Kidnap and Love

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Chapter 3

Why is this person following me?

Scared out if my mind I start running away. The person starts running after me. And they are gaining on me quickly.

The next thing I know is that I'm grabbed from behind and thrown into the back of a van. As the doors are slammed I see a mob if people with pitchforks running towards the van.

Then the engine to the van starts and the van is driven away from the mob.

When the van finally comes to a stop. I am pulled gently out of the van and carried into a six story house. Then I am carried to room on the sixth floor that has no windows and I am locked in.

I start screaming for him to please let me out.

"I'm sorry Isabella but your mine now. And always will be, even if you run away I will always find you. You are my mate. Do you understand?" He tells me

"Yes, I understand. But why me? And how do you know my name?" I ask him sobbing.

"I know your name because I am Christian Moore, and I chose you because we were meant to be together even if I had to kidnap you. You will learn to love me back. I will be back in a little bit to fuck you please take a shower and be naked by the time I come back cause if your not you will be punished. This also gives you time to think," He says and then walks away from the door.

Instead of crying I go take a shower like I was told. Taking a shower really helped me think. I have decided that I will have sex with him but afterwards I am going to make him fall asleep and I'm going to break out of here.

Then I get into bed completely naked and lay there waiting for him to come back.
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