Dominating My Stepbrother

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“Be a good boy and get on all fours.” I ordered And he obliged. —— When Maggie’s father told her she was going to spend Spring Break with a step mother and brother she never knew existed, she was pissed. But little did she know her stepbrother was going to fulfill her sexual wants. A short erotic romance. 18+ MATURE CONTENT

Erotica / Romance
Paris Gill
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!Warning!- this novel contains sexual descriptions and strong themes. Some content is not appropriate for all audiences. Reader discretion is advised!


“Ms. Wilkerson.” Our chauffeur Jim greeted me as I walked over to the tinted Range Rover that he stood in front of.

“Jim.” I replied with a short curtsy and a smile on my face. My smile dropped when I eyed my father through the window. Pulling his suitcase behind him and locking the door. I looked at Jim and made an exaggerated angry face and he chuckled.

“Magnolia?” I cringed at the use of my first name and briefly looked over at my father, “In the car please.”

Jim went over holding open the door for me. I sighed, “I’m still not happy about this father, I’m angry in fact.” He gave me a tight lipped smile and gestured towards the open door. I did a small huff and got in Jim closing the door after me.

We were going upstate to see his “wife”, quotes around wife because this was a lady he married on the low. Not even caring to tell his only daughter about it, and she even has a son. He’s a few years older than me being around 27 I think it was. Everyone knew except me, and now he’s dragging me away for Spring break to spend time with them.

“Magnolia.” My father said lowly as he entered the car and I cringed.

“Maggie.” I said sternly, wishing he would stop saying my full name. I crossed my arms over my chest the car jumping slightly as we began to drive.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you Mags you were off at college and I-.” He sighed softly and I bet it was because he was trying to think of some lie. “You’ll like them, Rita and her son Roman, you will.”

“Sure.” I opened my laptop connecting it to my hotspot. I began to resume my research that I was doing before being dragged away from my dorm room.

“Do I Want To Dominate Or Be Dominated?”

I dragged the pointer over via the mouse pad and clicked on the webpage sinking in my seat. I read through the article squirming in my seat as I thought of different fantasies. Most of the guys I hooked up with in college either weren’t into BDSM or didn’t want to be dominated-even if it was a try.

I closed my laptop pulling on the cover and preparing for the long trip. I was going to let my imagination run wild and just hope I don’t cream. “Magnolia.” I cringed again, “I hope you enjoy the Spring Break, I wasn’t going to drag you away if it wasn’t going to be exciting.” He looked back his black eyes meeting my own, “Rita and I have a ton of fun events planned.”

“Can’t wait.” I replied in a dead tone and he smiled turning back around. “Jim wake me up when we stop for gas please?”

“Sure thing Ms. Wilkerson.”

-- --

I stepped out of the car looking at the large house in front of us. There was an Audi and a Chrysler parked out front, Jim having to park on the side of the road. The door opened and a tall women with brown hair stepped out, a large smile on her face. I’m guessing that’s Rita. “How was the trip!” She came down and my father walked towards her meeting Rita half way. She wrapped her arms around my father giving him a kiss on the cheek. “Is that her?”

“Magnolia.” My father called out and I cringed again, “Come meet Rita.”

I slowly came over, I was a bit shorter than Rita, but still taller than my father. I gave her a smile, “Nice to meet you Rita.”

She pulled me in for a hug and my eyebrows rose at the interaction. She pulled back shrugging, “Sorry I’m a hugger, it’s nice to meet you Magnolia.”

“Maggie.” I corrected, “Please, call me Maggie.”

She nodded and I could see a something flash behind her. I looked over to see a tall muscled man, he was shirtless so I could see the tattoo on the side of his torso. I tilted my head slightly and saw that it was Roman numerals. “Roman.” Rita called him over and he buttoned his jeans walking over, “This is Abel, his daughter Maggie and their chauffeur Jim.”

His green eyes met my black ones and a small fluttering feeling filled my lower region. I felt attracted to him in a way I wanted him on his knees begging. “Nice to meet you guys.” His voice was gruff and deep, “Need help with your bags?”

