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Chapter Seven

“Ready? Barbecue you say yeah?” Wei asked me, I nodded trying not to smile like a mad woman. “Get in my car” was the demand as Wei locked the shop front door.
“How am I meant to get home?” I asked as we walked towards his car.
“You're not going home” he said cheekily, running his tongue along his bottom lip. I sat in Wei’s car as he turned the ignition.
“I don’t know if we should do this,” I whispered, looking out of the window, my anxiety kicked in the minute I got into his car.
“Why?” Wei asked, no concern in his voice.
“You’re 14 I’m fucking Sun Yee On and it’s not right.”
“Not right? That’s an odd choice of words. What’s wrong about it?” Wei took his eyes off the road and looked at me for a split second. I rubbed my hands together trying to reduce my heartbeat. “Ada, you're a bad bitch, a woman triad that’s fucking mental. Last time I checked you didn’t give a fuck about anyone.” I sighed, he was right but Wei had started to break down my icy heart. My silence prompted him to continue talking. “You’re worried about Ping?” I just nodded. “Fuck that guy Ada! You don’t tell him who he can and can’t sleep with so why should he”
“You don’t know him,” I whispered.
“What, like I know Winston? They're all the same.”
“Okay” I said, turning round in my chair slightly to face him, his eyes were still on the road but they flickered to me for a second. “Would you be happy if one of your men got in a relationship with a Sun Yee On?” Wei groaned, putting his head back. “Yeah that’s what I thought”
“You’re different though”
“I’m not”. I turned back around looking out the window. “Can you drop me back to my car please”. I hated the words the minute they left my mouth but I knew in my head it was the right thing to do. My heart, not so much.
“Ada” Wei growled, parking the car on the side of the road. I felt his body turn to me and I peeked over, his beautiful eyes on me.
“It can’t happen Wei” I muttered.
“You don’t want it to?” I turned my face to him now, his colourful chest tattoos peeking out of his white shirt and I wanted to see all of them so badly.
“That’s not what I said, I said we can’t.”
“Ping is not the boss of you.”
“Erm he kind of fucking is Wei! Like the whole premises of this shit we find ourselves in. Ping is exactly the boss of me, my brother as well he would go fucking crazy. Then what complete dishonour on my whole fucking family? My dad's legacy is gone because I fucked a 14” I threw my hands on my lap, feeling my bottom lip trembling. No Ada don’t fucking do it. I can’t remember the last time I cried and I had no idea why this was affecting me so much. I blinked away my tears as I stared at Wei. I couldn’t read his face and it frustrated me.
“Okay” Wei muttered moving the car again. I watched the side of his face as he kept his eyes on the road.
“Okay?” I asked, confused and now slightly hurt.
“Yeah okay” Wei shrugged.
“I thought you would, I don’t know”. I sighed looking at my lap.
“You told me no so it’s a no, not sure why you're now trying to get me to change my mind, that doesn't make sense Ada. If you want your life run by dickheads like Ping and Winston, that's on you.” His words burned me and I took a deep breath in to stop myself from sobbing. “Your car”. Wei said suddenly, parking behind mine back at the shop. I opened the car door, looking back at him, his eyes were still on the road.
“Wei” I whispered.
“See you later” he still didn’t look over at me.
“You’re being a dick” I spoke more firmly. Wei shrugged, adjusting his mirror.
“Then I’m a dick. Shame you won’t get mine, as I said Ada see you later”. He leaned over me and pushed the passenger door open further, turning his head back.
“Wei don’t do this please you have to understand where I’m coming from.”
“I don’t, I refuse to have my life run by triads. It's bullshit. I’m not scared of Winston, I’m not scared of Ping or any of them dickheads. Maybe you’re scared of me, if you don’t trust me enough and only see me as 14 then whatever. I don’t want you anyway”. I audibly gasped and automatically pushed him by his arm, slamming him into the driver's side door. “Don’t fucking do that” his head finally turned to me and he looked furious.
“Fuck you Wei, oh how I would love to be you for a day, not worried about shit. Knowing you’re high up enough no one could touch you. Not having to fight for your share at the table every fucking day because you don’t have a dick.”
“Then leave. Be a bullshit housewife.”
“You know I can’t do that.” I whispered, finally my tears escaped and ran down my cheeks. Wei stared at me and I refused to wipe it.
“Ada!” He shouted, getting closer to my face. His voice made me jump and I grabbed his arm. “What are you not getting? You can do whatever the fuck you want!” I shook my head viciously.
“No I can’t”
“Just get the fuck out, I’m over this conversation. You weren’t saying that when I had my hand in you. Full of shit”. Wei turned the car back on and I jerked forward as he drove an inch.
“I hate you!” I shouted as I got out, slamming the door behind me. Wei sped off not even turning to me.

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