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Chapter Sixteen

I don’t think I had ever been this nervous in my life, I stood at the docks, the night sky eloping the area and making it pitch black. Wei and Winston were behind an industrial container in case I needed them. I should feel relieved, I had wanted out for so long and now I was going to try and do it. My fear of Ping, however, kept coming back. I took a deep breath in as I heard a car travel towards me. The lights were on and I saw Ping and Chen, who was driving. Chen was completely dead to me now and I couldn’t give a fuck if he was here or not.
“Ada,” Ping said, getting out of the car. “What the fuck did they do to you?” He asked, staring at my face.
“You know what they did to me, couldn’t come and rescue me no?” I asked, venom in my voice. Chen got out and they both walked towards me.
“We were coming, but you obviously didn’t need it”. Ping said, I laughed at his words. He was full of shit.
“What about you?” I asked Chen. “Did you know your big sister had been kidnapped?” Chen looked down at the floor and that was the answer I needed. I nodded, chuckling to myself.
“Why the docks?” Ping asked, ignoring my question to Chen.
“I want out. I’m giving you the curiosity to inform you. I don’t want any repercussions and I want to be able to live a normal life”. I watched Ping’s face turn from cocky arsehole to panic.
“You want out?” He asked, looking me up and down.
“Yeah. Effective immediately. I don’t want to be Sun Yee On anymore. Let me leave”. I had managed to control my voice so far, pushing my hands into my jacket pocket.
“Why?” Ping asked, his question completely throwing me.
“It’s clear when I was kidnapped that I’m not an asset or a concern to you. Or my brother”. I spat out, looking at Chen. “It’s been on my mind for a while and now things have changed”. I looked back at Ping.
“What things?” He asked, lighting a cigarette.
“I’m pregnant”. I spat out. I watched both their faces change to surprise and Chen attempted to walk closer to me. I put my hand out, fuck off. “No need Chen. So as you can see I can’t do this anymore Ping.”
“You can’t just leave,” he muttered.
“Why?” I asked, shaking my head.
“Who’s the father?” Chen asked me, my head going to his face.
“None of your business.” I responded, and it wasn’t. Ping started laughing, loudly, the noise making me jump.
“I see now, don’t tell me. Your baby a 14 cunt?” Ping’s words made my blood boil but before I could move, I felt Wei’s hand on my arm.
“Fuck you Ping, give her what she wants and it won’t get messy”. Wei spoke, next to me now. I looked around and watched Winston appear from the shadows, my head going back to Ping who looked like he had seen a ghost.
“Either way Ping, you don’t let Ada go?” Winston shrugged. “Then we take her. This way she isn’t involved in either of us”.
“He’s the dad?” Chen asked me, pointing to Wei. I nodded.
“Yeah I am. I am madly in love with your sister, something she clearly has never had from any of you fucks. Don’t be a prick and let her do what she needs to do. For herself and for our baby”. I melted at Wei’s words, grabbing his hand. Nobody spoke for the longest time, my heart beating so fast I thought it was going to explode out of my chest. Ping’s face was hard to read and Chen for some reason looked devastated. I looked at him, catching his eye.
“I’m sorry Ada.” Chen whispered.
“You’re not. But it’s fine, I have no hard feelings towards anybody, I just want to do what I pretty much have always done. Leave”. Wei put his arm around my shoulders, pulling me into him.
“But you’ve only ever known Sun Yee On. We’ve known each other since we were babies, Ada”. Ping spoke, actually sounding like a human being.
“Why didn’t you ever treat me with that respect then Ping? I don’t want this bullshit conversation.” I rolled my eyes, pulling Wei’s hand towards we’re he had parked.
“Fine. Yes okay go, leave!” Ping shouted and I looked back at him, he was really hurt? If I was a nicer person I would have cared but I truly didn’t.
“No repercussions?” Winston asked, and my head turned to him. Ping shook his head, looking down.
“Ada, please don’t do this”. Chen spoke, his voice breaking.
“I have to. Thank you”. I spoke, grabbing Wei’s hand.

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