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Chapter Four

It was a new day but I had the same stinking attitude. I was happy Ping was giving me some work I could actually get my teeth into but a nail bar? A massage place? It just stunk of misogyny and it was making me sick. I decided to take my bike today and parked it outside of the tall building off Diamond hill. Jumping off I pulled my jacket closer to me, the wind whipping against my neck. I had no idea if Wei was going to be here, I hadn’t spoken to him and we never set a time. One of the young men dropped the keys off to me last night with the address as Ping failed to provide that to me after chucking me out of his office yesterday. I turned the lock and stepped inside. The place was silent and as I looked around the spacious white room I noticed a set of stairs at the back. I slowly climbed them to a hallway. The hallway was dark, red carpet and I attempted to switch on the lights with no luck.
“Fuck sake” I muttered under my breath and walked the length of the hallway. There were four doors coming off and I jumped out of my skin as I opened a door and in the equally dark room stood Wei.
“Fucking hell” I shouted, my hand to my chest. Wei looked up at me and grinned, he looked good today even better than yesterday. Wei wore dark jeans and a white long sleeve T-shirt, showing off his muscles beneath it.
“Sorry did I scare you?” He asked, still grinning.
“Yes! How did you get in here anyway?” I asked, crossing my arms over my chest.
“Window at the back was open. Any chance of getting a set of keys cut seeing as I’m your business partner now.” Wei winked at me as I walked deeper into the room.
“Business partner?” I scoffed. Wei just laughed, kicking some rubbish on the floor. I watched him intently as he scanned the room, pulling a bit of old cream wallpaper off the wall.
“What’s the plan then?” Wei looked up at me and I shrugged.
“You're in charge”. I dropped my arms.
“What? Why?” He moved closer to me, confusion on his face.
“You're a higher rank than me and a man so you're in charge.” I shrugged. “Just tell me what you need me to do.”
“Fuck off Ada, we’re the same here. We need a plan as they want this money running through it as quickly as possible. I would prefer it being a nail bar, easier to get the staff in but I’m open to suggestions.” Wei smiled at me and my knees nearly buckled. I could stare at the smile all day. I dropped my shoulders, he actually wanted my suggestions? This was alien to me. I just did what I was told.
“Definitely not a massage place but I was hoping for less of an exploit women business” I said it firmly, holding my breath to his reaction.
“True, how about we make it fair. A barbers shop, nail bar place?” Wei shrugged and I saw a tiny bit of self doubt in him. I smiled, it was a great idea and I still couldn’t believe he was listening to me. So much so I told him.
“You’re listening to me” I whispered. Wei’s face changed to puzzlement and he had a tiny smirk on his face.
“Clearly the 14 treat their women better than Sun Yee On. Of course I’m going to listen to you, you know this shit just as well as I do.”
“Thanks” is all I could muster out.
“We won’t really need the upstairs space, so we can use that as our offices”. Wei trailed off.
“Agreed. The downstairs space is huge so we can do two lines, one for the haircut chairs the other side nails maybe. Three pedicure chairs?” Wei nodded, walking towards me and the door. I turned around and walked down the stairs with him close behind. I could feel his body temperature and it was making my legs weak. As we reached the downstairs Wei stood in the middle, the huge window letting in the light, shining the side of his face.
“I’ve got a friend who is a builder, he can spruce up the place, sort out the electrics and get some more light in here.”
“We can do some work too,” I spoke before thinking. Wei laughed, his eyes staring into mine.
“That sounds fun Ada, let me call the guy. Can you have a look at where we would buy barber chairs?” I nodded, getting my phone out. I knew a couple of guys who were barbers, mostly a front but they would be able to point me in the right direction.
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