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Chapter Ten

I walked into the shop wishing I had Wei’s ‘don’t give a fuck attitude’. As we walked through the door I tried to tug my hand out of his with no luck.
“Morning” he sang, his fingers intertwined in mine. The girls looked up and smiled, they were both shy, quiet girls and Wei hired them. Their shy smiles made me panic slightly and I wondered if they even wanted this job. Aaron and Ying were setting up and Ying grinned from ear to ear as he saw us.
“Wei man where have you been?” Ying asked. I knew they both had an idea who Wei was, but I was also pretty sure they assumed he was Sun Yee On.
“Busy, sorry to leave you guys and Ada, but I assume she’s been a good boss?” I rolled my eyes way too hard and felt Wei laugh next to me.
“Of course,” Aaron said, brushing his clipper. I pulled Wei towards the stairs as he was still trying to talk to the men. I dragged him up the stairs towards my office.
“Ada okay chill we have plenty of time.”
“Fuck of Wei” I said laughing as we walked into my office, I let go of Wei’s hand and starting unlocking the safe. I felt his arms around my waist and his warm breath on my neck.
“Wei” I said with a warning
“What? Today’s a new day”. I felt him chuckle as he moved closer to me, his chest pushed against my back. I could feel his erection growing against my backside.
“We were at your place all night and now we’re in my very public office, you want to?” I couldn’t help but laugh at Wei’s logic.
“Why not? Part of the fun no?” I grabbed the envelope of money and turned to him. Wei’s hands stayed around my waist and we were as close as physically possible. He just winked at me and I threw the money on the desk. I looked over at my shut door and moved my hands to Wei’s jeans, slowly undoing them and pulling them and his boxers down to his knees. His eyes were on me and I looked down at his erection. It was standing to attention and I nearly groaned, he had a massive dick as well? Still trying to figure out what is wrong with this man. I slowly got on my knees as my eyes went back to Wei’s face.
“Ada you’re not about to do what I think you are? You spoil me” Wei’s voice was raspy and his dick twitched. I tried not to giggle and I grabbed the bottom of his dick with my hand, slowly licking his tip. I attempted to keep my eyes on him as I plunged his dick into my mouth, it hit the back of my throat immediately and I pushed down a gag. The feeling of his hard dick in my mouth made my pussy thump and I really needed to fuck him as soon as possible. This dance we were doing just added to my arousal and I enjoyed the whole tease of it. As I pushed my mouth deeper down his shaft, Wei's hand went to the back of my head and he threw his own back.
“Ada fuck you can take a dick” he breathed out, tightening the grip on my head. I smiled despite his dick in my mouth and I teased his tip, circling my tongue around it while moving my hand up and down slowly. Wei started to push my head further down at a quicker speed and I got his memo. I sucked up his shaft quicker, dropping down till my mouth was smashing into my hand.
“Right there baby, I’m going to cum in your mouth.” Wei paused to let out a groan from his chest. “You want me to?” He asked and the question was so erotic I nearly came. I just nodded, lapping his tip with my tongue before dropping on him again. I looked up, Wei’s head was down, staring at me intently. His mouth was slightly open and as his dick pulsed in my mouth I knew he was close. I attempted to take his whole dick in my mouth before he groaned.
“Ada fuck” he whispered as I felt his leg twitch and his cum shoot to the back of my throat, his dick pulsing with each drop. Wei’s hand dropped from my head as I pulled back, swallowing and regretting it instantly. Wei pulled me up, his eyes heavy.
“Next time we cum in this office it’s together” he spoke softly, pulling his jeans up. I giggled while sitting at my desk.
“Have you got 14 money?” I asked as our daily envelope hadn’t arrived.
“No, I need to go to Winston. I totally forgot, come with me?” I nearly choked on my own breath.
“I can’t go to Winston with you!” I nearly screeched.
“Wait in the car then. Seriously Ada take a fucking chill pill, you need to stop panicking.” I looked up at him as he stood in the now open doorway. One arm against the doorframe. I just nodded, throwing the money back in the safe as Wei walked downstairs.

“I will be like five minutes if that.” Wei said as he got out of the car, I nodded feeling panicky for some reason. My weapon was in my car and although I could fight with my fists I always felt better it being there. I was sitting in Wei’s car in a car park off an industrial estate. The place was silent and I watched Wei walk towards a tall building before losing sight of him as he went inside. I tried to calm my nerves, leaning my head back on the passenger chair. I was absolutely exhausted, I couldn’t even remember what time me and Wei went to sleep last night but there was no way I was closing my eyes, I was deep in 14k country and I was starting to get a bit pissed Wei had convinced me to come here knowing I would be in the car on my own. I kept my eyes on the building's front door, breathing out a sigh as Wei walked out looking both ways before opening the car door.
“Sorry, ready, let’s quickly put this money through. I want to take you to lunch”. I scoffed as I looked out the passenger window. “What’s wrong? Something happened?” Wei’s voice sounded slightly panicky and it made me scoff harder.
“Why did you bring me here?” I knew I should drop it but I couldn’t help myself.
“So I can get the money. What do you mean?” I kept my eyes out the window, I knew if I looked at him I would crumble.
“I’m pissed” I said,
“Yeah I got that, I’m not sure why though.” Wei let out a little chuckle and I turned my head to him.
“You left me in 14 terroririty, on my own.” I spat out, getting more and more pissed.
“You wanted to come in?”
“Well then not sure what else I could do? You're confusing me, Ada.” Wei turned the key in the ignition but kept his eyes on me.
“Don’t you think it’s dangerous for me to be here on my fucking own?” I asked, my temperature still rising.
“Ada shut up!” Wei laughed and I crossed my arms. “Why do you keep doing this? Pretending you're a delicate flower because I know you aren’t. You're the same as me, it's no different. Was it risky, yes but you can handle yourself.” He started driving now and I grabbed his arm. “What?” He asked me, eyes on the road.
“I think what you said was quite sweet. Romantic even”. I had a grin on my face, I had never been put in the same class as a man, never. Not Ping, not Chen, not even the younger men. None of them treated me like an equal and Wei did. He didn’t think it was any more dangerous for me to be there than him at Sun Yee On. In a fucked up way it was incredibly sweet and made my heart flutter.
“That’s fucked up,” Wei said, laughing his head off. I pushed his shoulder playfully. “Can I finally buy you barbecue for lunch please? I know a place that’s quiet, we can go there”.
“How quiet? I don’t like it.” I said, trying to stop my voice from trembling. Wei looked over at me, his brow crossed. He had clearly heard my voice.
“Okay, we’ll get it delivered to mine.” It was a classic Wei demand but I welcomed it, he listened to my fears but most importantly I got to spend time with him without the fear of someone bursting in. Wei pulled up outside the shop and it was his turn to drag me upstairs. We sat on each side of my desk counting the money and putting it through the transactions. It wasn’t a long job even on my own and within an hour we were finished. “We drop this off at the bank now?” Wei asked, looking around. I was packing the money for the whole week into clear bank bags.
“I love how you’ve never done this. Yeah just the drop box, then it gets deposited into the company account which Ping and Winston have access to.” I picked up the three bank bags as we both walked to the door.
“Lunch, let's go.” Wei chuckled, grabbing my hand and pulling me down the stairs.
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