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Mine- A Lycanthrope's Possession

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Scarlett has always been the good girl of the house, trying hard to save her relationship with her boyfriend and looking forward to pursuing her dream career. Her world changes when Alex, as in Alexander enters her Life, who not only was obsessed with her but went on to keep her as his most priced possession. Being the ferocious and merciless Alpha of his pack, Alexander is strong, powerful, witty, and more. What would happen when Scarlett is left with no choice but to be this dominating Alpha Boss's Possession?

Erotica / Fantasy
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Hello Mate

It was 9 a.m. when Scarlett reached her office and went straight towards her boss's cabin. Greg her boss, had been waiting for her to discuss something important.

As soon as she entered, "Good Morning Scarlett, I have good news and bad news for you, Which one should I tell first". Already worried Scarlett takes a deep breath,

"Good Morning Greg, I'd like to go for good news first, although I don't want to hear the bad one at all" she smiles sheepishly. "Scarlett you've been moved to a different department now, of course with a promotion and salary hike, that's the good news."

"Wow", excited to hear the news as she worked really hard throughout these two years as an employee of this reputed firm. "And the bad news is you're going to work with a new boss, and I'll miss an efficient team member on my team"

Scarlett is worried now. These two years with Greg as her boss have been really good. He respects her education and work tactics. Gives her space. What would it be to work with a new boss? She barely knows anything about him. Greg's voice startled her again, "Let's go dear, I'll introduce you to your new boss." Scarlett walked slowly behind him to the lift and reached the 20th floor.

As she entered she saw a big reception with the 'De Groot' group of companies written in bold and engraved on golden walls. She felt astonished at the luxurious interiors and the exquisite infrastructure. Following Greg, she entered a hallway, then a narrow bridge-like arena that led to a huge cabin with glass doors.

She entered and, "Woah it's not a cabin, it's a suite" she mumbled, admiring every nook and corner of the huge room that had a big lavish work desk right at the front, an L-shaped couch with a beautiful center table at the right and a small seating area with a recliner set, bookshelves and vases on the left. There's a door at the corner right to the work desk, and she wondered where it'd lead to.

Her thoughts were shaken by Greg who started talking to the big man on the chair with his head facing the window. "Good Morning Alex, meet my assistant Scarlett, Scarlett meet your new boss.."

"Alexander Von De Groot" a heavy and strong voice vibrated the room as the man turned on his chair and faced Scarlett. Startled by his glory, Scarlett simply shook hands with the big man and smiled. Observing his muscular body that was easily visible in his lavish work suit, clear complexion, hair very short and completely trimmed at the edges.

As he stood up to shake her hands, she saw how giant he was. This man could beat any hot model in beauty contests for men.

Alexander asked both of them to have a seat with his eyes fixed on Scarlett's face as if he was trying to read her. As Greg started, "So Scarlett I'll take your leave from here, You will be given instructions on how the new department works and the process. Best of luck".

She smiled and turned to Alex. All this happened in such a hurry that she didn't get enough time to process everything. As she looked at him, she saw his eyes already on her body, examining her deeply.

Although Scarlett considered herself a simple girl, she was literally attractive enough to catch any guy's attention. Beautiful charming face, bright body color, and long, curled burgundy hair. She wasn't slim though, with curves just in the right place she seemed like a pretty doll.

Alexander rose from his seat and went closer to where Scarlett was seated. His presence was something that made her nervous and with every step that he took, she felt a loud thump inside her heart. As he stood up and took the support of the desk, right in front of her, she looked at him hesitantly, her beautiful blue eyes met his green intimidating emerald eyes.

Alexander smiled, as he bent down to her face and with a warm breath,

"Hello, Mate".

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