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Chapter Five

We had been working on the business for two weeks now, both Ping and Winston were on our cases and I don’t think Ping had ever called me as much. We had two nail technicians and two barbers ready to go. The place was cash only, obviously and as me and Wei stood in the set up downstairs I turned to him.
“I need to talk to you.” I said, barely a whisper. Wei’s left eyebrow went up as he sat in one of the two barber chairs.
“Oh?” He replied.
“When Ping and Winston gave us this place he told me to take ten percent off for me.”
“What Ping?” Wei asked, his eyebrow still raised. I just nodded. “Okay?” He asked, clearly confused.
“I asked about you and he said something along the lines of forget about Wei” I took a breath in, I wasn’t going to tell him Ping told me to fuck him.
“Why are you telling me this?” Wei asked, his brow crossed.
“Because I don’t think it’s fair. I want you to get the five percent and me the five.” I shrugged, feeling a bit silly. A huge grin ripped across Wei’s face as he stood.
“Ada, are you going against your boss for me?” There was cheekiness to his voice and it made me smile.
“As I said, it’s not fair.”
“I’m shocked you would do that for me. I don’t need the five percent though, you take it.”
“No,” I said firmly. It didn’t sit well with me and it hadn’t the whole time. Why should only I skim the top but Wei who put in just the same amount of effort gained nothing? He was a busy man, running twenty men and could do without running a hair salon.
“Ada seriously, I don’t want it.” Wei’s voice was as firm as mine.
“But you put the work in” I breathed out, getting irritated now.
“Okay my confession time” he chuckled and it was my turn to raise my eyebrow. “I spoke with Winston last week, he told me I didn’t need to do this with you as the place was set up. Regardless, 14 money is coming in per his agreement with Ping.”
“Okay” I said, confused.
“But I told him I wanted to still be part of it. I gave him some bullshit about not trusting you hundred percent.”
“Bullshit?” I asked, not believing it.
“Yeah bullshit, I trust you. What you just said proved that to me even more. I don’t know one triad who would do that for their own, let alone a rival.” Wei shrugged and moved closer to me. I felt my hair stand on end as I got a whiff of his aftershave. It smelt expensive and masculine.
“But why?” I asked, looking down at Wei’s hand on my wrist now.
“Because I didn’t want this to end. A perfect front for us, for me to spend time with you.” His voice got raspy and it turned me on.
“Oh” is all I could mutter.
“Oh?” Wei chuckled. “You want me to drop out? No longer be your business partner?”
“No” I whispered, and I didn’t. I had shamelessly loved spending time with Wei, he was funny, smart and his chilled demor was a perfect contrast against my short temper.
“Good. Glad we’re on the same page.” I looked up at him, inches from my face. “And we get to have our offices right next door to each other.” Wei whispered as his lips went to my neck.
“Wei” I whispered my hand on his chest.
“Ada” he chuckled back and I couldn’t help but smile. “See you bright and early tomorrow” my legs nearly dropped as his soft lips touched my neck sending electricity through me.
“Yeah” I breathed out, my body exposing me. Wei looked up at me, his eyes fixed onto mine.
“You don’t mind me doing my business here? From my office?” His beautiful face had left me speechless and all I could do was nod. “Is that a yes you do mind or?”
“I don’t mind” I rushed out, my hand still on his rock hard chest.
“I have to go, I have other business.” With that he let go of my wrist and walked through the front door, leaving me a puddle of a woman.
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