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Chapter Three

“A good time yeah?” Wei asked and I smiled at him weakly.
“No I’m good, anywhere to sit?” Wei looked around the club and I nodded, walking towards a karaoke booth. The light outside was green so I knew it was free and I opened the door for him. Wei sat down on one of the plush purple sofas and I went to close the door.
“Ada you aren’t sitting with me?” His face looked puzzled and I let out a breath.
“I wasn’t going to, no” I spoke, matter of factly.
“Sit with me, we are friends now” Wei chuckled as I rolled my eyes. I sat at the other end of the sofa as he stared at me. I was avoiding his gaze not wanting to look into that beautiful face.
“So the truce do you think it will happen?” I asked, trying to break the awkwardness.
“Ha! No I don’t”
“We can’t be friends then” I let out a little laugh. I looked up at Wei as he ran his hands through his hair again.
“That’s a shame. Tonight we can be friends, no?” Wei moved closer to me and I felt my temperature rise.
“No,” I said firmly. Wei kept moving closer to me, our legs nearly touching.
“Ada what makes a beautiful woman be part of a triad gang?” Wei genuinely sounded confused and I smiled at him trying to keep my composure.
“Long story short, my dad”
“You have no brothers?” Wei asked and I audibly sighed, I was sick of this bullshit.
“I do, but he's younger.”
“Your mother didn’t teach you that this isn’t the place for young women?” I groaned and looked at Wei, he had a massive smile on his face and I couldn’t tell if he was winding me up.
“My mum died. So no she didn’t, have a problem?” I put my hair behind my ear, I might be a woman but I guarantee I would be able to kick Wei’s arse.
“Oh I’m sorry” his face dropped and I gave him a weak smile so he knew it was okay. “I don’t have any problem, just a bit different that’s all. As I said you are far too beautiful to be involved in all this shit. You don’t have a husband?”
“No I don’t. Any other super personal questions you want to ask?” I asked with irritation in my voice.
“Erm not that I can think of. How long do you think they will be?” Wei asked, checking his phone in his pocket. I shrugged.
“I have no idea. I think we should stand outside the office, we can’t hear them from here”. I started to panic and stood up, Wei grabbed my wrist and I struggled free as if his touch burned me.
“Don’t touch me” I spat out.
“Fucking hell Ada okay” Wei held his hands up and I dropped my shoulders. Ada be nice for once!
“I’m sorry, force of habit.” I muttered out, looking at my feet. Wei gently grabbed my chin and forced my head up to look at him.
“Ada, when was the last time a man touched you and didn’t want to hurt you?”. I swallowed hard at his question which made my back sweat. I honestly didn’t know the answer.
“Ermm” I whispered instead, Wei’s hand still on my chin. “It’s been a while” I tried to chuckle out. Wei laughed lightly and I jumped when he kissed my cheek, the corners of our lips touching.
“Let me get your phone number,” he spoke, inches away from my face. My stomach dropped, I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea at all. If the truce lasted it wouldn’t last long and a 14k member! I was taught from birth to hate these people, it didn’t feel right.
“I’m not sure. You're 14” I sputtered and Wei stood back, dropping his hand.
“That’s the only reason? So if I wasn’t 14k you would give me your number?” I nodded, I most certainly would. “If I wasn’t a 14k member you would let me fuck you in here?” I choked on my own breath as Wei said that and put my hand to my chest. I could feel myself getting wet at the thought. “Ada'' Wei growled and I nearly came. I don’t know how this conversation got filled with such sexual energy.
“Yes!” I shouted, irritated. “Yes I fucking would okay. Now can we check to see if our bosses haven’t killed each other?” Wei laughed, walking past me and out of the karaoke booth.

As we both stood outside Ping’s office I felt Wei’s eyes on me, burning the side of my face.
“Yes?” I asked, not looking at him.
“Are you always this rude?” He asked with a chuckle. I finally turned my face to him and wished I didn’t. Wei had the cheekiest smile on his face and my body was wishing we did fuck in the karaoke booth.
“Like all the time” I said flatly and Wei laughed, making me join him.
