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Chapter Twenty one

I creeped into the bedroom, tea in hand. Wei was still sleeping, his whole body stretched over the bed. He had slept from early last night, needing his rest to recover. Wei had been out of the hospital for a month, getting better every day. He was still walking using crutches but his doctor told us with time he wouldn't need them either. Winston had given him some time out, getting a new man in to cover the duties Wei would normally do. Winston had become such a support to us, me in particular. I never told him, but he was like a father figure to me. Doing so much more for me than my actual father who I hadn't seen since that day at the hospital. I sat on the edge of the bed, stroking the side of Wei’s face. His eyes flickered open, giving me a smile.
"Good morning" I whispered, showing him the cup of tea. Wei slowly sat up, taking the cup from my hand.
"Thank you, I should be waiting on you hand and foot really." He chuckled. I smiled at him as he put his hand on my stomach. I was definitely showing now and had felt a couple of kicks here and there. I put my hand over Wei’s, my heart completely full.
"You will soon, don't worry" I laughed. Wei put his cup on his brand new night stand. When I finally officially moved in, I told him he definitely needed more furniture.
"I miss you Ada," he whispered. I raised my eyebrow, trying not to laugh.
"How, I've been next to you for the last month".
"You know what I mean, come lay next to me." His voice was low and I did what I was asked, slipping into bed next to him. Wei moved closer to me, wrapping his arm around my stomach. I felt his breath against my ear, it was bizarrely turning me on and I wiggled closer to him. "You missed me too?" Wei asked.
"Yeah" I breathed out. We hadn't touched each other since he came out of the hospital and my pregnancy hormones weren't helping. I had no clue how we were going to do this with his thigh completely busted. I felt Wei move, going onto his left side, his good side.
"I need you closer to me" he whispered and I wiggled closer, his face inches from mine. "Go on your side" he told me. I got what he was trying to achieve and went onto my side, my back facing him. I giggled as Wei’s hand went up my top, grabbing my breast, his thumb on my nipple. The simple gesture was turning me on, making me push back onto his erection. "Ada, don't tease me" he whispered into my shoulder. I arched my back, moving one of my hands behind me to Wei’s neck. I moaned as Wei grazed my nipple again, his hand travelling down my stomach, tickling me.
"Wei" I giggled. "Be careful". I heard him tut behind me, his hand at my knickers.
"I'm past caring baby, I'll pop a stitch". I put my head on his shoulder, laughing. My skin prickled as Wei pushed my knickers down, allowing me to kick them off. I felt his hand behind us, dropping his own boxers. Wei’s breathing got heavy as he moved my leg further to the side, my foot wrapping around his shin.
"Hmmmm" I purred, feeling his tip at my entrance. I closed my eyes as he gently pushed into me, his hand going to my waist and pushing me closer to him. I had definitely missed him and clearly my body had too, my pussy grabbing him.
"You're going to need to do the work Ada sorry this is as much as I can achieve." I laughed at Wei's words, pushing back to him, his dick effortlessly moving in and out of me. I was worried about him and kept my pace slow, but he seemed to enjoy it, his hand on my waist tightening, his breathing deep in my ear. "Fucking hell" he whispered. I moved his hand on my waist to my breast, moaning out as Wei cupped my breast, kissing my shoulder through my top. I really wished I had taken it off now. The slow pace and me being in control turned me wild, I got quicker, getting what my body needed.
"Ada, I'm about to completely blow''. My eyes rolled at his words and I could feel it coming. "Wei" I groaned, grabbing his neck. My whole body tightened, my head smashing back onto his shoulder. As my orgasm started to slow I looked up at him, a cheeky smile on his face. I wasn't moving now but I could feel his dick twitching like crazy inside of me. I started to move forward to push back on Wei and I heard him laugh.
"I've cum baby, you ain't getting nothing from him". I came completely off him, rolling and laying on my back. I felt his cum go everywhere but I would have to wait till Wei was up and ready before changing any sheets. Wei went onto his own back, his face staring at mine. I jumped slightly as he grabbed my hand.
"When I'm better I'm going to look after you so much". His voice sounded sad. "This was not what I envisioned our lives to be while you were pregnant". I pulled a face at him, as if we ever made cement plans. Our lives were wild, always had been.
"I disagree" I whispered, Wei looked at me, his eyebrow raised. "I'm out, you are at home all the time and can't leave". I giggled, "sounds pretty perfect to me". Wei let out a breath, looking down.
"When the baby is born I'm stepping down". He said it so quickly I barely heard it.
"I've spoken to Winston, I'm going to do more of the books, less field work". I pulled my head back in shock, I never thought in a million years Wei would be saying this.
"But you love being out with the men, the money, the rest of it".
"I'll still get money, don't worry about that". He chuckled and I instantly felt better. "You're right, I love all the shit that comes with being a triad, but I love you more".
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