“Thank you Roman.” My father replied and I could only stare at Roman my mind tainted with dirty thoughts. “Maggie will you help him?”

“Sure.” I replied absent minded and distracted by the shirtless hunk. I blinked turning around and heading back to the car. “He’s shirtless.” I hissed to Jim watching Roman talk with my father, “Who walks out of the house like that?”

Jim chuckled, “He’s your stepbrother.” He began to unload some bags from the car, “I hope you can handle seeing him shirtless Ms. Wilkerson.”

“Jim.” I heard Roman’s voice behind me and I stood upright. I could feel his body heat hitting my back and his hand came from the right close to my face, “Roman, nice to meet you.”

Jim shook his hand, “Thank you for the help Roman.” Jim handed him some bags and he took them brushing against me. Is he teasing me? Trying to get a reaction?

I cleared my throat bending over my ass lightly feeling against his front. He had a minor erection already. I could feel his hips lean forward so that we could connect and I stood upright. Jim looked at me with a small glare and I smiled, “Dropped something.”

I could hear his feet shuffle and the gravel crunching underneath his shoes as he walked away. I looked back and my eyes dropped to his ass. It was firm and screaming to be spanked. “Ms. Wilkerson.” Jim said in a warning tone and I looked at him, “Please be on your best behavior.”

I picked up a bag, “I’ll make sure he is.” I walked away and I heard Jim sigh heavily behind me. I entered the house and my eyes widen at the lower region. It had a golden glow to it, mini chandeliers hanging around.

Rita was sitting on the couch with my father and she looked back noticing I entered. “Your room is the third door upstairs Maggie, shout if you need help.”

“Thank you.” My eyes ventured around the house walking up the stairs slowly. I opened my room door walking in putting my bag down. The door closed behind me and I jumped turning around.

Roman was pressed against the door and I watched as his slender fingers locked it. “Welcome home.” He slowly came towards me pushing me down on the bed, “Maggie.”

“I don’t think so pretty boy.” I got on top of him spreading his arms out, my lower half hovering over his. I came down whispering in his ear, “I’m the one in control.”

I looked into Roman’s eyes, his green ones seemed dark. I continued to hold my ass in the air, making sure it didn’t touch him. I smiled at him, “You got that?”

He nodded, “Yes Maggie.”

“Good boy.” I muttered softly getting off of him. He sat up on the bed and I stood in front of him. I put a finger at the base of his chin lifting his head up. His full lips parted slightly his eyes boring into my black ones. “What do you want?”

“You.” He replied his answer short but needy. I didn’t respond and he spoke again, “I want you Maggie.”

“I don’t care about what you want.” I brought my hands to his hair pulling his head back, “This is about what I want, understand?”

He nodded and I pulled his head back a bit more, “Be a good boy and use your words Roman.”

“I understand.” This was the submission I thirsted for and now it was here ready for me to take a sip.

I let his hair go and walked over to the door unlocking it holding it open, “Leave.” I wanted to see if he would do what I say, even though his body was itching for a release.

He stood up and I smiled closing the door, “Stay.” I locked it behind me and slowly prowled over to him. “What do you want?” I asked him again

“Whatever you want Maggie.”

“Good boy.” I groaned addicted to how he acted, this was still a bit all new to me. I’d only been in a few encounters, and they weren’t like Roman. I needed to take it slow, there were rules and we had to respect that. I took a seat next to him on the bed, “You ever been in a relationship like this?”

“No, but I’m willing to try.” He reached over wanting to put his hand on my thigh and I nodded allowing him to. “Even if you are my stepsister.”

“I didn’t even know you existed until about a few hours ago...” I traced the veins on his fingers, “There are rules to this whole thing, we’ll figure that out tonight. Don’t be shy to tell me what you like Roman.”

He nodded and I smiled standing up, “You should go before they come up, come back later.”

“Okay.” He stood up looking down at me and I pulled him in for a kiss. He wrapped his arms around me and I gave him a hard smack on his ass. He grunted against my lips pulling back, “I like that.”

“Good, there will be more where that came from.”

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