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Three's a crowd

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Olivia has had a year of fun with Blake and Sebastian. Suddenly Sebastian’s strong, demanding personality gets worse and Olivia can't keep up with him. She doesn't want to upset Blake but she doesn't want to lose Sebastian either. Sadly that decision is made for her.

Erotica / Romance
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I rolled round to my other side, placing my arm around Blake, I could hear him snoring lightly and it made me chuckle.
“No!” I heard the voice as he dragged me back to face him. “Sleep with me". I groaned sitting up, he was pissing me off and I wasn’t in the mood for his own mood swings.
“I’m going home” I said as I got out of bed, the covers going everywhere.
“Well done Bash" Blake said as he looked up.
“No, stay sorry" Sebastian said to me as I looked up at him. I looked at his beautiful face. Those dark green eyes which matched his soft clear skin. Sebastian had the kind of skin tone you were blessed with when one of your parents was from the Caribbean. Sebastian came and stood in front of me, he towered over me, his muscular chest at my face.
“I want to go home," I said firmly, putting my clothes back on.
“Ollie," he growled and I rolled my eyes.
“I’ll drop you," Blake said getting up, always the gentleman.
“No fuck off I’m dropping her," Sebastian said throwing his tracksuit bottoms back on.
“Bash take a day off man fucking hell," Blake said kissing my lips gently. “See you tomorrow?” Blake asked me and I rolled my eyes.
“Depends if he stops being a prick.” I pointed at Sebastian and Blake chuckled. His smile was bright and he looked pretty much the opposite of Sebastian. Blake was still taller than me but his skin was pale, dark eyes and a mop of curly dark hair on his head. I walked out of the bedroom and felt Sebastian behind me as we got into his car. I crossed my arms and looked out of the window.
“Ollie," he growled again and I ignored him. I felt his hand as he moved my blonde hair behind my ear. “Baby," he said softer and I turned to him. My matching green eyes burned into him.
“What?” I asked in an angry voice.
“I can go back, I don’t want you to go home.”
“Well I want to go home.” I looked back out the window. “Why are you always angry Bash? I don’t like it". My eyes hadn’t moved. He groaned and spoke softly.
“Ollie sorry I know I’m a prick." I just nodded no arguments there Sebastian. He pulled up outside my house and I turned to him.
“Thanks,” I whispered as I went to get out of the car.
“Olivia," his voice was firm and I looked at him.
“What’s wrong Bash? You’ve been angry for ages and"
“Nothings wrong, sometimes I just want you to myself that’s all”. Sebastian interrupted me. I moved my head back at his honesty.
“Oh,” I whispered, I looked up at Sebastian’s strikingly beautiful face, my stomach doing flips. Most people in their late twenties weren’t in the situation we were in. Blake was my boyfriend and Sebastian was my boyfriend. That’s the simple explanation but it was far from simple. They shared me but majority of our sex lives were together. Blake and Sebastian were both straight which meant their attention was always on me. “Did you want to come in?” I asked him and he looked over at me rubbing my cheek with his thumb.
“Hundred million percent.” His eyes looked sad and as I got out of the car he was behind me. I walked into my little bungalow throwing my keys on the side as I took my shoes off. I turned to Sebastian who was standing awkwardly by the door.
“Bash come in, you're acting like you’ve never been here," I chuckled. He just nodded and I came over to him, standing on my tiptoes to put my arms around his neck. “Bash," I said quietly and he looked down. Sebastian was never like this, happy yes, annoyed, definitely but I don’t think I had ever seen him upset. “You don’t want me?” I asked, my eyes flickering over his face, then stopping at his soft plump lips. I saw them lips in my dreams most nights, they were my favourite thing about him.
“Olivia fuck off as if”. His voice was firm and it scared me.
“Okay," I whispered my eyes low. “Then have me.” I felt a slight pang of guilt, I had never been intimate with either Sebastian or Blake on their own. But there was just something about Sebastian I always had to have, he had red flags, he had flaws but bottom line was, he is sexy as fuck. I ran my eyes over Sebastian’s huge hummingbird tattoo on the right side of his neck, yeah maybe that was my favourite thing about him.
“Ollie ” he growled again, putting his hands up my top, wrapping around my back. His hands were soft and it felt warm against my skin. I did a little jump as Sebastian kissed my neck, his tongue sweeping over my skin. The feeling made my knees buckle and I could feel my knickers become soaking.
“Fuck me Bash,” I whispered in his ear. Sebastian was definitely the rough one during sex and I fucking loved it. He never played games and told you exactly what he wanted. Being told what I wanted him to do to me always turnt him on. I took a sharp breath in as I felt his erection on my thigh but then he sighed as he pulled away.
“I can’t, sorry. I’ll pick you up from work tomorrow?” His demeanour completely changed and my heart stung as he walked towards my door.
“What? You can’t be serious?” I asked him, trying to ignore the tear forming in the back of my eye. Sebastian’s eyes looked sad and his shoulders dropped.
“I’ll pick you up tomorrow”. He repeated. A tear slipped down my cheek and I quickly wiped it, keeping my eyes on Sebastian. He constantly blew hot and cold but this was like nothing before. All my head was telling me was he didn’t want me, he didn’t find me attractive anymore. “Ollie don’t please”. Feelings weren’t Sebastian’s strong point either. I just nodded, biting my bottom lip to stop it trembling. “I mean it, you’re killing me”. His eyes scanned my face and I looked down.
“Are you sure you don’t want to go to bed?” It was shameless and if it was anybody else I would probably be embarrassed but I never was with Sebastian, he got me. He just nodded, letting out a breath. “Okay, can you say something to make me feel better please?” I asked, smiling weakly at him. Sebastian walked towards me and placed his hand on my cheek.
“Don’t do this baby please.” He rubbed my cheek with his thumb. “You know I want to, but we can’t with Blake I don’t know.” Sebastian paused, gently kissing my lips. I barely got a chance to respond before he moved his head back. “I miss you already”.
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