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Chapter Twenty

I was half asleep, laying in the most uncomfortable chair in the world, next to a sleeping Wei.
"Ada" I opened my eyes to Winston's voice. I smiled weakly at him, sitting up.
"There's someone in the waiting room who wants to talk to you." He whispered, looking concerned. I looked over at Wei, he had been given some blood and had just come out of surgery to repair an artery.
"I'll be here, I'll get one of the men to get you if he wakes up". Winston said softly. I nodded, getting up and running my hand through my hair. I clearly had become a part of 14k involuntary, the hospital was full of them. I walked past two at Wei's door and went into the waiting room. I grabbed my hand to my chest as he turned around.
"Dad?" I asked, my mind fuzzy.
"Ada" he whispered, coming closer to me.
"Outside" I spat out, turning on my heel. How he hadn't been attacked by 14k already was shocking. The fresh air hit me in my face as we walked out of the hospital. There were no men here and I moved to the side, my dad following. I looked into his face, he hadn't changed in ten years. Well, other than being very much alive. He still was dressed smartly, his dark hair short, but he had a tan now, much darker than myself.
"Ermm" I said, unsure what to say.
"I don't get a hug?" He asked, smiling. Was this guy actually real?
"You made me believe you were dead for ten years so no."
"You 14k now?" His voice changed. I ran my hands over my face. I didn't know how my actions today would affect me, but there wasn't much point in not telling the truth here.
"I'm not no, my boyfriend is". I nodded.
"Oh" my dad's face was confused and I didn't blame him.
"We did a job together"
"We don't work with 14" he interrupted me, getting a box of cigarettes out of his jacket pocket.
"We did. Money laundering, the rest is history" I shrugged. "Can you tell me why you are now fucking alive?" I knew it would be unlikely I would see my dad again, unless he decided he wanted to kill me to avenge Ping's death. I bizarrely had very little emotions now, just as I did earlier.
"It needed to be done, to protect us" was the only response I got.
"Just you?" I asked, wondering about Ping's dad.
"Yes, Yuen needed to be dealt with. I killed him and faked my own death". The way he said it made my spine shiver.
"Why come back now?" I asked him, crossing my arms. The cold weather was hitting my face and I was anxious to get back to Wei.
"Me and Yuen had a joint will. If we both die then you become head. It was brought to my attention that Ping wasn't honouring that will." My dad shrugged. I let out a little chuckle, that was why Ping was adamant I become head, to protect himself. As usual.
"Right" I just nodded, not sure what else to say.
"I'm back now, for good. Chen tells me you're out and running with 14" his face looked pissed off and I couldn't give any less of a fuck.
"I'm not running with 14. My boyfriend happens to be 14. But yes I'm out. Agreed by Ping".
"Why?" My dad asked, his voice shaky.
"I'm pregnant". I spat out, unsure how he was going to take this news.
"Ada" he gasped, grabbing me for a bear hug. I put one arm around him, smelling that familiar smell of a parent. When my dad was around he wasn't the best, we didn't see much of him and me and Chen were cared for by Sun Yee On wives. We spent many nights bundled up with other children, working in restaurants to earn our keep. The one fear I had for me and Wei's child. My dad pulled back, grabbing my chin with his hand.
"He is good to you?" He asked me, I nodded, wiping a tear from my cheek.
"Very. He got me out, protected me." I whispered. My dad nodded, deep in thought. "Erm" I muttered, unsure if he knew what had happened with Ping.
"Yes, the elephant in the room". He chuckled. He stepped back as I rubbed my hands together. "I can sort it. Ping betrayed you, stealing what was rightfully yours." He shrugged.
"That easy?" I asked, chuckling myself.
"Well, it won't be a case of you killing Ping to protect your 14k boyfriend. But yes, Ping was in no one's good books." My dad shook his head, looking down. I stepped back, puzzled.
"How did you know that Ping took charge?" I asked him, I hadn't even had a tiny clue my dad was still alive. I had been Sun Yee On pretty much before I could talk and lived ten years thinking he was dead. Nobody gave anything anyway, fuck I even went to his funeral.
