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Fun Tan-stick

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The Sun was too bright for me. I never got a tan. When I got one, I did not know how to keep away. Join my struggle to get away.

Erotica / Adventure
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Introduction to Tanning

I was checking my 20-year-old body out in the mirror. Lush, luxuriant, and jet black waist-long hair on my chiseled oval face was enough to get attention even from a distance. I used my big green eyes and full lips to stun my prey. I ran my hands up my hourglass waist and squeezed both my breasts. Firm and full-sized — even I enjoyed pressing them. Spreading my shapely legs, I examined my tall bikini-clad hourglass figure with pride. Loosening my tops thread, I let my pink nipples out and played with them. The only thing I wanted was a tan. My milky white soft skin was too sensitive. Today also, my tanning session was cut short. While my family was holidaying and sunbathing in this beach resort, I had to return early to avoid sunburn.

What are you doing? — boomed a boyish voice, startling me.

Quickly putting my top in place, I turned and fired back — Joyce, what are you doing here?

Joyce was a high school kid. Son of my dad’s colleague, whose family was also on vacation with us.

Joyce grinned — Nothing! I was watching you sunbathe.

What! — I glared. This barely legal kid had the nerve to say he was watching me!

Joyce spoke with wisdom — You girls can never get a tan.

I was annoyed — Why?

He explained — You don’t have an antenna to collect the sun’s energy.

I was surprised — What?

Now he was surprised — As if you don’t know.

I was angrily curious — No! I don’t know.

He explained sincerely — A girl’s body does not have the equipment to absorb sun rays.

What rubbish! — I snarled and went to my wardrobe to get some clothes on.

He kept on staring at me. When I had my shorts and T-shirt in hand, he asked in amazement — Has no one ever told you this?

I looked hard at him. He was serious. So I decided to hear him out — Told me what?

He backed out and murmured — Nothing.

Disappointed, he moved to leave. Now I was curious. I called him back. He was nervous, so I made him comfortable and gently asked him — What were you trying to tell me?

He hesitated to share his wisdom. When I persisted, he whispered — Rose has told me never to share her secret. I could get into trouble.

His concern looked genuine, and I knew Rose. She was a first-class bitch. I wanted to find out what was brewing between her and Joyce.

Wiping the sweat off Joyce’s forehead, I ran my finger through his hair. Very reassuringly, I asked him — I will not tell Rose. Her secret is safe with me. And you should know, I don’t like her.

After I promised to keep his secret, Joyce explained confidently — Girls don’t have an antenna to collect the sun’s energy. So if they want a tan, they have to ask a boy to share his energy with them.

I was curious — What is an antenna? I have never heard of such a thing.

He knew the reason — You are not married. So you don’t know.

Oh my! — I was getting Joyce now. He was not pulling my leg. I wanted to know how far did Rose go. So I kept a glum face and asked — You have an antenna?

He nodded, and on my asking, explained — I play a lot in the sun. Because I have an antenna, I collect sun energy in plenty. Then I give it to Rose.

I was aghast — How?

He was casual — I pour it in her.

In her mouth?

No, in her receiver, at the bottom. That’s the most effective way to collect it.

Not knowing how to react, I watched him in silence. He looked at me suspiciously and then whispered apologetically — Rose had cautioned me never to try this with other girls. It is taboo to do so before marriage. Whenever I have enough energy, she wants me to come to her. But —

He paused, looking innocently at me in expectation. I could stop myself — But what?

He hesitated and watched my expression after every sentence — We are here for the last three days. I have been sunbathing all the time. My energy level has become so high that it is making me very uncomfortable. When I saw you sunbathing, I thought I could help you and get rid of the weird sensation inside me.

His words forced me to check his level of discomfort. I stole a glance and saw a bigger-than-normal bulge under his swimming trunks. He saw me and pulled it out. It was huge! Seven inches of dark brown meat! I jumped away, shouting — put it back inside!

Scared, he put it back in. I moved two steps away from him, breathing hard, trying to recover from a shock. It was like sighting a dangerous python near you.

With childlike innocence, he pleaded — I will stop after two feedings. We will finish by evening, before everyone returns.

My head began reeling, and I took the support of a nearby chair. It was 10 AM now. This guy wants to feed me to his python for six hours! The offer was unbelievably tempting. Was he trying to act and get inside me? I could not think. His size was impressive, and if he can perform twice, with the efficiency of my worst boyfriend, it will be quite a pleasure. There was nothing to lose.

