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Chapter Nine

Clearly 14k paid well as I stood in the lift to the penthouse apartment. Wei lived in a fancy part of the city and the building itself was gorgeous. The lift pinged open directly to Wei’s living room and I gasped. It was huge, tall ceilings and bay windows everywhere. It was nicely decorated, with red walls in the living room and the biggest white sofa I had ever seen. It didn’t look like Wei spent much time here, it was spotless and missed the normal nick nacks people had in their homes. There wasn’t anything really in the room other than a sofa and a TV.
“Wei?!” I called out when I couldn’t see him. I stepped further into the room and heard a door to the left open.
“I’m here, sorry.” This arsehole. Wei was only wearing dark green tracksuit bottoms and his chest made my mouth water. His tattoos covered his whole chest and stomach, every colour of the rainbow. A huge dragon traveled horizontally across his chest with lotus flowers behind it. It was one of the most beautiful tattoos I had ever seen and I could feel my mouth open. “Are you okay?” Wei asked, looking puzzled.
“Yeah sorry I’m okay just your chest tattoo is” I was completely lost for words and Wei chuckled bringing me back. “It’s very nice” I whispered.
“Thanks, it’s actually super old. Make yourself at home, are you hungry?” I had to laugh. It was about one in the morning and I certainly wasn’t eating.
“No, I'm good, thanks. You have a beautiful house” I sat down on the sofa and nearly sunk into it. Wei sat down next to me and I suddenly felt very shy. We were silent for a while until Wei finally spoke.
“Ada I’m sorry I handled our situation completely wrong” I kept my eyes on my lap as I felt him move closer to me. “This is going to make me sound like a complete idiot but I’m not used to women saying no to me”. He said it was such sincerity I felt sorry for him for a minute. I looked up at Wei whose arm was at the back of the sofa behind me. “I took it personally and I shouldn't have.” I smiled at him, I understood that.
“You’re very stubborn, do you know that?” I asked, laughing.
“Am I?” Wei responded looking confused.
“You are. You’re used to getting what you want. You didn’t think about me at all.” Wei’s hand went to my cheek. My eyes flickered to his lips which then went into a smile as he noticed.
“It annoys me that you let them control your life.” He whispered.
“It scares me that you don’t.” I responded with my eyes on him. Wei groaned, putting his forehead against mine.
“Ada, don't think like that please. What are they going to do to me really?”
“Erm kill you.”
“They wouldn’t, this rival thing is all fucking show you know that. Money laundering with each other, you buying drugs off us. They care about money and money only. I wouldn’t let Ping touch you.” My heart hammered out of my chest at his words and I put my hand over Wei’s still on my face.
“I would never ask you to leave Sun Yee On and I don’t even want to know all of their dirty secrets. I don’t care. Can we not just be normal people around each other?” I moved back, dropping my hand.
“Do we know how to be normal people though?” I asked, half laughing.
“Fine normal for us then!” Wei laughed. “Tell me about you, I want to get to know you. That guy you were with, he your leader?” I burst out laughing, slapping my chest.
“No, that's my dickhead of a brother, Chen.” I rolled my eyes.
“Are you both Sun Yee On?” Wei sat back, his head towards me.
“Yep, we’ve been doing this shit since we were children. We didn’t really have a normal life. Our mother died when I was seven.” I shrugged. “Our father tried to raise us but he only knew Sun Yee On himself so they were our babysitters.”
“What did your mother die of?” Wei’s eyes looked serious and I took a deep breath in.
“She was killed.” I looked down, my mothers death never upset me. She died when I was so young and she, just like my father, wasn't generally on my mind at all. I knew Wei would need to know to try and maybe understand me. “By 14k” I whispered. Wei threw out a breath as he stood up, I watched him rub his face with his hands and put them on top of his head.
“Ada I don’t know what to say” he breathed out. I waved my hand in front of my face and attempted a weak smile.
