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Chapter Fifteen

I was floating in Wei’s ridiculously huge bath, my whole body aching. I had the worst headache and I don’t think I have ever been confused in my life as of right now. Everything I believed was feeling like a lie. Sun Yee On didn’t give a fuck about me. Ping never came to my rescue, nor did my prick of a brother. I closed my eyes, the person who got me out of there? Wei. And now I was pregnant with his baby. I smiled at the thought, which told me everything I needed to know. I was ready to move on, this life I had been living was pointless. It took my mother, it took my father and it nearly took me and my unborn baby. I refused to be exactly like my father and let my child grow up around this. I opened my eyes when I thought about Wei. He wouldn’t leave 14K, I know he wouldn’t but if I did leave this life, surely that meant our child would have some sort of stability right?
“You okay?” I turned my head to Wei’s voice and nodded slowly.
“Come” I said, moving my hand towards me. Wei shyly walked in, sitting on the edge of the bath.
“Ada, I want you to know I didn’t know you were there”. Wei breathed out.
“Did you know before you came in?” I had to ask.
“Not exactly, they told me you were a bitch so I kind of knew it was you but I couldn’t be hundred percent sure. Ada I’m so sorry this happened to you, I will live with this fucking guilt my whole life”. Wei spoke, grabbing my hand under the water. I shrugged, thinking of how I wanted to say this.
“I know I’ve said this before, but I want out. I am getting out, not just for me but for our baby as well.” My eyes got a bit glassy and I rubbed them.
“Okay. We’re going to see Winston tomorrow, I have a plan”. Wei spoke, kissing my forehead. I was too tired to argue and instead let Wei pick me up out of the bath, wrapping a towel around me. Wei placed me on his bed and my eyes were already flickering closed.
“Night baby,” he said, kissing my lips. I grabbed his neck and pulled him closer to me.
“I love you. “ I whispered in his ear.
“I love you too. So much Ada”.

My hand was shaking in Wei’s as we walked towards the 14K building, my legs felt like they were going to fall off and I looked up at Wei who looked unfazed as usual.
“It will be fine” he whispered in my hair as we got into the lift. I nodded, trusting him. The lift pinged open and Wei knocked on a door directly in front of us.
“Yeah” the rough voice of Winston called out. Wei opened the door and I slowly walked in behind him.
“Wei, sit. You too Ada”. Winston said, looking up at us. Winston leaned back on his chair, rubbing his face with his hands.
“Ada, Wei has explained some bits to me. You want out of Sun Yee On?” I nodded, before I spoke.
“I want out of it all. Your men captured me last night”
“What!” Winston shouted, interrupting me. I moved my head to Wei who was nodding.
“Afraid so boss, Dragon tells me directly from you. To get Ping to the warehouse”. Wei spoke, his eyes directly on Winston. I give Wei his due, he had massive fucking balls.
“Because Ping isn’t answering any of my fucking calls! But I never said Ada! Never!” Winston shouted standing up and going towards his floor to ceiling window. “Ada, this was not the plan.”
“I know, Wei tells me. I know” I didn’t, I just knew Wei wasn’t involved in the choice but I needed Winston to trust me. “It became apparent that Ping wasn’t going to come to my aid, and with my brother also failing to and any other men I’ve worked with, I’ve realised” I paused looking over at Wei. “I don’t mean shit to them.” I took a deep breath in, falling back in the chair. I held my breath as I watched Winston return to his desk, scratching his chin.
“You want to defect to 14?” He asked, staring at me intently.
“With respect, no. I don’t want to do any of this anymore. I” I looked over at Wei not sure how much he had told Winston.
“What we're asking for boss is protection for Ada.” Wei spoke confidently, doing much better than me.
“Of course and for the baby obviously.” Winston smiled at me, he was the scariest looking man I had ever seen, but his smile towards our unborn baby made me grin.
“I know Wei will always be 14. I don’t have a problem with that, I just want out. I will support Wei in whatever he does.” I felt Wei’s eyes on me and turned to look at him.
“She’s a good woman, Wei. Congratulations. You have not only my blessing but my protection. You might not be 14 but in a fucked up way you will always be. You have that connection.” Winston paused, sighing. “I can’t get hold of Ping. If you can, we can trick him into a meeting. I should be there, I don’t trust him around just you and Wei”. I nodded at Winston, he was right but I felt a pang of guilt for my former boss.
“Yeah I will call him, set up a meeting at the docks?” I asked Winston who nodded.
“Tonight. He won’t hurt you Ada, and neither will our men.”
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