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Wanting to help, she entered a tornado, dragging all around her in it. The dangers were many, but so were the thrills. How will they come out of it?

Erotica / Adventure
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Chapter-1: A Hand Full Of Trouble

As we danced, I rubbed my hungry body into Rick, wanting to get poked better. The grind was too hot for him. He shuddered and spasmed — embarrassed again — finishing before we could start.

Drunk, he found an opening to release his frustration. Viro, his younger brother, was back at the door, disobeying him. Before he could spit fire on the teen, I stopped him from erupting.

Go and change your pants. I will handle Viro.

Rick staggered towards his room, and I made way through the noisy guests, exchanging pleasantries. Viro was waiting for someone to invite him in. I took his hand and led him back to his bedroom.

This celebration is for our classmates. Your brother wants privacy now.

Viro grumbled — Mom did not permit you to party in the house when she is away. I will complain.

We allowed you and your friends till 10 PM. Now it’s midnight. Don’t be a spoilsport.

The child in him whimpered — I want to stay.

The big guy was obedient enough to let me tuck him in bed. While kissing him goodnight, I observed. His freshly-shaven face, musky aftershave, and smart-haircut were proof — he was well prepared to attend his first unpermitted all-nighter. Rick was spoiling it for him. The sadness on his sweet face made me struggle for words to cheer him. Smiling sweetly, I looked into his eyes, making faces to bring out his omnipresent smile. He turned away.

So you will not smile? I pestered him.

He smiled feebly, so with my fingers, I broadened his smile. My drinks were misguiding me. Inadvertently, my touch wandered to feel his chiseled face and fresh juicy unkissed lips. The tingle between my thighs came back.

He wanted to brush my arms away. I weaved my fingers into his. Playfully, we fought till I pinned his hands to his sides. The squeezing of his soft hands, the sensation of my bosom rubbing against his chest, and feeling his fresh manly breath on my face affected me. My juices threatened to moist my miniskirt. I had to leave.

I stammered — Why don’t you sleep?

He pleaded — Let me join. Brother is too drunk to notice. How can I sleep when there is a party downstairs?

I examined my options. This discussion was getting nowhere. My throbbing mound was desperate to climax, and this teen was wasting my time. I remembered my favorite naughty fantasy. Should I? When an impatient wet girl wants her tipsy brain to make a quick decision, things happen! Gathering all my wickedness, I ran my fingers through his hair and spoke sternly — Let me help you sleep.

Without giving him a warning, I grabbed his weewee.

Surprised, he wanted to pull away, but I had a good grip on him. It was no weewee — it was a king-dong! Not surprisingly, he was hard, seeing all pretty cleavages and legs downstairs!

Overconfident, I knew I would finish him in a few strokes. Open-mouthed, he sank in pleasure as I rubbed him. My victory smile turned to concern after minutes passed without success.

He was not hard when I had started! Now he was hard!! I could barely wrap my palm around his eight inches. He needed more than my casual jerks and tugs. I focused on the job at hand and made sincere efforts. Massaging sensitively and crushing the tip — squeezing and stroking long — switching from one hand to two — none of my tricks were softening him. He was growing bigger and stiffer — hotter and furious.

Confused, I looked at Viro. He was in ecstasy. Eyes closed, squirming in delight, he was in no position to tell me what to do next. The trouble is my hand was huge, and the chance of someone walking in was imminent. Running out of time, I committed another mistake.

Removing his pants and kicking my high heels off, I positioned to ride him. Sliding my panties out of the way, I let his dong kiss my rose petals. The surprise and invitation on Viro’s face told me he had never traveled to heaven before. My pleasure gates were ready to welcome him, but the king couldn’t move into my tight cave.

Spreading my petals, I let the king wait at my entrance. Then, I thrust myself on him — letting out a muffled scream. Only a quarter of him could go inside me. Stretched, moist, and stuffed — I could not keep my delight to myself. I looked at Viro, who was thankful and waiting eagerly for my next move. He smiled as I moved a little back and forth, preparing for my next attempt. This more determined and prepared push stuffed every inch of my cave with his warm meat. I bent forward and kissed Viro hard — transferring all my pain to him.

Milking his lips, I tried moving on him, but the stuffing was too tight. Licking every inch of his lips, neck, and ears, I waited for my cave to accommodate the intruder. Soon, I was able to start thrusting. When I could move rhythmically, I stole a glance at the beast who was stretching me out. To my horror, I saw, half of him was still outside — bending and trying to force in.

Proud of my tiny hole, I worked slowly, letting the beast enter bit by bit. After a few circular motions and half a dozen power pushes, he was firmly inside me. To celebrate the biggest engulfing of my 20-year life, I pounded him furiously. Pinning his hands and biting his chin, I got my first-hand pleasurable experience of watching the pain and joy of someone who was getting banged. Now I knew how satisfying and ego-boosting it was to ride a moaning and wriggling body. Pulling Viro’s hair, I churned him — working proudly, to extract fresh cream from him. As I started enjoying my humping, a delightful sensation spread inside me. Stop! My alarmed mind cautioned. But my body did not obey. Minutes later, a massive explosion rocked inside me. Shivering, shuddering, and spasming, I collapsed on him.

Motionless and breathless, I rested on him, enjoying the juices which were erupting inside me like never before. My trembling body, twitching bottom, and muffled moan must have scared Viro. I could feel his gentle attempt to roll me over. But his majesty was still inside me. He anchored me firmly on him.

Innocently he inquired — are you OK?

I looked into his relieved eyes and smiled feebly. Wrapping my arms around him, I turned and brought him on top. He was puzzled but was waiting excitedly for my next move.

I stammered — Do it.

He grinned in delight and moved slowly, but only for a few moments. Soon, he began plowing me vigorously. Holding his waist, I tried slowing him down, but the vigor of his lunges was unstoppable. Resigned, I spread as wide as I could and enjoyed the sound of splashing fluids and slapping bodies.

When the ramming did not give signs of slowing down, I opened my eyes. The thrilled teen was watching me — smiling pleasantly and hammering excitedly.

He beamed — You are so good.

I pulled him close and kissed him, trying to enjoy his sensuality, but he continued shoving mercilessly. Tightening my embrace, I kept kissing his neck passionately. The next few minutes triggered eruptions inside me, knocking the senses out of me. Viro’s satisfying smile and his non-stop eight-inch thumps showed that he did not know when to slow down or stop.

Then suddenly, he stopped, shivered, and wanted to pull out. I realized his end was near. Wrapping my legs firmly around him, I kept him in position. Unable to withdraw, he became motionless, so I started moving for him. He was not cooperating, but I was in command. My deep strokes were strong enough to drain him dry.

He wriggled and struggled. I could feel his majesty pulsate and throb. I want to pee — he moaned. Using all his might, he broke free, but it was too late. I saw the surprise on his face when he shot a spoonful of cream out of his pulsating rod. Shocked, he clasped his pipe — pressing it hard — to stop spilling more. But the shooting continued — globs after globs. He watched helplessly.

As luck would have it, it was his day today. He did not miss his target. The first glob hit my eye, stunning me. Then, I could not dodge the ones which followed. Spoonfuls of cream splattered on my face. Every single shot hit me!

He apologized — I don’t know what happened? I am sorry!

He was the first to splatter my face, and what a thick mess he made — covering my lips and sealing them. I had no words for Viro. Grabbing a sheet, I wiped the sticky cream off my face. When my vision became clear, I looked at the door.

Guess what did I see?


2.Patricia — my morality adviser

3.Alice — my tough friend

4.None — my secret remained

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