My delay scared him. He got up and pleaded — Please don’t tell anyone about this. I am sorry. I will leave.

Before he could reach the door, the devil inside me hissed — Wait. Come here.

Circumspectly, he returned, worried to the core. I was ready to act dumb — Look. I don’t know how you will do it, but I want a tan. And nobody should know.

He gave a relieved smile — Don’t worry. Rose has taught me how to do it. She thinks I am perfect.

This guy will talk about me too! Just like he is talking about Rose. Should I take the risk? Well! He is of age, and I can always claim that he fooled me.

He moved slowly and put an arm around my waist — Leave it to me. You relax.

Gently he squeezed my breasts, slowly, one at a time — First, I should empty your storage tank.

I gasped as his strong fingers kneaded my tight boobs like a pro. He moved behind me and began working with both his hand, pressing from all sides — making sure every part got attention. His breath on my necks sent chills down my spine.

Brushing my top aside, he felt my nipples. Turning and massaging them carefully, he explained – When these become big and stiff, we know that the tank is empty!

Oh My! — I gasped.

He spread me, face down, on the bed and took off my thong. He was in no hurry. My goosebumps rose as he brushed his hands — up from my feet to my thighs. I caught his hand as it tickled my sensitive inner thigh. He smiled — I have to send the energy stored in the thighs and hips to your boob’s tank.

Oh! — I buried my surprise in the bed. He continued slowly — teasing me with a patient and deep massage. Not sparing any part of my fleshy bottom and thigh. I was ready for him — moaning with the bedsheet stuffed in my mouth — when his fingers peeped into my rear entry. But his unexpected inspection of my honeypot made me jump and turn around. Holding his hand, shivering in excitement, I hugged him tight. His palms brushing my smooth back made me wild. Clinging tighter, I bit his neck. I wanted him inside me. Now!

Unaffected, he ran his fingers into my dense hair and pulled me back. I jammed my lips on his —biting sloppily and kissing passionately. With little effort, I got on my back — with him on top — grabbing his rump and grinding it into me. His fingers slipped between my lower lips after crushing them gently. A relaxing massage of my internals began. The stirring and poking multiplied the juices inside me — I could feel them ooze out.

Get ready — he whispered and moved to taste my milk. The impartial sucking and teasing bite of both sides combined with his rhythmic fingering left me squirming in delight. Then, when he began cuddling my love button, I exploded. Spasming multiple times, I blacked out after one big long - Oooooh.

Moistening my swollen lower lips with my juices, he whispered — This colorless sticky water stored in you is out now. Now, I will fill you with fresh cream.

His theory amused me, but I wished he waited for a few minutes before invading my honeypot. He helped me out into a chair — You have to clean me now.

Oh! — I was glad to get a break.

Standing before me, Joyce undressed. With a pleasant smile, he offered his python to me, an inch bigger now. Petrified, I looked at the straight, stiff, and dry rod. Inquisitively, I put my hands around it. The skin was for real, and it would not bend. Tugging and stroking it, I played cautiously with my new toy.

You have to clean it with your mouth — He brushed my hair and looked into my awe-struck eyes.

Yes! – Like a first-timer, I pecked it, kissed it, and then gave it a few end-to-end licks. He nodded in approval as if I was a beginner.

To show off, like a pro, I got him sloppy wet. Flicking his tip with my tongue, I took an inch of him inside and suckled him. His throbbing became prominent, and his grip on my head tighten. Pulling him closer, I sank three inches on him inside me. Salivating and slurping confidently, I could feel him getting restless. He began pushing deeper, stretching me — and then stuffing me — and finally gagging me every stroke. Not letting me pause or go free.

I let him, knowing that he has lost control. It took him a minute, and then he sealed my mouth shut. Hot cream began pouring down my throat. I did my best, swallowing as much as I could. Only after making sure that he was empty, he pulled out, looking pleased.

Wait — He instructed. Holding me in place, using his gooey rod as a spoon, he began feeding me with cream that was dribbling out of my lips. After wiping my chin and cheeks dry, ensuring zero wastage, he kissed me soft and long.

Rewarding his work, I also cleaned him dry — You are a good boy. Thank you.

With pride, he cradled me in one swift movement and spread me on the bed. I was thrilled. He was keeping his promise of feeding me twice. Leisurely, Joyce began working on my honeypot, which was full of honey. I wanted him to start immediately, but he thrust his tongue inside me. It did not take me long to squirm, scream, and finally wrap my thighs around his head.

