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Chapter Twelve

My heart was hammering against my chest as I walked into Zero. Ping had called me and told, definitely not asked, me to attend a meeting with him and Winston within the hour. My mouth was bone dry as I knocked on Ping’s office door. I had no idea what this meeting was about or if Wei would be here. I tried to call him before I left but he didn’t answer which was panicking me even more. We had been careful, never together in public apart from Wei refusing to act even a tiny bit inconspicuous at the shop. Maybe one of the barbers happened to tell Chen? My mind was racing as I opened Ping’s door. I tried to fight down a comforting smile as I saw Wei standing in the corner of the office. He stared at me, but his eyes looked warm and it calmed me immediately. Ping was sitting at his desk, barely looking up. Winston in the chair opposite smoking a cigarette.
“Ada, me and Winston wanted to talk to you and Wei.” Ping spoke firmly, Winston looking up at me. I just nodded, knowing if I spoke my voice would give away my nerves. There was a chair next to Winston but I didn’t dare sit in it. Instead, standing awkwardly by the door.
“We’re very happy with how both of you have run the shop. It’s been a godsend for cleaning both our monies”. Winston spoke, blowing his smoke high in the air. Both me and Wei nodded, catching each other’s eyes.
“Thanks Boss” Wei said and Winston actually smiled at him. Can’t remember if Ping had ever done that to me.
“Because of that and how well you’ve both set it up, we're putting some newer men in the shop, you both no longer need to be there.” Ping said and my stomach dropped. They were excusing us? Fuck. It was the only place I knew I would see Wei and nobody would be suspicious, we were meant to be there together.
“I don’t mind staying on,” I whispered, looking at Ping. He waved his hand in front of his face and pulled his own cigarette out of a box.
“It’s fine Ada, I know you want more meaty jobs and I’ve been thinking of promoting you anyway. Wei is too high up to be dealing with something like this. We just needed you to set it up.” I nodded at Ping’s words. He was going to promote me?
“Sorry if that wasn’t clear at the beginning, but this wasn’t a permanent thing”. Winston spoke now and I rubbed my hands together, I was nervous now for a different reason.
“I’m getting promoted?” I couldn’t help myself and put my question to Ping. He chuckled slightly and lit his cigarette.
“I need to speak to Chen first”
“Why?” I barked the question and knew I shouldn’t have. Winston looked up at me, his own smirk on his face.
“Because he's your brother.”
“I’m older than Chen, I’m higher than him already. You know I’m better than him, I’ve been doing this shit way longer than he has. It’s got fuck all to do with him.” I could feel my blood rising and Ping threw his head back.
“Ada know your fucking place” he stood and I swallowed, fuck. I shouldn’t have said that and especially in front of Winston and Wei. “I’m not sure who you think you're fucking talking to. The option has now been revoked”. I threw my head down, staring at my hands. Great, because of my fucking huge mouth I now definitely wasn’t going to get promoted. I felt my tears behind my eyes but there was no way I was going to fucking cry in this situation. I would just wait until I got home and cry all my fucking tears.
“Ping, with respect”. Wei spoke and all the heads turned to him. “I agree with Ada. I wouldn’t personally need to speak to Chen if she was one of mine.” Wei shrugged.
“Lucky she fucking isn’t one of yours then. Winston, talk to this fucker”. Ping spat out. I kept my eyes on Wei and as he looked up at me I gave him the tiniest smile.
Winston started laughing, stubbing his long finished cigarette in the ashtray,
“He's right Ping and you know it but Wei shut the fuck up”. Winston said, laughter still in his face.
“Ada, Wei get the fuck out”. Ping was bright red with anger and my stomach was in knots. I just hoped I wouldn’t get the backlash of this even more later. I walked out of Ping’s office, taking a deep breath. My body tensed as I felt a hand on my lower back.
“Let’s go,” Wei said, walking in front of me down the stairs. I followed, trying to keep my tears in. I followed Wei into the underground car park as he unlocked his car and slid in. I got in next to him and slumped down slightly. Neither of us said anything as Wei drove, I looked out the window and saw his apartment coming into view. I suddenly felt a lot calmer and as we got out I threw my hood over my hair. We got in the lift and Wei turned to me.
“He's a prick, you know it.” I just nodded at his words, still trying to fight these fucking tears. The lift pinged open and Wei walked me into his kitchen. It was spotless like the rest of his house, white walls and cabinets. He started to make some tea as I sat down on a stool against the kitchen bar. I bit my bottom lip as it started trembling, my tears finally giving in as they splashed on the bar. I tried to quickly wipe them away but Wei turned around and saw me.
“Baby” he purred, coming round and pulling my head to his chest. His strong arms around me made me sob hard into his chest, my back shaking.
“I….I...can’t….do this…..anymore” I stuttered out in between sobs. Wei’s arms got tighter around me and he put his chin on top of my head.
“Fuck Ping I told you this. How long has he been in charge?” Wei ran his hand up and down my shaking back.
