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Chapter Eleven

Wei picked up my plate as he stood, I leaned back deeper into his sofa.
“You like it there, yeah?” Wei laughed as he walked into the kitchen to the right of his huge living room and I smiled to myself. I really could stay here forever. I felt safe in Wei’s home and although it was crazy we felt like two normal people, I wouldn’t say a couple but at least two normal people getting to know each other. Wei walked back out of the kitchen and slumped on the sofa next to me, grabbing my hand. As he went to talk, his phone started ringing. Wei growled as he got it out of his pocket.
“Yeah” he breathed out, I could tell he was already agitated. He was silent for a while just nodding.
“I’m busy now, but I know you will deal with it.” His eyes avoided mine and I looked up at the ceiling. “Deal with it and I’m not sure who the fuck you’re talking to.” Wei’s voice changed and he stood up. I swallowed, I wouldn’t personally want to fuck off Wei but the person on the other end of the phone seemed to want to. Suddenly Wei threw his phone onto the sofa and grabbed my hand, pulling me up.
“Who was that?” I asked as he stared at my face.
“Some dick, don’t worry it’s sorted.”
“If you need to go?” I hammered out, my stomach dropping. Wei shook his head and put a strand of hair behind my ear.
“No fucking way. You aren’t going anywhere”. He chuckled quietly. I smiled at him, putting my head down. “I love your dimple”, he whispered. I looked back up at Wei and smiled harder.
“Thanks. I love this” I ran my finger across his neck tattoo making him jump slightly.
“Hmmmm” Wei mumbled, kissing my neck. “Ada, you’re amazing.” His voice was low and it made my skin prickle. Wei pulled his head back from my neck, his face inches from mine. I could feel my heart beating against my rib cage due to a cross between nerves and arousal. “I’ve been waiting for this since the first time I ever saw you.” Wei spoke, grabbing my face. I just nodded, not sure if I would be able to talk. Wei laughed, his face still close to mine. “You can’t talk baby?” He asked and my legs nearly gave way. Any thoughts of Wei being my rival were dissolved as I looked into his beautiful face.
“You’re so beautiful”. I breathed out, my heart rate not slowing. Wei laughed again, his head dropping.
“Come” he grumbled, pulling me by my hand towards his bedroom. I giggled in excitement as we walked into his bedroom, him shutting the door behind him. He grabbed me by the wrist again, pulling me into his body, his arms going around my shoulders. I laid my head on his chest, smelling him. He had the most amazing scent, manly and sweet at the same time. I could feel Wei’s heartbeat against my ear and it was racing just like mine. I pulled back slightly and looked up at him, his head moved down to mine and I closed my eyes as his lips gently touched mine, making me push even further into him. Wei opened my mouth with his tongue and massaged my own, his hand going into my hair. Our kiss was gentle and sweet and I didn’t want it to end. Wei bit my bottom lip and I nearly sulked thinking it was over but my heart leaped as he went in again, his tongue travelling my mouth.
“Wei” I breathed out as I pulled away from him. My pussy was soaking wet from just a kiss and I grabbed his forearms. I knew my face was giving the game away and I probably looked completely desperate but I actually didn’t give a fuck. Wei said nothing, instead he lifted my T-shirt over my head, his eyes going directly to my chest. He saw it all last night but his eyes looked like he had never seen a pair of breasts in his life.
“Fuck” he whispered, skimming the edge of my bra with his finger, the feeling made me jump as he barely touched me and I felt my nipples harden. I looked down while Wei unbuttoned my jeans, letting me pull them completely down. I stepped out of them as they hit the floor and Wei pulled me even closer to him, his arm around my backside.
“I could stare at you all fucking day.” His voice was strong and it made my hair stand on end. This was taking far too long and I needed him inside me, actually needed him. My pussy started to hurt and I ripped his own T-shirt over his head and without thinking came down to his chest, kissing his pec. I felt him laugh and looked up at him, slightly embarrassed. “I’m taking too long again aren’t I?” He asked me,
“Way too fucking long”. I spoke softly, gripping at his jean button. Wei nodded, helping me undo his jeans and he pulled them down with his boxers, stepping out and picking me up effortlessly with one hand. I wrapped my legs around his waist and threw my head back in ecstasy as I felt his erection against the fabric of my knickers.
“Wei!” I giggled as he undid my bra in one swoop, pulling it off me and throwing it on the floor. I grabbed the back of his head while his mouth went to one of my rock hard nipples, flicking over it with his tongue. The sensation made me grind against him and I could feel that my knickers were now soaking wet. I traced a tattoo on his shoulder, enjoying his mouth on my nipple. Wei went to my other nipple and he walked forwards, dropping me on the bed. I crawled up to the head board and Wei climbed on top of me, his smiling face over mine. I wiggled in my position, getting even more excited. Wei pulled down my knickers and I kicked them off to go somewhere on the bed.
