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Chapter Thirteen

I had just left Zero after another pointless bodyguard mission for Ping and as usual, I was pissed. I chuckled to myself as I walked down to the underground car park. I swear the only time I wasn’t pissed off was when I was with Wei. I unlocked my car from a distance and stopped in my tracks as I heard shuffling.
“Hello?” I asked, looking into the darkness. Silence. I shook my head, carrying on walking to my car.
“Fai!” I heard a voice and turned around. Inches from my face was a tall figure, dressed in black with a black ski mask. I tried to stutter something out before groaning to the ground, a punch to my stomach. It completely winded me and as a sack was put over my head I couldn’t even call out, just trying to catch my breath. I was pulled to the left, my feet falling behind me. I swallowed and felt my throat burn, fear taking over my whole body. I heard what I thought was a car boot open and my legs were lifted up, my face then smashing into a hard floor.
“Help!” I tried to scream, the sack covering my volume. I slammed my eyes shut as I heard the boot close and nausea took over me.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck” I muttered ripping the sack of my face. I looked up to the darkness, yep I was definitely in a car boot. I struggled but finally succeeded in getting my mobile phone out of my back pocket. For a moment I didn’t know who to call. Ping? Chen? Fuck it. I was calling Wei. The brightness of my phone stung my eyes as I located his number. I looked up at the corner of my phone and saw I had no signal. My stomach dropped, what the fuck was I going to do now. I tried to put my phone above my head and before I could try to call Wei the boot opened, black ski mask back.
“I will take that thank you” he spoke firmly, ripping my phone from my hand and smashing it on the floor. I closed my eyes again, fucking great. I kept my eyes closed as I felt him move around the back of my head before dragging me out of the boot. My knees smashing onto the car.
“I don’t know anything” I stuttered out, before I felt a smash to the back of my head, then black.

I attempted to open my eyes and once I saw black I realised I had been blindfolded. My blood turned to ice as my true realisation came over me. I was going to die tonight. I could hear some voices to my left and tried to move my body towards them. That’s when I realised my legs were tied to the chair I was sitting on. My hands tied behind my back, the tightness of the straps hurting not only my wrists but my shoulders too as they had been pulled back. I wanted to cry with every fibre of my being but I wouldn’t give these fucking arseholes the privilege. My eyes stung as the blindfold was ripped off me, closing automatically. After a few moments I slowly opened them and saw a man crouched in front of me. He was a lot older than me, a shaved head and a mean face.
“You’re Sun Yee On?” He asked, his voice as mean as his face. I chuckled, before spitting in his face.
“Fuck you" I screeched towards him, his head going down. He grabbed the edge of my T-shirt to wipe his face, my stomach on display. The gesture made me cringe and I fought back a tear.
“No, fuck you" he spat out at me before striking me in the face. My head snapped to the left, pain shooting through my face and neck. I slowly put my face to the centre, feeling blood drip down my chin. This prick had hit my mouth and I could feel my bottom lip swelling as I stared at him. He stood, pacing the room. I took my opportunity to look around to see if I could pinpoint where I was. The room was small, industrial looking with bright white walls and concrete floors. The lights above me were bright and not helping the pounding headache I had.
“What’s your name?” I asked this fuck who laughed, putting his hands behind his head.
“Call me dragon. You Fai?”.
“No". I lied, spitting blood to the floor.
“You’re full of shit.” Dragon laughed again, grabbing my chin. His grip was strong and the pain was excruciating.
“We know who you fucking are and we know you're Sun Yee On.”
“What do you want?” I managed to ask as Dragon let go of my chin, pushing my head back.
“We want Ping. What better way to get him here than with you.” It was my turn to laugh now, the action hurting my jaw.