“I like you Ada”
“Shame our families hate each other”. I shrugged, I wasn’t under any illusion that after years and years of war the Sun Yee On and 14k would be best of friends. Ping wasn’t that great.
“You see this gang as a family?” Wei asked and I snapped my eyes to him,
“You don’t?” My mouth was slightly open, I might fucking hate my life at this point but they were still my family the only one I had ever known.
“Not really no, I see it as a job” Wei shrugged. “Don’t get me wrong there are lots of men I would die for but not all of them. I get it’s different for you because of your dad” he shrugged again and smiled at me.
“How long have you been doing this?” I asked, Ping said he was a soldier so maybe he was new to it all.
“Since I was about twelve, Winston” he threw his thumb to the office door, “is my uncle, I used to run drugs for him on my bike.” Wei laughed in a cheeky way.
“Oh” is all I could say. He wasn’t new to this at all. “You’re a soldier?”
“Ha no, I have my own set, about twenty men.” Wei spoke like it was the most normal thing in the world. Fuck he was high up, way higher then me.
“And you don’t see it as a family?”
“No, I find it odd you do. If I died tonight they would have someone to fill my boots don’t worry Ada. We chase money, that's it.”
“So” I stopped, trying to figure out how I was going to say this without putting myself in it. Wei stared into my eyes and I swallowed. His gaze made me nervous.
“What would happen if one of your men wanted to leave?”
“What leave 14k?” I nodded. “It depends how much he knows, he would probably be dealt with.” The last part of Wei’s sentence made me shudder, I knew exactly what being dealt with meant. We both jumped as the door of Ping’s office suddenly came open.
“Come!” Ping shouted and we both walked in, I couldn’t sense the atmosphere in the room but both men were smiling. Me and Wei got to our positions and Ping let out a breath. “Me and Winston have had a serious conversation and feel like a truce would not be acceptable at this stage.” Ping spoke, staring at Winston. I scoffed, that was obvious. Ping looked up at me.
“Sorry, but that’s not a surprise” I shrugged. Winston's head spun to my face and he chuckled.
“Ping, remind your soldiers to speak when spoken to.”
“Actually Winston, Ada is more than a soldier, her father was Lee Fai-Ping”. I shuffled on my feet, Ping was sticking up for me? I nearly passed out. Winston took a breath in and looked into my eyes.
“Accept my apologies. I’m sorry for your loss”. Again, nearly passing out.
“Thank you” is all I said, my father died ten years ago and how awful it sounds he hadn’t been on my mind in a long while.
“We do however have a plan for the both of you.” Winston spoke again, his head moving towards Wei. “Why waste our best men, or women in war? We can work together without the other sets knowing and we would prefer your discretion on this matter.” As if by reading each other’s minds both me and Wei nodded at the exact same time.
“What’s the business boss?” I asked Ping, I hated all of this half information.
“There’s a building off Diamond hill, me and Winston want you both to open it for money laundering. Putting both Sun Yee On and 14k money through it, make it clean.” Ping spoke while writing an address on a piece of paper.
“What’s the business?” Wei now asked, flicking his eyes to me.
“Whatever you want, we don’t care. Massage bar, nail shop I don’t give a fuck” Winston threw his hand up and suddenly stood. “Ping has the address, not a word to fucking anyone you both hear me?” Me and Wei nodded. “If anybody finds out 14k and Sun Yee On are in business together it will be seen as a weakness.” Winston spoke as he grabbed the door handle, ripping it open. “I expect you both to be at the building tomorrow morning.” Winston said as he walked out of the office. Ping threw Wei a piece of paper who then walked out of the room himself.
“Is this a good idea?” I asked Ping once we were alone. Ping groaned as he stood up, getting a cigarette out of his box.
“Ada please, just do what you're fucking told.”
“Wow. Okay” I watched Ping light his cigarette.
“You want more important shit to do, no? You and Wei were chosen for this for a reason. You're the best man for the job. Excuse the term”. I nodded, uncrossing my arms.
“Fine, I don’t really have a choice anyway do I?”
“No you don’t.” Ping opened the door for me. “But I expect you to take ten percent off the top for yourself.”
“And Wei?” I asked, half out of the office.
“Fuck him.” Ping said flatly as he slammed the door in my face.
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