“It’s okay, it’s part of it. I was young so I don’t really remember her that much to be honest. I don’t really think about them. I know it’s awful but I’ve been on my own for so long I’m used to it.” I watched Wei as he paced the room in front of me.
“But what if she wasn’t killed? You probably wouldn’t even be a triad. It’s our fault”
“You’re talking like it’s your fault. We’re the same age you were seven I doubt you put a hit on my mother”. I laughed and Wei pulled a face to me, clearly didn’t find me funny.
“That’s not funny Ada. This shit ruined your life.” Wei sat back down, staring into his hands.
“How do you know my life is ruined? It’s a little bit lonely but not ruined. Chen would be part of Sun Yee On regardless". I trailed off. This conversation was getting depressing and I didn’t want Wei to feel guilty for something he had no doing in.
“Tell me about you. Drug running as a baby yeah?” I tried to laugh again and finally got a smirk off Wei.
“Pretty much, as I said Winston is my uncle, my mother’s brother.”
“What about your dad?” I asked curious.
“He is still around, he owned a tailors, straight laced as humanly possible. Winston interested me, I thought he was cool.” Wei chuckled and shrugged. “I spent more and more time with him and then he got me doing stuff. Drug running, loan sharking and I enjoyed it. I felt important I suppose”. Wei looked over at me and smiled weakly.
“Do you ever wish you had a normal job?” I asked, smiling at him.
“Erm sometimes. I do well for money and I’m not sure I could find a job that gave me that. It comes with risks obviously, I’ve not long come out.” Wei’s face turned serious again and I sat up more on the sofa, come out?
“What do you mean?” I tried to be cool but failed miserably.
“Of prison. I did five years. Personal possession of cocaine, I got out four years ago.” Wei’s eyes were on mine, clearly trying to gage my reaction.
“Personal? I didn’t know you did drugs.” That bit shocked me the most, we didn’t do drugs we just sold them. Ping would be furious if he ever discovered one of the men getting high on our own supply.
“I don’t please believe me, never have”. Wei said, putting his hands up. “I knew the judge”. I burst out laughing, throwing my head back onto the sofa.
“So bad Wei.” I said, still laughing. “So how were them five years?” I don’t know if I wanted to know the answer but I had to ask.
“It was okay to be honest. I got good treatment, obviously.” Wei laughed as he put his head down. He looked shy for a moment and it made me smile. “But what I’m trying to say is yes I would like a normal job.” I laughed with him and suddenly grabbed his hand. Wei looked over to me and his beautiful smile covered his face. “I’ll be at the shop tomorrow.” He spoke softly and I nodded.
“Speaking of, I really need to sleep.” I giggled as I stood up.
“Stay here with me” Wei stood up, facing me. My eyes scanned his face. He looked serious and it wasn’t the Wei I was used to. Normally Wei was all smiles and laughs.
“I thought you said you were going to keep your hands to yourself.” I smiled.
“Oh I will, I just want you next to me. Please Ada, I fucked up and I missed you.” I didn’t know what to think and was slightly disappointed that Wei had no intention of us having sex.
“Okay, but we have to go to sleep like an hour ago.” Wei chuckled looking down.
“Let’s get to bed then” he said, grabbing my hand. He walked me through the door on the left and I grabbed his hand tighter as I tried not to laugh at his bedroom.
“What’s so funny?” He chuckled.
“Your bedroom is hilarious. I've never seen a room so empty.” My laugh escaped now and I looked around Wei’s bedroom. There was a white huge bed in the middle and a matching wardrobe in the corner. Nothing more.
“It has everything I need!” Wei laughed as he dropped his tracksuit bottoms. He had some tattoos on his thighs too and I couldn’t wait to trace them all with my tongue. He looked up at me and I threw my t-shirt off, pulling down my jeans. Wei’s eyes scanned my body as I got into the bed. My eyes rolled back, it was comfortable as fuck.
