks.I shake my head and sit at the island watching her. I get an idea and grab my can of whipped cream from the fridge.

" Hey Cav, open" I grin over at her. She looks up and her beautiful smile graces me with its presence. She opens her mouth and I spray her face. I get a lot in her mouth but some misses so I get a wash cloth for her and wet it. I come over to her.

" You've got some on your face can I wipe it off for you?" I ask softly trapping her against the counter and my body. Her chocolate brown eyes look up to meet mine.

" Yea sure." She says equally as soft. I cup her face gently and wipe her face slowly. I wipe along her right cheek and when I pull the washcloth away I see make up on it. I look back at her face and see a bruise.

Cavalein's POV

A look of anger washes over Kasher's face and I know he sees my bruise.

" Kash...I..." I start to say but he cuts me off.

" Cavalein, tell me the fucking truth right now." He half growls." what or who did this to you?" I can tell he knows but he wants confirmation.

" I was awake last night and I was walking around the house with out the lights on and I accidentally walked into the wall." I say quickly. Fuck, I hate lying to him but I also can't tell him the truth.

" Cav, you and I both know that's bullshit so I'll give you more chance and then I'm calling that twisted bitch and getting the answer out of him" He threatens gripping my jaw gently again. I'm a sucker for him.

" He slapped me" I whisper.

"He did what?!?" Kasher roars anger coursing through him.

" He got mad because I was cooking breakfast on my own and he was drunk and he just slapped me." I say pulling away from Kasher and downing my drink. " But I'm fine Kash, I'm a big girl" I make myself another one and down that one before he answers.

Kasher's POV

".... I'm a big girl"

A million things are coursing through my head right now as I watch her down her drinks. No one fucking dare hurts my girl. She's not your girl though, she's just your hot best friend. Stupid little voice in my reminding me of where I stand on her status ladder. So I need to act like a best friend and not like a jealous boyfriend right now.

" Cav, I know you're a big girl but you do know that is a form of abuse right? How many times has he done this." She doesn't give me an answer just holds up one finger before making herself a third drink. I grab my first one and down it to catch up with her. I can tell we're going to have a drunk conversation. It tends to be like that with her, if its hard to talk about she won't do it unless she's relatively drunk. It's like they say: Drunken talk sober thoughts.

By about four drinks in we're both drunk. We're sitting on the couch milking our drinks and watching blues clues. I was finally able to get it out of her and then she decided that she didn't want to think about and wanted to watch a show instead.

" I've had a crush on you since sophomore year of high school" She blurts out all of the sudden. I just look at her stunned. The problem is I know she means it too. Drunk Cav is honest Cav. She may be shitfaced but she means every word and she will remember in the morning.

" Wait what?"

" Yep, I think you're hot as fuck and you're so funny. Also it sounds like you're good in bed too." She giggles and wiggles her eyebrows.

" But what about Kayson?" I ask then immediately kick myself. The douche slapped her why am I caring right now.

" I'm only engaged to him because his dad wants to expand my company and he said he could make me well known." Cav is the greatest female coach there ever was. She taught me everything I know about catching and I owe my fame to her. Alongside coaching and personal training, she runs her own sports magazine which is really awesome.

" So what he said I'll make you famous if you marry my shitface of a son?" I say smirking. She laughs.

" In many words yes." She looks up at me grinning. I cup her face gently.

" Baby girl, if you wanted to be famous all you had to do was say so." I whisper before kissing her deeply.

Cavalein's POV
Holy. Shit.

Kasher is kissing me and damn does it feel good. He pulls away for a minute and I think he's going to regret it. Instead he takes my drink out of my hand and gently pushes me down so I'm laying on the couch.

He looks me up and down then growls softly when his eyes land on the bruise.

"You're fucking mine and no asshole is going to touch whats mine." He growls in my ear. He kisses me again sliding his tongue into my mouth and I suck on it. Then I realize we're both very drunk and this is not exactly how I want our first time to be.

" Kash, um maybe we should just stick to kissing, I want to remember this." I whisper blushing.
He sits up and grins his chest heaving up and down as he tries to catch his breath.
" Of course we can wait until another time. I want you to call off the engagement by tomorrow though please. If he hurts you let me know and I'll beat that fucker to a pulp" He says helping me sit up.
" I know I will." I smile up at him.
" That smile is going to be the death of me" He whispers before kissing me hard.
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