“Oh my god look at that pussy too.”
“Wei” I whispered, going crimson. “You're too much”. I looked down, Wei’s lips against the middle of my cleavage. I put my hand on the back of his head, his tongue licking up from my cleavage to my neck. My whole body felt like it was on fire, Wei’s hand traveled down my stomach to my thigh.
“Wei fuck sake” I mumbled. I felt him laugh on my neck, nipping at my skin. He didn’t say anything and I squealed as his finger went into my wet folds. My pussy was dripping and I moved my head towards his.
“You want me to fuck you?” Wei whispered, directly in my ear. I nodded, my head nearly falling off. I felt his hand move in between us and he tapped my clit with the tip of his dick. It made me jump and I grabbed his shoulder.
“Wei” I cried, him pushing his dick into me. I could feel how tight my pussy was and it hurt for only a moment before I dropped my head back on the pillow.
“Ada, you feel amazing”. Wei whispered, his lips on mine. He pushed completely into me, filing me and making me grab his shoulder tighter. It felt like his dick was made for me and he stretched me to my limit. Wei pulled my hand off his shoulder and with my other hand, placed them high above my head. His own hand at my wrists. It made my chest push out and Wei’s tempo pushing in and out of me got faster. I looked at his face, biting his bottom lip and his eyes heavy.
“Fuck, Wei fuck.” I managed to say, my eyes slamming shut. His dick inside me felt better than any I’ve ever had and as he got quicker and rougher I felt my orgasm about to smash into me. Wei bit my neck and I could hear his breathing change, it became laboured and his mouth travelled to my ear lobe, gently biting it before he spoke.
“I’m going to cum”. Was all he said but his words made my back arch to get closer to him and I opened my eyes. My body felt like fireworks were going off inside of me and I let out a moan from my chest as Wei moved his face to look at me. Our noses were nearly touching and he hadn’t even slowed in pushing in and out of me.
“Cum with me”. He made it seem like a question but it wasn’t. I nodded, biting my bottom lip, my hands trying to rip away from Wei’s grip. He didn’t let me and instead his lips came to mine, my mouth opened immediately and I tried to shake my head, my orgasm was hitting me and it was a fucking big one. I groaned in Wei’s mouth, feeling his whole body tighten.
“Ada fucking hell” he spoke, his lips on mine. I felt his whole body tense and then relax, his forehead dropping on mine.
“Ahhh!” I groaned, moving my head up. I wasn’t even sure if my orgasm had finished as Wei kissed my cheek and finally let go of my wrists. I was certain I would have marks over my wrists tomorrow but I didn’t care. Wei pulled out of me, kneeling in front of me. We stared at each other for what felt like an eternity, neither of us speaking. He grabbed my hand, turning it over and gently kissing my palm.
“Ada, that was worth the wait”. His smile was cheeky and I put my head down in shyness.
“Yeah it definitely was”. I whispered, my head still down. Wei grabbed my chin and pulled my face to his.
“Don’t be shy, I want to do that again”. He winked at me, getting up from the bed. I got under the covers, covering myself with his duvet. “Ada” he growled looking over at me. It was like he could read my mind. I was freaking, maybe it was my classic face giving it all away again.
“I’m fine” I sputtered out.
“You’re not.” Wei chuckled, throwing his boxers and jeans back on. “Talk to me.” I took a deep breath in, not really sure what to say.
“You don’t want to hear it.” I didn’t want him to get frustrated with me again, we clearly had very different views on this and there was no way I was going to make him see it how I did.
“Of course I do.” Wei spoke. His brow was raised and he looked concerned.
“I… I…. Want to, you know” I stuttered.
“No I don’t” he laughed, sitting on the edge of the bed.
“I want to keep doing that” I felt myself go red as Wei smiled. “But like where do we go from here? I’m going to be honest”. I took another deep breath in, Wei’s eyes on me. “I don’t think I can just sleep with you.” I put my face in my hands, this wasn’t my strong point and I was making no sense.
“Ada, I’ve told you to stop over thinking about stuff you can’t control.”
“I can control this though”. My head was still in my hands.
“You want to stop?” Wei asked, his voice dropping. I shook my head and finally looked up at him.
“I just wish we could be normal. In a normal relationship. Where do we go from here?” I asked him, breathing out. “Just quickies when we get to be alone? I don’t know what I’m saying” I trailed off, grabbing the covers closer to me. Wei sighed and came closer to me, kissing my temple and wrapping his arm around me. My head was on his bare skin and I ran my finger over one of the lotus flowers on his chest.
“We’ll figure it out. I promise I will figure it out. It might not be tomorrow or in two weeks but I will.” I felt him look down and I moved my head up, his lips catching mine.
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