"Chen". My dad just replied. I scanned his face, trying to see if he was fucking with me. Chen knew? Chen knew my dad was alive and didn't feel the need to ever fucking tell me that?
"I'm sorry?" I asked, my voice raised.
"Chen knew."
"But he was only sixteen!" I interrupted him. My dad put his hand up to stop me.
"I know, that's why he was perfect to know. He wasn't high up enough and could easily be scared into keeping it a secret". He shrugged. Wow, was everybody I knew a piece of fucking shit? "We spoke once a year, to check in. Chen was going through some paperwork that I asked him to look at. Someone owed me money and he found my will. Called me immediately". I stared into my dad's face, this really cemented exactly what I had been thinking. This life was bullshit, I couldn't even trust my own brother and father.
"What now?" I asked him, desperate to go back to Wei.
"You want to be part of us?" He asked me, his hand on my shoulder. I just shook my head. "Okay, I might be the head of Sun Yee On but regardless I'm your father". I nearly scoffed. Yeah a great fucking father who led me to believe he was dead for ten years. "I will support you in your decision".
"Thanks. Speaking of, I need to go back to Wei, I will see you around." His face screwed up and I dropped my shoulders. "Give me some time." I lied, I had no intention of ever seeing him again.
"Bye Ada" I watched as he walked to the end of the street, getting into a black SUV. It was probably Chen driving. Dick.

I walked back into the hospital and jumped out of my skin as Winston met me in the corridor. His smile was huge as he put both his hands on my shoulders.
"He's awake," he grinned. I felt my tears already flowing as I jogged to Wei’s room, bursting in.
"Ada" he called out, his voice breaking. I ran over to him, my arms around his head, pressing it into my chest.
"You're okay" I cried, my whole chest shaking. I slammed my eyes shut, feeling his body against mine. I thought I had lost him, I thought I would have to raise our child without him.
"Are you okay?" He asked as he pulled back from my embrace. I pulled the chair closer to the bed, sitting and grabbing his hand. He looked exhausted, pale and his eyes dark. I know it was because of the blood he lost and I couldn't wait to get him home to take care of him. I nodded, letting out a sob.
"I'm good" I tried to laugh and Wei smiled. That beautiful smile I had come to love, it made my heart full to see it again.
"Winston told me, you saved my life." His voice was quiet and I turned around and saw Winston at the door. He gave me a small smile and I returned it.
"I wouldn't say saved your life". I giggled, before kissing his palm. Wei laughed lightly, attempting to sit up. "Be careful" I whispered, half standing to help him.
"I'm good". He spoke before wincing. He didn't look good at all. "You shot someone in the face for me Ada, you saved my life." His eyes were staring deep into mine and it made my stomach full of butterflies. "Also I need to say sorry." I pulled a face at him, grabbing his hand tighter. "Our last conversation, I was out of order." I attempted to shake my head and Wei carried on talking. "I was out of order, believe it or not, leaving my pregnant girlfriend at like three o'clock in the morning isn't my favourite thing. I hated that you made me feel more guilty than I already did." I wiped a tear from my cheek, trying to give him a smile.
"It's okay, I'm sorry too. My emotions I think we're kind of". I trailed off, throwing my hands up. Wei smiled at me, rubbing his thumb against my own.
"That baby of ours," he laughed.
"Yep, pretty much" I giggled. We both turned our heads to Winston who coughed to get our attention.
"Ada, did you speak to your dad?" Wei looked at me as I answered Winston.
"I did, it's sorted." Winston nodded at me, smiling.
"Are you one of us?" Winston asked me. I felt my heart race, part of me knew this question was coming but my heart was still not prepared for it. I looked over at Wei, his eyes half closed.
"No." I simply said. Winston nodded, luckily his smile was not fading.
"Okay, to us you are. Always know that". Winston’s voice was low and calming. He smiled at us both as he left the room. I looked back at Wei, his eyes were closed now and I moved my head to his chest, listening to his deep breathing. I smiled as I listened to him sleep.
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