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Ada had lived a life not many women before her had. Full of violence and fear, on her own and desperate for some freedom. She does what is asked of her, to maintain the peace and her families honour. Her relationship with Wei however, puts all of that into jeopardy.

Erotica / Drama
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Chapter One

The room was pitch black, my eyes had finally adjusted to the darkness as I put my hand on the cold wood of my machete. The feeling calmed me, I had no intention of using it but knowing it was there reduced my anxiety. Light shined in through a sliver as the door in front of me opened slightly. I silently stepped forward, grabbing the handle, I used my foot to open the door wider before slipping in. I shut my eyes firmly as the light in the room was unbearably bright. I shook my head as I opened my eyes slowly, my eyesight readjusting and staring at him, tied to the chair. He had been beaten pretty bad, both eyes could hardly open and his bottom lip had been completely busted open.
“You talk?” I whispered.
“He talked.” My head spun to Chen as he stood in the corner of the room. I had to stop myself sighing. So this was fucking pointless me being here then. I nearly said that to Chen but thought better of it, whipping past him to try and get the fuck out of here.
“Ada?” I turned back to Chen as he called my name. I was trying really hard to stop my face from telling my feelings. I had the definition of a bitch face and when I felt pissed off? I didn’t have to say anything, my features said it all.
“I know you're pissed but he talked so that’s all that matters” Chen’s voice was low as he put a tattooed arm up against the wall. I nodded, he was right however much it pained me.
“You’re right. I’m going home okay?” I’m not sure why I asked for his permission, I was a higher rank then him but I was a woman and expected to give more respect. I know, absolutely bullshit. Chen nodded and turned on his heel, going back into the bright room. I took the stairs down until I reached the underground car park. Throwing my machete to the side as I got into my car. I ran my hands through my black hair breathing out. I had a lot of pent up aggression seeing as I didn’t get to give that 14K member a good slap and turned my car to the gym. I flicked my eyes to the car dash and the tiny clock. It was half past midnight but the gym would be open, it always was.

I hid my machete under my passenger chair and got out of my car, pulling up my hair to a bun on the top of my head. I wasn’t particularly dressed well for the gym in my black t-shirt and matching jeans but I wasn’t planning on doing any cardio, I just needed to get on the punching bag. I was lucky, the gym was deserted and I spent a good hour giving the punching bag my best shots, screaming as I did. I was irritated, I never knew why Ping bothered telling me to go on these shitty missions if he just got the fucking men to do it. Chen walking around like he's the fucking boss while I hid in a cupboard.
“Arghhhh!!” I screamed at the top of my voice as I roundhouse kicked the bag. I crouched down getting my breath back as my phone rang. I had thrown it to the side when I arrived and crawled slightly to get it. I nearly groaned, it was Ping.
“Ada” He barked as I answered.
“Yeah boss” I responded standing up and wiping my sweaty brow.
“I need you at the club tomorrow, well today about eight” his voice was brash and he sounded drunk.
“Okay” is all I said, it was all I could say.
“The 14k have said they want a truce, I need you there while we do a meeting”. My heart stopped as I picked up my car keys. The 14k wanted a truce? I wondered if they knew one of their members was just tied to a chair beaten to a pulp.
“Really?” I asked, not even attempting to hide my surprise. Ping chuckled as I got back into my car.
“Exactly, it’s bullshit so I need my best men.” He had clearly heard what had happened with Chen and was trying to butter me up. Ping was the absolute king at manipulation. I had known him since we were babies so this shit wouldn’t work on me.
“I’ll be there” I said matter of factly, driving away from the gym. Ping hung up on me and I threw my phone to the side.
“Dickhead,” I said aloud.
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