The Perfect Catch

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Cavalein's POV

By the time I finally left Kasher's penthouse, my lips were swollen from how much we were kissing. I head to Kayson's mansion somehow already sobered up. In all honesty I want to end the engagement tonight. I'm sick and tired of being with him. Just being with Kash tonight showed me how much I deserve to be loved.

I open the door taking a deep breath.

" Kayson I'm home" I say coming in. Its silent so I head up to our room. The door is slightly cracked and I hear moaning. My fist clench and my blood boils. I barge in to him being balls deep in his secretary.

" Wow, first you slap me then you cheat on me?" I say loudly. He stops his thrusting and pulls out of her turning to me.

" Cav, I swear it's not what it looks like" He says quickly trying to hide himself.

" Really cause it looks like you're fucking her." I say. I don't know why but tears come to my eyes.

" Cav-" He tries to reach for me but I step away.

" Don't call me that. In fact don't ever talk to me again. Here's your fucking ring, it looks better for her anyways." I rip it off and set it gently on the dresser. It truly was a beautiful ring but I've never been one for jewelry.

I turn away and call Kasher.

Kasher's POV

I step out of the shower after jerking off. Yes, I was jerking off to my sexy girl. I'm a man its bound to happen. I hear my phone and see Cav's name on the caller id.
" Sup princess?" I say answering. I hear her sobbing.
" He-He...was cheating on me, he's been doing it for a while." She whimpers.
" OK babygirl, do you wanna come here?" I say softly knowing she needs me right now.
" Yes please, can you please come and get me?" She says softly,
" Of course, I'm going to send my driver over." I say grabbing my other phone and texting Blake my driver.
" No, I want you to be there too." She whimpers. She starts to cry and it breaks my heart. My big tough girl is breaking down because someone hurt the most valuable part of her: her heart.
" Ok ok shhh, I'll be there soon just stay where you are" I say as I get into the car with Blake. I hang up with her and we drive over. It takes about ten minutes to get to Kayson's mansion. I get out quickly when I see Cav sitting on the curb outside the gates. I sit down and pull her into my arms and hold her as she cries.
" Shhh" I stroke her beautiful curls that have come out her bun. " I've got you, you're safe" I say softly. She finally takes a deep breath and looks up at me.
" Thank you" She whispers.
" Of course my sweet girl, now can I see that beautiful that makes me weak to my knees?" I ask tilting her head up. She blushes but smiles.
" So damn beautiful." I whisper before kissing her softly.

Cavalein's POV
I knew I was home as soon as I felt his lips on me. He stands up with me in his arms and walks to his car.
" You're my girl, no one hurts my girl." He says softly as he sets me in the backseat. " Blake to the mansion please" He says. I lay down and rest my head on his lap and close my eyes. I feel his hand run through my hair and I fall asleep slowly.
I'm only half awake as I feel him walk into his mansion and carries me into his room. I curl up when he sets me down on his bed and I fall asleep happily.
The next morning I wake up to soft kisses on my shoulder. I open my eyes and find Kash curled up behind me holding onto me tightly.
" Good morning" I say softly
" Good morning " He smiles back and kisses my cheek." Let's go down and make some breakfast then you can come into the office with me" He says letting go of me and sitting up.
" That sounds good to me." I say softly sitting up rubbing my eyes. He slides out of bed in just shorts. I try not to stare. I mean I've seen his body countless times but now I feel like this is different. His chiseled chest is speckled with tattoos. I see a tattoo that I know is new.
That's my birthday and its right over his heart.
" Hey Kash, What does this tat mean?" I ask pointing to it. His cheeks redden a little but his grin is wide.
" You have my heart Cavalein, It's yours to break and yours to love." He whispers leaning over me. I gulp and blush.
" I'll never break your heart." I say softly looking up at him.
" I know you won't. " He says before looking down at my lips then kissing me deeply. I get lost in his kiss once again and sigh happily as he tugs on my lip pulling away.
" Now as much as I would love to eat you for breakfast...." He winks." .... I think we both need a real breakfast." He reaches for my hand pulling me up. We walk down hand in hand and I'm more content than I've ever felt in my life.

Kasher's POV
God having Cav in my house looking so fucking beautiful is doing wonders to me. She is smiling as I hold her hand walking down to my kitchen.
" Wanna make chocolate chip pancakes like when we were little?" She asks looking up at me. I can't help myself, I pick her up and kiss her deeply pressing her gently against the wall.
" You're the only chocolate I want" I whisper kissing her again then reluctantly setting her down. " But sure we can do that" I grin and hug her tight. I feel her smile against my bare chest and I know right then and there I'm home.
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