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Chapter Two

I shoved my car keys into my leather jacket as I walked up to Zero. The club Ping owned and our office. I had been a member of the Sun Yee On since I was in my early teens. My father was one of the head leaders along with Ping’ s. Once they had both passed away Ping became the leader, while I hid in the cupboard obviously. A woman being in a triad gang was unusual, only a handful of us got somewhere other than a member's wife but I still didn’t get the respect I deserved. Regardless of who my father was, that was ignored because I was a woman. I was stuck here though, I couldn’t get out and I was never going to be moved higher up the ranks so there wasn’t a lot I could do. My brother Chen wasn’t much help, I was older and therefore a higher rank then him but he clearly believed he should be standing next to Ping not me. It was just me and Chen, our mother died when we were both very young and our father died ten years ago. I was never particularly close to either and although Chen might be my little brother he irritated the fuck out of me and knew it. I smiled at the bouncer as I walked into the club, the loud music making my head shake. I took the stairs two at a time as I marched through the karaoke booths towards Ping’s office. I lightly knocked and opened the door as he called me in.
“Ada,” he said looking up. Ping was a huge guy, I could barely see his neck through the muscles and he was absolutely covered in tattoos. Most of the men in my life where and Ping’s traditional work travelled up his arms onto his face. In short, he looked terrifying if you didn’t know him. He never scared me, just irritated me. Clearly a common denominator to Chen. I nodded at him as I stood in front of his desk.
“14K will be here in about half an hour.” He spoke and looked back down. I shuffled on my feet, unsure what he wanted me to do next. I cleared my throat and Ping looked back up.
“What’s the plan?” I asked him, pulling my jacket closer to me.
“The area leader is coming with one of his soldiers. We’re going to discuss a truce and see where it goes. Chen is outside making sure he doesn’t bring all of his men.” Ping rubbed his face with his hand, he sounded tired and if I gave more of a fuck I would ask if he was okay.
“Right, so just the four of us here?” I looked around his office.
“Exactly, go to the front you can walk them in here.” I nodded as I opened the office door. Great, I was basically a fucking PA. This was getting worse and worse. I ran down the stairs of Zero and stood outside in the wet Hong Kong weather. I was pissed again, another pointless fucking task that one of the new guys could of done. Instead Ping wanted me, someone who was basically born a Sun Yee On, to stand behind him like some sort of body guard. I tried to stand under the cover of the club to try and stay dry, eyeballing everybody that went past. I had no clue what the leader of the 14k looked like and Ping clearly wasn’t in the mood for chatter. I shoved my hands into my jacket pocket, trying to keep warm as I kicked the pavement. I heard a cough and I looked up to a man way over my five foot six. His dark almond shaped eyes stared into my own hazel eyes and I swallowed a breath.
“Ada?” He asked me, scanning me up and down. For the weather he was shockingly wearing just a black T-shirt and jeans, his traditional Asian tattoos all over any visible skin. The large neck tattoo on the right side of him caught my attention the most and as he smiled at me my legs nearly buckled. Fuck he was gorgeous.
“Hello? Are you Ada?” He chuckled, putting his hand through his jet black hair. It was short at the sides but a tiny bit longer on top. I shook my head trying to get back into the game.
“Sorry, yes Ada.” I muttered out.
“I’m Wei with 14” he whispered and I nodded. I didn’t see anybody else with him but there was no way this guy was the head of 14k, he was roughly my age at thirty and way too young to be that high up.
“Is your boss here?” I asked him, looking at that tattoo again.
“He's in the car, can we go in?” He sounded a little bit irritated and I nodded quickly, Ping wouldn’t be impressed if I ruined the truce before it even started.
“Let’s go” I spoke quickly as I turned on my heel, I walked to Ping’s office without turning around, hoping they were behind me.
“Come in!” Ping shouted as I knocked on the door. I walked in and found my place next to Ping behind his desk. I got a better look at Wei from this angle and he was the most attractive man I had ever seen. I felt my hair stand up on end as he stood behind an older man, who let out a huff as he sat. The man looked tired and his tattoo along his left arm looked old and withered.
“Ping” the man said as he crossed his arms.
“Winston, how are you?” Ping asked, I had never heard him be so polite.
“Good, let’s discuss this truce please but I’m not sure why she is here?” Winston’s hand flew to my general area and it took everything I had not to roll my eyes.
“Ada is one of mine, she goes, so does he”. Ping pointed to Wei. I felt my stomach turn, this wasn’t going well and we had been in here for no more than thirty seconds. Winston nodded and looked up at Wei.
“Wait for me outside” he muttered, spinning his head back at Ping.
“Ada” Ping spoke and I nodded, I wasn’t an idiot I got it. “Give this man a good time here while me and Winston discuss matters”. I walked round to the door and let Wei go through it first, closing it gently behind me.
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