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Chapter Fourteen

My eyes darted open as I heard Wei’s buzzer go. Great a 14K doctor was here, just what I needed. I watched Wei go to the phone and press the enter button, him standing by the lift. He looked fidgety and I wasn’t a hundred percent sure why. Was he worried about me? Or worried about 14K knowing I was here? The lift pinged open and an older man, dark hair and round glasses walked in.
“Wei”. He said firmly. They shook hands and Wei pointed to me, still slumped on the sofa.
“Hi Ada?” He asked and I nodded. “Great let’s get you into the bedroom, check you over.” I nodded, slowly getting up. Wei attempted to help me by grabbing my arm but I flicked it off. Giving him an evil eye. I followed the doctor into Wei’s bedroom. I sat on the bed as he got his medical tools out, firstly wiping the blood from my face. It stung and I took a sharp breath in. “Sorry Ada, let me look at that nose”. He came close to me, touching the side of my nose. It hurt but not as much as I thought it was going to.
“I heard it pop” I whispered, my eye catching Wei’s in the doorway.
“It isn’t as bad as I thought, it doesn’t look broken, I think the pop you heard was blood vessels, Wei told me it bled a lot?” The doctor asked me and I just nodded. Rummaging through his bag he produced a long white plaster, keeping my nose straight he stuck it along the bridge of my nose.
“Fuck” I muttered, that did hurt.
“Right your lip looks okay too, let me clean it up. Anywhere else?”
“I was punched in the stomach and I think I was hit in the back of my head. My head is fine” I shrugged, not wanting to make a fuss. “My stomach hurts though.” I kept my eyes on Wei’s who had his hand to his face, he looked worried.
“Okay, lift up your top.” The doctor asked and looked at Wei. He clearly wasn’t going anywhere and I lifted up my top, as the doctor slightly pushed me down on the bed. The doctor touched my stomach, making me wince. It didn’t hurt too much when that prick punched me but Jesus did it hurt now.
“Let me take a quick urine sample, I want to see if there is any blood there”, the doctor asked and I nodded standing up. “Take this” he handed me a small cup and I went into Wei’s en-suite. I chose to ignore the mirror as I didn’t want to see myself and pissed in the cup with my eyes closed. I wiped it down before going back into the bedroom and handing it to the doctor. I sat on the edge of the bed, my eyes on Wei as the doctor fiddled about with some sticks and my cup in his hands. After what felt like an eternity the doctor turned back around.
“Right, no blood, but we need to check on this baby.” My head snapped towards the doctor as he stood there with a gentle smile on his face.
“What?!” I screeched.
“What?” Wei asked, moving closer into the room.
“Oh you didn’t know. Ada you're pregnant”. The doctor said, chuckling. I sprang up off the bed and attempted to march towards the door, Wei caught both of my arms and pulled me to stare at him.
“Don’t freak, don’t freak baby okay.”
“No I’m fucking freaking Wei. This cannot be happening”. I said, a full sob leaving my mouth. There was no way I was fucking pregnant, my heart was smashing against my chest and I was struggling to breathe.
“Ada please. Calm down, I need to see if we can hear this baby's heart beat.” My mouth was wide open in shock, my legs like jelly as Wei walked me over to the bed, placing me down on it.
“Wei” I said looking up at him.
“It’s okay, I’m here.” He spoke softly, pushing my hair out of my face.
“Did you set me up?” I had to ask, my mind fuzzy and spinning at the same time, what if I was pregnant and I had now lost the baby. What if I hadn’t lost the baby? What was I going to do with a 14K baby?
“No.” He said firmly and I looked into his eyes, he was telling the truth.
“And men are fucking dying for this, you know that right?” Wei asked me and I bit my bottom lip. “Even more so, if something has fucking happened to our baby I’m killing all of them.” Wei’s voice terrified me and I just nodded. The doctor came to my other side, lifting my T-shirt up and placing a small microphone type instrument on my lower stomach.
“Right, let me turn this on”. He muttered more to himself. I gripped Wei’s forearm, my nails digging in. Wei grabbed my chin and forced me to look at him as a strange sound came from the tiny machine attached to the microphone. Boom, boom, boom.
“And that’s your baby’s heartbeat. Everything seems okay, strong.” I stared up at Wei, my tears freely flowing. My head felt like it was going to explode and I closed my eyes, feeling the doctor move away from me.
“Wei,” he whispered, “She’s okay, going to be sore tomorrow but otherwise fine. I would put her in a salt bath, not too hot. Give me a call tomorrow and we can get her set up with me for her pregnancy.”
“Thanks” Wei whispered, both clearly thinking I had fallen asleep. I heard the door close and slowly opened my eyes, Wei staring at me.
“I don’t even know,” I sputtered out. Unsure on what to say. Wei laughed and the sound made me smile.
“I know Ada, let me run you a bath.” He kissed my forehead and I grabbed his arm tighter, pulling him back.
“I didn’t know,” I whispered.
“I know you didn’t. That doesn’t matter. Believe it or not I’m the happiest fucking man in the world right now.”
“You are?” I asked him, my brow crossing.
“Of course. I fucking love you Ada, you know that. You're having my baby.”
“But” I started to talk.
“Enough buts. I have a plan anyway. Let’s get you in that bath”. Wei stood and walked to the bathroom, I stared at him as he went out of sight. Tears flowing.
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