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Chapter Seventeen

I was sitting up in Wei's bed, a cup of tea in my hand and my eyes directly at the door. He had been gone for hours and although Winston promised me I was protected, I couldn't help but feel panicky being on my own, I felt a tiny bit of relief that I was at Wei's not my own. Ping couldn't know where he lived, right?
"Baby?" I sat up at Wei's voice, crawling to the end of the bed. The door opened and my shoulders dropped, smiling at him.
"Why are you still awake?" He asked, sitting on the bed.
"If I wasn't you would have woke me". I giggled, putting my tea on the floor. Wei chuckled, his hand through his hair.
"Yeah sorry, I panicked for a minute. How are you feeling?" I nodded, I felt fine and hadn't had any symptoms so far. Wei took me to his doctors and I was further along than we thought. 12 weeks to be exact. "Let me get in the shower, I'll be one minute". Wei said softly, kissing my forehead. I sat back on the bed, relief taking over and my eyelids suddenly became heavy. I rested my eyes as I heard the shower start, my mind going to Wei's muscular body under the stream of water. He hadn't touched me in a while and my clit was throbbing at the thought. I heard him come out of the bathroom and I opened my eyes. I bit my bottom lip as water trickled down his chest.
"Hello" I purred and Wei chuckled.
"Hello Ada". He laughed full on, sitting next to me on the bed. "What's up with you?" He asked, his eyebrow raised. I wiggled closer to him, his arm going around my shoulder.
"I missed you." I giggled into his side.
"I missed you too, how's the baby?" Wei asked, moving his hand to my lower stomach. "Baby is fine but me" I stopped looking up at him, how was he not fucking getting this?
"What's wrong?". Wei asked, looking down. I huffed sitting back up.
"I want you to touch me" I giggled again.
"Oh!" Wei laughed, pulling me back to him.
"You don't want me?" I asked, a pang of fear in my stomach.
"Like all the fucking time. What about the baby? I'm not sure". Wei's eyes looked concerned and I smiled. Another shock from Wei was how attentive he was with me pregnant. A scary guy turned into a puppy, running me baths, making me eight thousand meals a day.
"We can have sex Wei" I smiled at him, stroking the side of his face.
"I'll be gentle" he whispered, his voice going dark. It did things to my body and my heart thumped as Wei dropped me further onto the bed with his arm around my back. I looked up at his beautiful face, shocked he had chosen me. Wei could really get any woman he wanted and I'm sure he had his fair share, but no. For some reason it was me he chose.
"You look beautiful". He whispered, kissing my neck. I smiled broadly, still running my hand down his face. I wiggled as Wei pulled down my knickers with one hand, pushing my baggy T-shirt up with the other, his hand grazing my nipple.
"Hmmm" I mumbled, my head going backwards. I gasped as Wei's finger circled my clit, my leg already shaking. Wei's mouth went to my breast, licking my nipple gently. The feeling made me want to burst and my pussy was throbbing. "Wei" I moaned and felt him chuckle above me.
"Always in a rush Ada" he laughed, laying ontop of me. My arms went around his shoulders, his hand had moved from my clit and I felt it in between us. I shut my eyes as he gently pushed himself inside of me, my pussy grabbing him. "Baby" he groaned in my hair as he put both his hands on my face. His whole weight was on top of me and as he gently pushed his hips into me I felt I was on cloud nine. His actions were so romantic I nearly cried. Wei took my mouth in his, his hands still on my face and I moaned into his mouth as my orgasm climbed. My eyes were still firmly shut as Wei's tongue traveled in my mouth, making the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. "You feel fucking amazing". Wei whispered on my lips, my orgasm arriving.
"Wei!" I cried, my clit throbbing, the feeling travelling up my whole body. I felt him tense above me, his grip on my face getting tighter. Wei let out a grunt, his face going into my neck.
"I love you so much," he whispered, his breathing heavy. I watched him as he sat up, coming out of me.
"I love you" I responded, watching his face turn into a smile.
"Arghhh" he groaned as we turned our heads to his phone ringing. Wei got off the bed, grabbing his phone off the floor.