“Ping don’t give a fuck about me so good luck. How long has he known I’m here?”. That got to Dragon and I watched his face change. Yeah Ping certainly didn’t give a fuck about me. I had always known it was the case but realising he knew I was held up here and hadn’t done anything yet burned my heart. Fuck Ping and if Chen knew? Fuck him too. Dragon walked back slightly as I watched his right hand ball into a fist. I knew what was coming and closed my eyes as his punch landed square on my nose. I heard it pop and screamed out in pain, my head bouncing off the top of the chair. Blood streamed down my mouth and splashed on my lap. I was getting angrier and angrier. These fucks better kill me before I go fucking crazy.
“As I said, fuck you". I spat blood out again, hitting Dragon’s shoe.
“Oh you fucking bitch. You're lucky I don’t fucking rape you here and now.” Dragon’s words let a tear escape and I couldn’t even wipe my face, I had to let him know he was getting to me. My anger rose even more. Dragon smiled at me, getting close to my face.
“I can't say my next colleague will be as nice". He laughed while opening the door in front of me. I closed my eyes, not wanting to see the next person who would do god knows what to me.
“Is Ping here?” the voice said and I darted my eyes open, I knew that voice. I put my head in between my legs as far as it could go and vomited over the hard floor, I gagged as it hit my foot. The two men said nothing and as I looked up I stared into his eyes. Wei.
“Not yet and she’s a fucking bitch so the quicker he gets here the better". Dragon said. I scanned Wei's face to see his reaction and I couldn’t gage it. Did he know it was me before he walked in here? Has this been his plan all along? The thought made me cry, hard, my back shaking and my nose running.
“You’re a cunt". I said to Wei, my jaw slammed shut. His eyes looked sad for a minute and I watched his Adam's apple go up and down as he swallowed. I was past giving a fuck, either way I was dying tonight so might as well take Wei down with me.
“I said you’re a cunt!” I screamed. “You can’t fucking talk Wei?” I asked him, Dragon’s face going to Wei's.
“She's fucking fiesty I’ll give her that”. Dragon said laughing.
“You set me up? Your plan all along?” I asked Wei whose eyes were still on mine.
“Don't fucking talk to him". Dragon said, grabbing a fist full of my hair.
“I will talk to whoever the fuck I want.” I growled out, the tightness of Dragon’s hand hurting my head. He pulled my head to the side, I watched as his hand went to the back of his jeans and gulped as I saw the shiny metal of his machete. Dragon skimmed it along my cheek, laughing as he did. My heart was thumping in my chest, one quick move and I was done.
“Dragon". Wei finally spoke.
“Yeah" he responded, not looking away from me.
“Take a break, I'll deal with her from here.” Wei spoke firmly and Dragon got up, releasing my hair. He slapped Wei on the back and walked out of the room. Slamming the door. Wei walked up to me, pressing his hand on my cheek.
“Ada, please believe me" he whispered.
“You better fucking kill me now because if I get out of this I will hunt you like a fucking dog. I know where you live and I will without any hesitation chop your dick off". My voice had venom to it as I stared into his eyes.
“I didn't know it was you Ada, please believe me. I didn’t know it was you". Wei's voice broke and I leaned back, before smashing my forehead into his. It made me see stars for a minute and I opened my eyes to Wei on the floor, a gash in his forehead.
“I deserved that. Ada I don’t know how you're going to believe me but I promise you all they told me was that the person was Sun Yee On". Tears formed in Wei's eyes and he leaned behind me, undoing the straps around my wrists.
“Why didn’t you warn me?” I spoke into the side of his face, bending my wrists as they became free.
“I don’t know! It was quick, I thought about it but what are the fucking chances it was going to be you, or Chen. We want Ping so I assumed the person was going to be higher up then you. Sorry". He was apologising for me not being higher up and I shook my head.
“I don’t give a fuck about Chen.” I spoke as I undid my own feet attached to the chair. “Ada, let me take you home," Wei said as I stood up.
“No fucking way. Rot in hell Wei".
