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This is a story of a girl who had vigourous sex demands but she wasn't able to fit with anyone who could satisfy her needs. Left her ex for the same reason, but she loved him. Now he is at her door and she doesn't know how to react. Read on the sensuous and gripping story and post your comments.

Erotica / Romance
farida alihussain
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The blossom

It was a bright day, and the sun was shining high. Ashley had a meeting with her client at her favorite hotel. She was excited, happy and contented for what she was today.

She got dressed in a netted Saree, hair loose and high heels. Her make up was loud but it was matching her outfit.

She put on her small little locket and chain, adjusting her strap and walking to and fro from the mirror as a trial.

She looked at herself in the mirror "Hello Sir, this is Sakhshi. People call me sexy". Sakhshi was her pseudonym.

She was practicing in front of the mirror, and heard a loud knock on the door. She wasn't expecting anyone at the moment and wondered who was on the door.

She adjusted her Saree to let her little cleavage pop out of her blouse and her hair was falling on one side, making her feel very confident. And very sensuous too. She added a little aura to her skin.

She walked to the door, and with curiosity she peeped through the eye hole, and saw her ex standing by the door. He had a small bouquet in his hand and a smile on his face. He was adjusting his shirt and hair, and she opened the door.

He first thought he came to the wrong house but he was there and saw the same old girl he loved and the way she was dressed.
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