"Yeah" he sounded aggravated. I sat up, my back against the headboard. I really wish he didn't have to go.
"Yeah I'm on my way" he grumbled, throwing the phone on the bed.
"Wei" I whispered, feeling a tear behind my eye.
"Baby I'm sorry, I won't be long". He grabbed my face with his hands, staring into my eyes. "Just go to sleep and when you wake up I will be here. Okay?" His tone had changed with me and I just nodded, trying so hard not to cry. These pregnancy emotions were kicking my arse.
"Where are you going?" I asked, watching him put on some clean clothes. He didn't move his face to me and I could feel my heart pounding.
"The police station," he whispered. I sat up, my hand to my chest. Wei turned to me and gave me a smile.
"Chill Ada, one of my men has been arrested. I just have to sort it, that's all. I won't be long".
"Can't someone else deal with it?" I found myself asking. I told Wei I would support him in his decision to continue as 14k but he constantly was called away and it was starting to get depressing.
"Not right now, no". He pushed a T-shirt over his head and kissed my lips gently. "Sleep baby. Promise?" I nodded at him, my bottom lip trembling. "Ada," he growled.
"Sorry" I mumbled out, a tear dropping. "I want you here with me, it's late as fuck and I worry about you." I told him honestly.
"Ha! Don't worry about me. I know what I'm doing" he chuckled and anger came through me.
"Why do you constantly think you are untouchable?" I asked. Wei's shoulders dropped and he let out a huff.
"Because I'm 14k, not a Sun Yee pussy" he laughed again, walking into the living room. That really got my fucking goat and I followed him.
"What the fuck does that mean?" I asked, watching him put his jacket on. I couldn't gage his face but I certainly knew mine told him I was pissed the fuck off.
"That I'm a big boy Ada. I'm a fucking 14"
"And Sun Yee are pussy's?" I scoffed. Wei's eyes were directly on mine, one finger hoovering the lift button.
"Why do you care? You're not Sun Yee anymore". I couldn't particularly answer that question but the statement still offended me.
"Because I was," I whispered, wrapping my arms around me.
"But you're not. If it offends you so much just fucking go back there." Wei pressed the lift button, turning his back to me. His words were like a bullet to my chest.
"Excuse me?!" I cried. Wei dropped his shoulders again in annoyance, half stepping into the open lift.
"Ada, I'm not having this conversation, I need to go". I marched to the lift, grabbing his arm.
"You want me to go? Take your baby to Sun Yee?" I asked him, tears in my eyes.
"I'm not having this conversation." He repeated, moving his arm off my hand.
"You can be so hurtful, do you know that?" My tears rolling down my cheeks now.
"You're over thinking a random comment I said. Can you just chill for five seconds?" He rolled his eyes and that was my breaking point. My hands in fists at either side of me, if i wasn't pregnant I would kick the shit out of him.
"Such a dickhead". I spat out. "I'm allowed to be upset that my boyfriend just fucked me and then is now leaving in the middle of the night, ignoring the fact he had just got back from doing fuck knows all night". Wei walked back out the lift, the doors closing. He was inches from me, his face like fire.
"You don't trust me?" He whispered.
"That's not what I said". I manage to mutter out. "I worry about you Wei. I want our child to have a fucking father." My voice was deflated. Like the rest of me.
"You said you would support me," his voice was strong and it made me rub my hands together anxiously.
"I do". My voice was quiet.
"No you don't. Only when it suits, I have to do this. I thought out of any woman in the whole world you would understand that." He pointed a finger to my chest. "Instead you just try to make me feel guilty and imply I'm fucking people?"
"That's not what I said!" I shouted, my hands shaking. "Wei stop please." I pleaded.
"No you stop. Do what you need to do Ada, it's as simple as that." He pressed the lift button again, the doors opening.
"What does that mean?" I cried.
"It means what you want it to mean". Wei said, matter of factly. I tried to speak again and the lift doors shut in my face. I waited at the lift for what felt like forever, he was going to come back right? My cheeks were burning with tears as I stared at the closed lift. He was going to come back. He was going to realise he was being a dick and would come back to me, right?
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