“What!” Wei shouted trying to grab my hand. I looked into his face, I don’t think I had ever been this angry and I didn't know what to believe anymore. I knew I was most likely about to say something I would regret, but rather than shutting the fuck up I said it anyway.
“I don’t trust you anymore, I don’t want to ever see you again.” I shrugged and Wei jumped in front of the door, his whole body covering it.
“No, no, no, Ada" he stuttered, I had never seen him so not put together. He looked stressed and panic was all over his face. "I had nothing to do with this Ada”
“I don’t believe you. Move" I tried to push him to the side but failed. My body was already weak and the blood from my nose clearly wasn’t going away. I wiped it with my arm, feeling it streak all over my face. I knew I looked a mess but I didn't care, if anything I was glad Wei was seeing me like this. I wanted him to feel guilty.
“Let me look at your nose”. Wei said softly, attempting to touch me. I moved my head back too fast and before I knew it I was on my knees on the floor, spitting more blood to the side.
“Ada! You're scaring me”. Wei said as he sat down next to me. I stared into his eyes, once I thought they were beautiful, they calmed me and now? I didn’t actually know what was behind them.
“You're scared?” I managed to mutter, tears streaming down my face. “How do you think I just felt? Being kidnapped from my car? Being punched, tied up and blind folded. I’m sorry you're scared.'' Wei's own forehead was still bleeding and I sat up slightly wiping it with my t-shirt. I’m not sure why I did it, habit I suppose. As I sat back down, Wei grabbed my face with both hands. I looked at him and he had tears down his cheeks.
“Ada, please believe me. I would never hurt you. Baby please". I shook my head free of his hands and slowly stood up.
“Get me out of here please.” I whispered and Wei stood, opening the door and grabbing my arm. I know why he was doing it, but it wasn’t helping my panic or anger.
“Dragon. I’m taking Fai to Winston”. Wei said loudly and my stomach dropped. I had no clue what to think here.
“Okay you're the boss". Dragon poked his head out of a door in the long white corridor. Wei kept his grip on my arm as he dragged me out of the building. I wanted to look around but had no energy to. Wei opened his car passenger door and I slid in. My nerves were still completely shot and I didn’t know if I was sitting waiting for my death. Wei got in and started the car, driving out of the estate as fast as he could.
“I know a doctor, you need to be looked over. What did Dragon do to you?” Wei asked, his eyes flicking to me.
“He punched me twice. That’s it. I’m fine”. As I looked out the window I saw Wei’s apartment come into view.
“We're going to yours?” I asked, looking over at him.
“Yeah. Is that okay?” Wei asked me, pulling into the car park.
“Not really but hey" I shrugged. I felt like I didn’t have a choice here. “Oh and the guy who dragged me punched me in the stomach.” I muttered, feeling the pain there. Wei parked up, pulling me out of the car and to the lift. As we rode up he stared at me, it looked like he wanted to talk but thought better of it. The minute we walked into his apartment, Wei grabbed his phone, pointing at the sofa which I dropped down in. I closed my eyes, I really had no fucking clue what to do now. I wanted a bath, to try and wash not only the blood but 14k off me. I could hear Wei talking in the kitchen and stared off into space. Normally when I was here I made myself at home, I wouldn’t think twice of running myself a bath or getting some food but now? In a tiny way I felt like I was in a stranger's house. My eyes flashed round as I heard Wei leave the kitchen, holding out some tea for me.
“Thanks. It's not poisoned is it?” I chuckled sadly.
“I’m going to pretend you didn’t say that”. Wei said firmly. “The doctor will be here in about half an hour then you can get in the bath". Wei sat next to me, I could feel his eyes burning into the side of my face. “Ada, please listen to me.”
“I don’t want to talk to you right now. Thank you for making sure I’m okay. Well now obviously not then but” I shrugged. “I am happy to go home.”
“No, I want you here so I know you're okay. You don’t want to talk to me? That’s fine for now". Wei stood up and went into the bathroom, I attempted to drink my tea and clear my mind.
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