The Perfect Catch

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My girl

Cavalein's POV

We finally do make it to my gym where I run all of my training. I go in and set things up while Kasher gets changed and talks with his friends. They come out in all of their gear. I have a few guys that are my age and a lot more that are in the 30-40 range. I'm surprised any of them listen to me cause I'm a girl but I'm really surprised that they guys older than me listen to me as well. I do think they know that Kasher would beat their asses if they gave me any kind of shit.

" Hey coach" Kasher says smirking and acting like he wasn't literally inside me and hour ago.

I shake my head and grin. " Hello, Mr. Axerton" I smirk back knowing he hates when I do that. He gives me a warning look and I just smile innocently back.

" Alright ladies, I watched all of your film from your previous games and most of you looked good. Kasher that throw down you had down to second you totally had side arm, Lucas when you frame a catch try not to be so obvious, Liam try throwing that helmet off faster for those straight up in the air pop-ups." I continue on pointing things out going straight into coaching mode and ignoring my hot ass boyfriend who won't stop looking me up and down seductively.

The thing I've learned about coaching guys is that you gotta act like you're tougher than them. On the inside, these guys intimidate me even Kasher at times but if I act tough and make them scared of me its easier not to be scared of them.

I have them start working on popping up and throwing in their own cages. I go into Kasher's cage and watch him. He pops up and I can tell he's going to throw side arm again.

" Kash stop." I say. I come over and take his arm. " When you throw you're coming around instead of just pushing forward." I say moving his arm to show him what I mean.

" Thanks babygirl." He whispers looking down at me. I blush and look up at him.

" Stop making me blush at work" I whisper back. He smirks then looks around. All the other guys are busy so he leans down and kisses me quickly. I sigh softly as he pulls away.

" I make no promises, you're just too damn gorgeous." He winks and he crouches again. I shake my head hiding my blush and walk out of his cage to go to another one of the guys.

Kasher's POV

OK, so maybe I was practicing wrong just to get Cav's attention but it worked and I got the kiss I ever so needed. I totally saw that blush as well when she was walking away. Now that we're dating ( I think?) it's been so easy to make her blush.
I realize now that I haven't officially asked her to be my girlfriend but she's never been the one to need a formal proposal. Now when it comes to me asking her to marry her she's definitely going to get a huge ass proposal and she doesn't get a choice.
Anyways, the practice continues and finishes with Cav making us sprint half because she says catchers need to be able to run too since we don't get designated hitters and half because we were messing around a lot.
I'm in the locker room getting changed while she finishes up somethings in her office.
" So, how tight are with Cavalein, think she'd like a man like me?" Liam asks. Liam is around 34 and has been the business far longer than I have but his age is starting to show.
" Sorry man, I definitely think you would be way too old for her liking. She likes dating men more her age." I say trying not to get mad over the fact that this guy is salivating on my girlfriend.
" She looks like she wants someone who can do good in bed. I've got some balls and bat she could play with." He says smirking. I can tell in his mind he's thinking about my girl naked in his bed and I am a hundred percent not OK with that idea.
" Dude like I said she's fucking taken" I let it slip out and groan realizing what I just said.
" Uhh you didn't say she was taken you just said she doesn't like older men. Why is there something you would like to say? Whose she taken by?" He grins crossing his arms. I'm guessing he thinks I'm bluffing just to protect her, which is not half wrong.
" Someone who you don't wanna mess with probably" I grumble turning away.
" Alright then who is it. Last I heard she broke up with that Kayson dude and she is single as hell." He says challenging me. I know I can walk away and just let it go but I also want to show this fucker Cavalein is my girl.
" It's someone. Come outside in a few minutes if you wanna see." I smirk getting an idea. He shrugs and agrees. I step outside and go get the car waiting for Cav. She comes out with Liam behind her. I get out and come around to her side to open the passenger side door.
" Hi babygirl" I grin down at her then pull her to me and kiss her deeply in front of Liam and all the other guys.
" Hey sexy" She giggles as she pulls away and gets in. I smirk over at the guys and then get into the driver seat.
" By the way, I know that kiss was just to stick it to the guys that I'm taken by you." She says smirking.
" Damn girl you know me too well. Wanna make it official and be my girlfriend?" I ask looking over at her.
" Of course I do" She grins and leans over to kiss me.
Yep she is definitely my girl.
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