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Chapter Eighteen

Finally giving up I returned to bed, I was laying down my pillow soaking wet. I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep and as the sun came up and the birds started singing I sat back up, in defeat. I put my hand to my chest as I heard my phone vibrate under the pillow. I grabbed it at record speed and answered an unknown number.
"Ada!" The voice was loud and I jumped out of bed, I knew exactly who it was.
"Winston?" My stomach was in my throat, if Winston was calling me something awful had happened, I just knew it.
"They've got Wei, a car is on it's way to pick you up. I need your help", it was all Winston said before hanging up. His voice was urgent and it made my heart smash against my chest. If Winston was panicking, we were in the shit. I threw on some clean clothes, brushing my teeth at record speed. I had no idea who had Wei or what I could do to help but I knew I needed to calm down. My hands were shaking as I got into the lift, fear ripping through me. I tried to swallow a sob as I thought about me and Wei's last conversation. We were angry, being idiots and saying shit to each other we probably didn't mean. Would that be my last conversation with him? Ever? As I walked out of the building I saw a black car, blacked out windows and the back door open. Yep this was definitely for me. I took a deep breath in as I got inside, praying someone, somewhere had some good fucking news. Wei would be able to get out of this right? I felt some relief as I sat in the back seat, Winston was next to me with a smile across his face.
"You found him?" I stuttered out, watching Winston's smile. The car suddenly started moving and I grabbed the door, in fear, panic, relief. I didn't even know.
"We know where he is, yes. No news on him though. Are you ready for this Ada, I need you to fight. I brought you here to fight." Winston's face still looked friendly and I blinked a few times to try and get what he was saying.
"You want me to do what? Where is he!?" I spoke louder. Winston was pissing me off, just tell me where Wei fucking is!
"He is at Zero. It seems Ping has lost the plot for lack of a better word and he is saying if you don't go there he will kill Wei." Winston spoke like he was ordering from a restaurant, calm and cool and irritating me even more.
"Okay, let's go," I shrugged. This was classic Ping, he didn't give a shit about me before so I wasn't sure why he was deciding to give a shit now. The car came to a stop and I turned my head to Winston. His hand was gently on my arm and he smiled weakly at me.
"Ada, are you ready to fight?" I knew what he was asking me, would I fight Sun Yee On for Wei. Would I complete the ultimate betrayal on Ping, I didn't even need to think.
"Yes. I need Wei". I said firmly. Winston nodded, pulling something out from behind his back. I gasped as he dropped a handgun into my palm. I had only ever used a gun once or twice at a target place, never on an actual person. I felt my temperature rise, this was fucking serious and I panicked for my baby, my other hand going to my stomach.
"You will be okay, I will make sure of that but use this if you need to." Winston said, picking up on my anxiety. I just nodded, following Winston out of the car. I copied him and put the gun down the back of my trousers, covering it with my top. We were outside Zero, the place looked deserted. It was barely nine in the morning and the breeze made me shiver.
"You have no other men?" I asked Winston, turning my face to him.
"Of course, once you go in, you've got an hour. No luck and we come in." I nodded but fear was in the pit of my stomach. Winston really was pushing me into the deep end here. I felt slightly touched that he trusted me, but I was fucking pregnant and this really wasn't the place for a pregnant woman. My legs were like jelly as I walked to the entrance, I turned around and saw Winston getting back into the car. Fuck, this was all me.
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