“Ten years. After our dads died” I managed to say, burying my face deeper into his chest.
“They died together?” Wei’s voice had confusion dripping through it and I knew his mind was running.
“They were in a car accident, my dad was driving. Ping became boss.” I just gave Wei the basics, not being able to talk much more.
“Why not you?”
“It was just the way it was.” I said looking up at Wei. He had a concerned look on his face as he continued to run his hand up and down my back. The motion made me stop crying and I wiped my cheeks with my sleeve.
“What’s making you cry?” The question was so sweet and I smiled up at him.
“I don’t want to do this anymore.” I admitted, Wei was the only person I could ever admit this to.
“Explain what you mean”. His voice was firm.
“I don’t want to be a triad anymore Wei, I want to be a normal person.” I shrugged.
“Defect to 14. You can be under me”. I shook my head vigorously, there was no way I could do that. I might as well sign my death certificate.
“They would kill me.” I put my head back on his chest, fighting tears again. Wei took a deep breath in and my body tensed at what he was about to say.
“I don’t think you will ever be a normal person Ada, I think that ship has sailed. Maybe ask Ping if you can do the accounts or something normal. I don’t know, I think he would lap up the idea, you being a woman and all.” He chuckled lightly and I smiled against his chest.
“That’s not a bad idea. Thank you, and thank you for not thinking I’m a crazy person for wanting to leave.” Wei stepped back and grabbed my chin with his hand, like he always did. My eyes went to his and I felt my tears burning.
“Another confession.” He spoke softly and I nodded. “I think about getting the fuck out of this and being a tailor or some shit at least once a week Ada. This life isn’t amazing, it’s dangerous, risky and hard.” He shrugged, before kissing my lips gently.
“Do you regret getting into it?” I asked him quietly.
“Yeah. Everyday, even more now I’ve met you.” I sniffed to get another tear to go back as I smiled weakly at him.
“I should go, it’s late” I whispered standing up. Wei grabbed me by the wrist.
“You haven’t had your tea”. He smirked.

“Wei!” I giggled, trying to push him off me. Wei was tickling my side and my legs were trying to kick out to him. I could barely breathe through laughter and Wei had the biggest smile on his face.
“Thank you for cheering me up.” I said in between laughs.
“Oh I’m not done yet” he whispered, kissing my lips gently. I raised my eyebrow and Wei’s hand went up my T-shirt, pushing my bra up and running his thumb over my nipple. His hand was warm and it felt amazing against my bare skin.
“Hmmm” I mumbled as his hand went to my other nipple.
“You like it?” He asked, laughing into my neck.
“You know I do, shut up” I teased, running my hand up the back of his own T-shirt.
“Lets get all these clothes off then”. Wei said, suddenly sitting up. I put my hand over my face in embarrassment as he undid my jeans, pulling them down to my knees. As Wei undid his own jeans I took mine off, throwing them to the side. I unclipped my bra and with my T-shirt took them both off, Wei did the same and grabbed me by the waist, pulling me onto his lap in record speed. Moving my hair to the side he kissed my neck, his hand caressing my breasts.
“Ada, I can’t get enough of you shit”. I giggled, throwing my head back onto his shoulder, my hands running up and down his thighs. I could feel his erection hitting my lower back. Wei kissed my neck again, licking me slowly up to my ear lobe. He bit me gently on my ear and I felt his warm breath making my shoulder rise.
“That tickles” I laughed, moving my hands higher on his thighs. Wei’s thumbs went over both my hard nipples making me groan and grab his thigh.
“Knickers off come on” he whispered in my ear and I did what I was told, lifting myself up to remove my knickers. Throwing them with the rest of my clothes. Wei lifted me up and I felt his hand in between us. My eyes slammed shut as he pushed me onto his dick, stretching me.
“Wei! Oh my god” I groaned as his dick entered deep inside me. My head was still on Wei’s shoulder and I managed to look up at him slightly as I gently bounced onto his dick. He kissed my cheek, his hands still on my breasts and the movement was so romantic I closed my eyes, there wasn’t anywhere else I would rather be. I continued to slowly bounce onto Wei’s dick, feeling it pulse inside of me. I gripped his thigh tighter as I knew I was about to have an amazing orgasm, I felt it hit my whole body like a wave and I pushed myself further onto him, his dick ridiculously deep.
“Wei. I’m” I moaned out, unable to keep talking through the ecstasy shooting through my body. Wei’s arms moved around my shoulders, getting painfully tight as he groaned in my ear.
“Me too baby, cum with me.”
“Wei!” I shouted, throwing my head back as I came. Wei pushed his hips into mine and smashed his head on my shoulder, his legs relaxing as his dick finished pushing cum into me.
“..... you” Wei muttered into my shoulder. I swallowed audibly, turning my face to his.
“What do you say?” I asked, my heart stammering in my chest.
“I said I love you”. He repeated, kissing my shoulder blade.
“I love you too”. I smiled at him, as he kissed the top of my forehead.
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