I couldn’t help pinning him. When I recovered and let him go, he came to my side, unruffled. Fondling my pleasure pillows and kissing me, he explained —When you wrap your legs to stop me, I know you are ready for the next round.

I pulled hid rod closer — Then let’s start.

He lay flat and invited — Come on top of me.

I wanted him to drill me hard, so I was impatient — You do it.

He held his rod proudly — This will not go inside. You have to take it inch by inch.

He had a point. Quickly, I got into position. Lubricating well, I pushed him inside in a hurry.

Ouch – I screamed and stood up.

He was giggling — Go slow.

Annoyed, I put it back in, this time watching it closely. An inch inside, it began stretching me. Slowly I lowered myself. When I was done stuffing in all I could, half of it was still outside. Displaying confidence, I began kissing Joye and twerking slowly. Soon, I was able to get it deeper. I began to enjoy myself. Stealing a glance, I saw his two inches were still out. But I was content. This stuffing was pleasing enough. Playing with his chest, I sped up.

Suddenly, Joyce hugged me tight and began kissing my neck. Holding my rump tight, he thrust powerfully. I let out a muffled scream. He followed it up with few more painful shots, successfully stuffing all of it inside me. Then he began moving at a teasingly slow pace, so I took over. I began churning and grinding him. Soon, I was comfortable with his massive rod inside me. He was enjoying himself too. Pressing, pinching, sucking, and biting whatever came close to him. My tits, nipples, lips, navel, and bums — all got more than usual attention.

The heat began building inside me, and I started rocking Joyce faster. His satisfied untired look made me wilder. Embracing him tight, I burst again — Shivering, spasming, and collapsing on him.

Joyce caressed and kissed me to recovery, moving slowly in me all the time. When our eyes met again, he changed positions. We were doing like dogs now. Grabbing my tits from behind, he began plowing into me. His strokes were full, powerful, and deliberately slow. After all, till now, I was doing all the work. Despite my request, he kept barging into me at a chilled-out pace. I gave up. Burying my teasing cries in a pillow, I let him plunge, churn, and withdraw as he wished.

For the first time, I could feel my climax build up one thrust after another. Helplessly, I waited for the explosion and dropped pronely — shivering myself to a long orgasm. Not waiting for me to recover, Joyce pulled me back on my knees and kept moving. Gathering momentum, holding me close and tight, he finished deep inside me. Content, I let him use his still-hard rod to shove every drop back inside me when it trickled out.

Smiling happily, Joyce turned me around, spread over me, and kissed me. As he was taking his time savoring my lips, I was plotting how and when to get him again. Hopefully tonight!

Holding Joyce’s head, I looked into his eyes and admired – I don’t want to let you go.

He smiled naughtily, and in one quick motion, plunged his rod back inside me — Who is going?

Surprised — full of desire — I let out a lusty groan and began enjoying his characteristic teasing penetrations.

He was a sincere worker — spreading me by my feet, suckling my breasts, he inspected and praised every part of me. Massaging my thighs, he checked if his strokes were going all the way in. After satisfying himself, holding my knees, he informed — I have to go deeper.

Pushing my knees to the bed, putting all his weight on me, Joyce began drilling. I transferred my pain to him by biting his lips. After getting enough of his patient mauling, I freed myself and got into a comfortable missionary position. Digging my nails in him, I began moving faster. Thrusting up and pulling down, we reached a speed that put me in command.

Just when I was getting tired, Joyce pushed his hands under me. Holding me firmly in place by my shoulders, he began thrusting powerfully. Wrapping my legs around him, I cuddled him as hard as I could. Soon he was pounding me with all his might. A scream left me every time he smashed into me.

He asked urgently — Are you coming?

I was in no position to answer, but every time he asked, a surge built in me. He went on till I got the energy to scream — Yes.

He gave a powerful final thrust, and we came — together.

I was erupting non-stop. Joyce was crushing me with his weight, pushing as hard as he could, filling me with hot liquid. Pinning me, he was making sure that every drop landed deep inside me. Breathless, I lay buried under him. He was breathing deep on my necks, motionless.

Recovering first, softly, I cleaned the blood marks that shone on his scratched back and nibbled his ears. Joyce returned the favor, and soon we were locked into yet another long pecking session.

There was a loud knock at the door — Have you seen Joyce?

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