The Perfect Catch

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Kasher's POV

After a lot of kissing and distractions ( mainly Cav's fault), we finally were able to get to my office. Technically I wasn't late since I am the boss. Cavalein has been in my office and in the penthouse above multiple times so none of my employees are really surprised to see her. Now I know it doesn't exactly make sense, I'm a multi million dollar player and I still have a highly successful business. I have the business in case of injury or something, I have a back up. Just like Cav does.

I look over from my desk and see her in a chair looking on her phone but she looks so amazingly beautiful.

" Hey remember we have a catching clinic tonight and I expect you to focus" She says giving me a stern look. Sooo maybe I flirt with her in front of all the guys even back when she was still with Kayson. I'm pretty sure she picks on me just because she can and my agent pays her the best.

" Yea, I make no promises beautiful." I smirk and go back to my computer. A little later I get distracted. I find myself just looking at her. She's in shorts and a nice top with high tops. I finally convinced her to put her hair down and it makes her look even more amazing.

" C'mere Cavs" I say softly pushing away from my desk. She comes over and I have her straddle my lap.

Cavalein's POV

I hear a soft groan as I straddle his lap.
" I totally wish you were naked and doing that cause that was fucking hot" He whispers in a deep ragged voice. I grin and wrap my arms around his neck and rest my forehead against his.
" Well I'll leave it to your imagination." I whisper softly barely kissing him.
" Fuck woman, you're going to be the death of me." He growls burying his face in my neck kissing it softly. I giggle softly knowing I drive him insane. He pulls back and looks at me. I hold his gaze before cupping his face and kissing him deeply.
We get so lost in our kiss that we don't realize his personal assistant is at the door.
" Sir" She says softly. I pull away blushing.
" What?" He says roughly, looking at her from over my shoulder.
" Be nice Kash" I say softly. He looks at me then back at her. " Sorry, what can I help you with?"
" They're waiting for you in the meeting room" She says.
" Shit, Thanks." She nods and leaves.
" I have to go you stay here and I'll be back. I also gotta figure out how to hide a boner from grown men." He says standing up with me still in his arms. He turns and sets me down in his chair. I laugh as I see his clearly visible bulge in his pants.
" Shut up its your fault." He says smirking.
" I was just kissing you."
" Exactly, you were kissing me, while sitting on my cock." He grins and leaves the room.

Kasher's POV
Fuck Cavalein and her sexy body turning me on all the damn time. I step into the meeting room just as I get a text from her. Its a pic of her in a red bikini and I rush to sit down to hide my returning boner. I start my meeting and I get another text.
" I can't wait until you make me yours" She says with another bikini pic.
" You've got me raging and I need to focus please stop" I text back. I don't even know why I did that, its just going to make her do it more. As if on cue I get another text.
" Mm too bad its not in my mouth. "
" Cavalein Dylan Leif, I swear to god I will not let you up from our bed later if you don't stop right now." I text her back.
" Ooo full name you better punish me daddy." Is the response I get back. I give up.
" I'm sorry gentleman, I need to call this meeting early. Everything looks good email me any changes." I say quickly getting up and leaving. I storm into my office.
" Cavalein, You dirty sexy minx you better shut the-" I stop when I feel little arms around me. I look down to see Alli, Cav's two year old niece.
"Good to see you too Kash" Torien, Cav's twin sister says.
" Hey Tori" I say picking up Alli and glaring at Cav. She smirks and shrugs her shoulders.
" Kaswer!" Alli grins and hugs me tightly. She's my favorite little human cause she's so bubbly and she can't pronounce my name correctly.
" Hi pumpkin, were you visiting aunt Cav?" I ask her.
" No I want see you" She says.
" Yea its true, we were driving by your building and she remembered you worked here and she wanted to see you sorry if we caught you both a bad time." Tori says smirking.
" No it's a perfect time" Cav says grinning and I realized she had this all planned out.

Cavalein's POV
I know I'm absolutely fucked once my sister and niece leave but I love pushing Kasher's buttons. We've only been dating a day and I'm seeing how far I can push him until he goes full dom. A little later they leave.
" So you wanna finish that sentence?" I ask innocently from his chair with my feet up on his desk. He closes the door and locks it then comes over. He gently wraps his hand around my neck and leans down in front of me.
" You better shut the fuck up before I bend you over this desk and make you beg for mercy." He says roughly in my hair. " But now you don't even get a choice. Safe word forever is Catcher." He says pulling me up. He takes my hand and leads me out another door to the elevator for the penthouse.
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