“You like it?” Wei asked, getting in next to me.
“It feels like it’s made of feathers.” I joked. I laid down and faced Wei who put his own head on the pillow. We were staring at each other for the longest time, both our hands on our chests.
“I know I said hands to myself but please can I kiss you?” Wei asked me and I felt my heart leap. A rough, tattooed triad asking me if he can kiss me? I was completely swooning. I just nodded, giggling like a child. Wei moved closer to me, his hand going to my face. Our eyes were fixed on each other and I moved my hand from my chest to the side of Wei’s stomach, he was ripped as hell and I really wanted him to completely take me right here and now. I could feel in between my legs throbbing and it took everything in me not to completely jump him. I accidentally let out a sigh and Wei smiled. “Am I taking too long?” He laughed.
“Yes”. I breathed out and he was. Put me out of my misery already. Wei moved his head closer to mine and his soft lips gently touched mine, electricity going through me. Wei kissed my bottom lip, making my eyes close and my grip on his side get tighter.
“Ada” he breathed out, his lips still on mine. “These last two months all I’ve been thinking about is when I made you cum in your office”. The memory made my pussy swell and I was about to break the hands to themselves rule.
“Wei” I moaned, pushing myself closer to him. Our bodies were touching now and his hard chest against my own made my whole body ache. I heard him laugh before he kissed my lips again, slowly and softly, not what I was expecting. Suddenly Wei slipped his tongue in my mouth, moving his head further to the side and forcing my mouth completely open. I gripped my eyes tighter as his tongue traveled my mouth, rolling against my own tongue. I had never been kissed like this and without a shadow of a doubt Wei was the best kiss I had ever had. This man really had it all. He gently bit my bottom lip as he pulled away, I opened my eyes and he was staring at me with a smile on his sexy face.
“Goodnight” he whispered and I slapped his side.
“You’re going to get me wild and then go to sleep?” It was shameless but I was over pretending.
“I’m a man of my word.”
“You don’t want to?” I asked, feeling insecure. Wei scoffed and I looked down.
“More then anything in the fucking world. But I told you no funny business and I keep my promises. I also promise you I will be making you scream soon and I can’t fucking wait to plunge into you.” His words made me go bright red and I put my hand over my face.
“Fucking hell Wei” I laughed and he kissed my forehead.
“It’s true, no way am I letting you think I don’t want to fuck you because I do. A lot. My dick is actually hurting” he let out a small laugh and I couldn’t help myself, I moved my hand to his crotch and gasped. Yep he was fucking rock hard.
“I can help you with that,” I purred.
“Ada please don’t. Soon I promise.” I let out a defeated sigh and moved my hand back up to my chest, rolling over to my back. Wei did the same and my eyes glanced at his left side. He had a tattoo going up from his waistband to his armpit. It was the word ‘fourteen’ is Cantonese and it suddenly made my stomach drop. I obviously knew Wei was a triad and I obviously knew he was high up. I did like to pretend he was Sun Yee On as it made my life easier but he wasn’t. He was our rival and he had it in ink on his body. I had a few of my own tattoos going up my left arm, a traditional koi and cherry blossoms. It was a cultural thing, we had tattoos and I managed to get what I felt was the most feminine. I didn’t however have any gang tattoos. Wei did.
“Stop thinking” he whispered to me, looking up.
“What?” I tried to hide my voice shaking.
“Stop thinking about shit you can’t change. I’m 14 I probably always will be. Do you like me?” Wei’s eyes went to mine and I smiled way too wide then I would have liked.
“Yeah” I whispered.
“So stop panicking because I have a 14 tattoo. Stop panicking because you have been brainwashed into hating me. You're allowed to not hate me.” He looked exhausted and I ran my hand down his face, his eyes closing.
“Brainwashed is strong but I get what you mean. Sleep.” I lent over and kissed his forehead, getting comfortable myself knowing that I wouldn’t be able to sleep.
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