The Perfect Catch

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Cavalein’s POV

Once we get into the elevator he picks me up and starts kissing me deeply. I wrap my legs tight around his waist and kiss him sliding my own tongue into his mouth. I hear him groan softly and feel his hands on my ass.

The elevator dings and opens to his penthouse. He carries me up to his bedroom and throws me down roughly. He takes my shirt off and looks down at my almost bare chest and stomach lustfully.

" Hold your hands out" He growls while sitting up and taking his tie off. I smirk and hold my hands out in front of me. He ties them and places them above my head.

He leans down and kisses me again then kisses down my body. He undoes my shorts and tugs them down before kissing back up my legs. He looks up at me as he bites my panties and tugs those down as well.

He sits up and unbuttons his shirt while looking down at me

" So fucking beautiful" He groans and undoes his pants. " I'll be gentle I promise" He whispers as he leans over me, his hands on either side of my face. He kisses me and positions himself at my entrance.

" I want you baby" I whisper against his lips.

" I know but you're so damn tempting I just need to control myself." He says back before slowly pushing into me. I gasp as I feel his girth stretching me more than I've ever been stretched before.

" Kasher" I let out a breathy moan as he continues to push into me.

" Are you OK do you want me to stop." He asks even though I can see it in his eyes that he is in heaven and that he does not want to stop right now.

" No, I'm great you feel so good." I say look up at him. He grins and starts thrusting. Pretty soon he is getting deep in me. I moan and arch my back. I pull against his tie wanting to touch him but knowing this is my punishment for being a brat earlier.

" Nuh uh, you're not touching me. You fucking teased me at a time when I couldn't have you so now this is your punishment." He says smirking and kissing me deeper then quickening his thrust.

I moan louder and louder the faster he goes.

" I'm going to cum" I cry out feeling my orgasm coming quickly.

" No hold it" He says roughly in my ear." You cum when I say you can cum" He gives me a hickey on my neck.

" 3...2..." He counts down slowly as he thrust roughly into me. I know for sure I won't be walking properly tomorrow.

" 1... cum for me princess." With that I release everything I've got. I shake as I cum harder than when I pleasure myself.

Kasher kisses me deeply and I feel him cum inside me then collapses on top of me, both of us panting and breathing heavily.

Kasher's POV

Holy Fuck, I could die right now and I would be the happiest man on earth. That was hands down one of the best fucks I have ever had and I know I'll be getting more.
After a few minutes of us catching our breaths, I untie Cavs' hands and she immediately wraps them around me. I sigh happily as she runs her fingers through my hair.
" That was fucking amazing. " She whispers.
" number one best fucks." I whisper back cuddling into her like a baby. I guess I get cuddly after really good sex. We lay there until my girl's stomach starts to growl. I groan softly.
" Ugh, I forgot that I still have to feed you." I push myself up and just look down at her. She grins up at me.
" You're the one who decided to fuck me senseless." She smirks and reaches up to brush the hair out of my face.
" Yea and I'd do it again" I grin and pull her up. I hand her shirt and panties over to her and put on my boxers.
" I wouldn't complain" She grins and I lead her into the kitchen. I lift her up and put her on the counter then start making grilled cheeses for us knowing its both of our favorites. I could definitely get used to doing this every day.
" So I know this is kinda quick but um how would you feel about moving in with me?" I ask not looking at her.

Cavalein's POV

I think I've always dreamed of living with Kasher, I mean we've been best friends since birth. We used to take baths together! I was going to ask him about him but I didn't want to seem to forward.

" Yea, I'd love to move in with you." I grin. He looks up and smirks.

" You do know this comes with me fucking you every morning and night?"

" I would be concerned if it didn't."

He grins more and comes over kissing me softly.

" Stop being so damn beautiful." He whispers and kisses my forehead.

" I'll try. We've gotta hurry up and eat we've got other work to do" I say remembering the catching clinic that starts in an hour on the other side of the city.

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