The Perfect Catch

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Family Relations

Cavalein’s POV

I walk into my office already having ideas going through my head for my next article. My magazine is the greatest sports magazine in all of DC and on the east coast. I’m the only sports magazine to feature athletes from all different kinds of sports not just the main American ones. I have soccer stars, cricket stars, and even rugby stars all in it.

" Hi, Miss Leif, I just wanted to let you know that you have a meeting with Mr. Raiker to discuss the matters of your disengagement in thirty minutes.” Rory, my amazing personal assistant who could handle anything, says looking a bit shaken.

Fuck this is not a meeting I want to start my day with. I have to talk to Kayson’s dad. No big deal I’ll just tell him his son is a lying cheating abusive asshole. That’ll go over well....Right?. Rory looks really shaken.

" I swear to god, he just called didn’t he?” I get a small nod. ” And did he yell at you?” Another nod. ” Son of a bitch.” I mumble.

" Have Kasher on speed dial when the meeting starts. I’m might need him.” I say softly. Now I know it looks like I’m using my femininity to my own advantage but Kash is my big strong man and he’s a little bit better of a business man ( don’t tell him that though it’ll go straight to his ego).

Rory nods and goes to her office. I pace back and forth for about thirty minutes and then go into the conference room. Brave pants. I can do this.

I walk into the conference room and find Logan Raiker sitting in my chair that I usually sit in for meetings and I already know this is going to be a long meeting.

" Get out of my fucking seat” I say staring at him.

" Ah come on darling, we all know you don’t belong behind a desk. You should be out there coaching the big leagues.” He says smirking. Fuck he’s onto something.

" What do you mean?”

" I know exactly who you left my son for.” He slides two pictures across my desk. The first one is Kasher and I kissing in his catching cage during the clinic last night and the other one is us kissing when he was proving that I was taken.

" How the hell did you get these pictures?”

" Let’s just say I have a man on the inside. Now you have two choices, you either get back with my son or I leak these photos online.”

" I’m confused what does leaking these photos have to do with me?” I ask.

" Last I checked trainers and players are not allowed to coincide.”

" It’s my fucking gym and I train those guys.” I say

" Ah,but that’s where you are wrong, you work for MLB correct?” Shit I forgot about that.

" Yes, I do b-”

" See they have a rule about trainers and players. So if these were to leak it would mean you would either have to give up your business or give up your boy toy.” He smirks like he just won the lottery.

I shake my head grinning.

" The fact that you think I would leave Kasher to focus on my career goes to show how little you know about love. I don’t even need to work two jobs, in fact if it were up to Kasher I wouldn’t even be working at all. You forget that we have been best friends since birth and we would do anything for each other. So I’ll ask you again get the fuck out of my seat and out of my building or I’ll be calling my security” I say slowly leaning until I’m mere inches away from his face.

I see his eyes flicker down to my shirt and I curse my self for wearing a button down blouse and not buttoning the top one. He smirks and licks his lips.

" Has anyone told you how beautiful you are?” He asks looking up at me and I can tell he’s changing tactics.

" Yes I do every single day that I have been with her.” Kasher says from behind me. I turn and light up seeing him there.

Kasher’s POV

Seeing Cavalein light up like that when she saw me was enough to make me forget why I was even there. I motion her to me and she comes burying her face in my chest.

" You OK Princess?” I whisper in her ear.

" Yeah I am now” She whispers back. She pulls away and I reach down buttoning the top of her shirt for her. I kiss her forehead then turn to Logan.

" She asked you to leave I suggest you do it.” I say lowly going in between her and Raiker.

" I was just leaving" He says smirking. He get's up and walks to the door. " See you when you your big strong boyfriend isn't around to save you." He says glaring at me then licking his lips at Cavalein. He closes the door and I see Cav pacing.

" Alright nope, either sit down or come into my arms." I say softly knowing she's about to have a panic attack. She just shakes her head and continues pacing.

" He could ruin my whole career" She whispers shaking.

" Hey, he's not doing anything while I'm alive" I say watching her.

" How the fuck did he get those pictures" She says suddenly turning to me getting an angry look on her face. " He said he had a man on the inside but in order to get those picture he would have to have someone who was there" She goes to her computer.

" That's true" I say sitting down across from her.

" Of course. I should've done fucking background checks and checked credentials on all the players." She covers her face. I come around and see her screen. I see Liam's picture next to Kayson's in a family tree. Of course that fucker is related to Raiker, it would definitely explain why he was asking so many questions about Cav's relationship and why he was trying to get in her pants. It was all a set up to get to Cav.

" Cav, listen to me, we'll get to the bottom of this and we'll take of it. I'm going to get you a bodyguard and a driver. I don't want you going or do anything without me but I also respect you still want to work so this is the next best way I know how to keep you safe" I say kneeling and pulling her hands away from her face. She looks up at me with tears in her eyes.

I sigh hating seeing her like this. I wanna make her happy and she thought she was but this asshole had to come back and ruin her life.

" I just want to be with you and not worry about this" She whispers softly.

" Then come on, your work day is over. We're having a Disney channel movie marathon and eating popcorn at the mansion." I say standing up and pulling her up with me. She doesn't fight me and lets me pick her up.

I kiss her forehead as I carry her bridal style out of the conference room.

" Thanks for calling me Rory, you can have the rest of the day off. Cav needs a mental break." I say softly as Cav closes her eyes resting her head against my chest.

" No problem, thank you." Rory says giving me a small smile. I carry Cavalein down to my car and place her in my car and drive to the mansion just wanting to make my girl happy again.

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