The Perfect Catch

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Safe House

Cavalein's POV

Somewhere between Hannah Montana and Lemonade Mouth I was finally able to calm down and relax. Kasher made us some popcorn and held me while we watched the movie together. He kisses my head and looks down at me.

" You feeling better babes?"He asks softly.

" Yea, thanks" I look up at him and smile.

" good" He leans down and kisses me softly. I feel his hand go into my hair and another to my hip to pull me in for a more passionate kiss. I maneuver myself so I'm sitting on his lap and continue to kiss him. His phone rings and he pulls away.

" I'm sorry Cavs, I gotta take this." He says gently. He places me down next to him and gets up taking the phone call. I watch Kash step outside so I figure its a business meeting. I turn the movie back on and curl up.

Kasher's POV

" Talk to me River" I say to my PI. I called him before I went to Cavalein's office then texted him more details I knew. I wanted to know everything possible about Logan Raiker and why my Cavalein was so important to him.
"He's a gang leader, boss. In order for him to get money his son needs to get married. Kayson just so happened to choose Cavalein because he saw her and you in a magazine article and wanted her. His nephew is Liam Raiker, the son of Logan's brother. Liam is working with Logan in order to get a share of the money." River says and I pinch the bridge of my nose.
" So you mean to tell me my girlfriend is being used as money bait. River, Kayson slapped her hard just because she wanted to make her own breakfast. Imagine what he could do once they were married." I shudder and clench my fist at the thought.
" I know sir, I'm sorry. The most we can do right now is equip her with the right safety measures. Maybe have her move in with you. Find a safe house that no one knows about. Everyone knows about your penthouse and your mansion so it may not be ideally safe for her. I'll be working with my team to see what I can do and we'll send you a body guard and a driver" River says. I know he's right. Luckily I'm already a few steps ahead of him. I have a house just outside the city that's in rural farm area that nobody knows about. I built in hopes that I would some day be able to bring Cavs there as my wife. Well I guess its an early present to me. I hang up with River and go back to Cavalein.
" Come on baby, I have a surprise for you." I say reaching for her hand. She takes it and lets me pull her up.

Cavalein's POV
We've been driving for about an hour and the city and suburbs are starting to disappear. We pull into the large driveway heavily guarded by trees. I wonder what this is. Kasher has yet to explain what is going on.
" Close your eyes baby and keep them closed until I say so." He whispers grinning. I close my eyes shaking my head. Little devil is definitely up to something. We stop and I hear Kash get out and come around to my side. He unbuckles me and takes my hand. He guides me gently until I feel cool air surrounding me.
" Open princess" He whispers close to my ear. I open my eyes and I'm standing in a humongous foyer with a beautiful chandelier and staircase in front of me.
" Kash?" I say softly in fear that something will break if I speak too loudly.
" Welcome home my love" He says standing in front of me. Wait he just said my love. I blush a little.
" What do you mean?"
" So I did a little digging on the Raikers turns out they're part of a gang and are using you to become even bigger gang and so I need to protect you cause I can't lose you and this is the safest place to be. You'll still get to work don't worry. " Damn man and knowing me so well," We'll live in the mansion closer to the city during the week and live out here on the weekends and anytime we need to so it will be like a safe house of sorts. You'll also have bodyguards with you at work, if thats OK" He says quickly blushing a little.
" You did all this to keep me safe?" I whisper
" Well.....sort of, I had this built a while back for either your family if you found someone else or for our family if we found each other. I love you Cavalein, you mean the world to me and I'm not going to let some asshole use and abuse you just for power and money. No one touches my princess and gets away with it." He whispers cupping my face gently.
Not going to lie, all I heard was I love you Cavalein but I dont need to tell Kash that.
" Alright I understand why. I love you too, Kasher and I know I'm safe when I'm with you." I whisper softly. I grin happily as I watch the smile on his face widen then suddenly his lips are on mine. I kiss him passionately and he picks me up.
" Can I show you around?" He asks
" Yeah." He grins and carries me around showing me the huge kitchen where I can cook in ( yay) and our living room. He shows me the beautiful garden and pool thats also guarded by trees in the back.
" And this is our room my princess." He sets me down as he opens the double doors to a massive room. It has all the things I would love to have in bedroom and has a coral blue and rose gold color scheme.
" Kasher I love it." I grin happily.
" I'm glad you do. Now lets break in the bed." He grins before tackling me onto the bed.
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