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A Bloodthirsty New BegA Bloodthirsty New Beginning

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It has been 500 years since he was "born"again, 300 for his brother,and they have never had a human resist the compulsion. She is irritating and stubborn but she will submit to them. She draws them in, making them crave her as much as she craves them, unaware that they have plans to keep her for themselves. This story contains MATURE content.

Erotica / Fantasy
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Need for Fun


10 yrs married, 12 years together. It was still hard to realize that after all that I was single at 42. My husband decided to stay married, for the kids sake, but in name only. I haven't shared a bed with him in years and we both have lived in separate places for over 6 months now. I knew it started to go down hill in year 4 of our marriage. I was gaining weight, having trouble losing it, and he wasn't fond of fat girls. I was bigger than I ever was when pregnant. Finally I started to lose weight but it wasn't fast enough for him, he expected over night results and made it clear that he thought I wasn't doing enough to lose the weight. The spark fizzed out at that point. He didn't find me attractive or sexy and the only thing sexual he wanted to do was have me suck his dick. He refused to touch me, even if I asked for him to rub my back, and when he did it was quick, sloppy, and he grumbled the whole time. I knew he was cheating, I expected nothing less, I just wish it didn't hurt so bad. So when the time came that I couldn't take anymore I let him know. At first he tried denying cheating, but I had proof, so then he went to "let's make this work" mode and I let him know it was to far past that point. So here I am in a nice little apartment, closer to the few friends I have, my kids come and see me regularly and let me know my husband stays with his new toy most nights, but they are old enough to care for themselves so I'm not worried.
"Are you ready? Have everything packed? Because there is no turning back so make sure you have everything. I'll be there in 30"
Scarlett's text brought me out of my thoughts and I started going over everything making sure all was ready. This was the first time me or any of my 4 posse group would be leaving the country and I was so excited. Who knew maybe I'd find something a little more lively than a toy. Don't get me wrong my toys are wonderful to me, they don't talk back or whisper sweet nothings in my ear, but they also don't cuddle or satisfy me completely. It would be nice to have something big and fun attached to someone for me to play with. I shake my head to clear naughty thoughts and laugh at myself. It's been awhile since I've been with someone. I had finally, after years of hard work, diet pills and exercise, and fasting, got my body back to decent. I will go with a thick size 7 any day over the size 16 I was previously in. I felt healthier, looked awesome, and was ready to let go. Scarlett arrived, jumping up and down while hugging me excited to go. Along with her there was Bianca and Cammi. They left a spot for my luggage in the back and I scooted in the backseat with Cammi.
"Alright ladies, lets go check in and start this fucking much needed vacation". Scarlett squealed turning us into the road that leads to the international airport. We all debated about doing a "Europe in a week" trip but figured we didn't want to be with tour groups so we opted for studying where we wanted to go and all the hot spots. We were 4 women in our early 40's and just wanted to have fun. We arrived 2 hours before our flight, checked in, grabbed brunch, and waited impatiently for the plane to be ready for boarding.
"Aurora, are you gonna want isle or window?"
Cammi asked pulling my headphones out. I thought for a moment and replied window. She smiled, blew me a kiss and inserted my headphone back in my ears. Next thing I knew we were boarding getting ready for our 12 hour flight to England. I've always wanted to see Stonehenge as well as other various tourist attractions. We found a castle that had rooms to rent for the week, and we had no itinerary planned. We just wanted to enjoy somewhere new and make our own adventures. All of us had been or still are married and this was a nice respite from our spouses for ourselves. It's been way too long since we enjoyed a girls night out.....20+ years at least. But that's what happens when you grow up, party days become few and far between. We all knew we were no longer in our 20's, we could party like rockstars but the recovery time took longer and longer the older you got. Once we landed and collected luggage we found our driver and he took us to the castle to drop things off. He pointed out facts and places of interest on our way over.
"Is there like a night club we could go to? Somewhere that older women can go without feeling like a creepy mom?" Bianca asks eliciting a giggle from the rest of us. Leave it to Bianca to make us feel old at the same time as wanting to feel young. The driver answered yes and said the castle would have brochures telling us about places like that we can go. Once checked in we found the castle had a restaurant, so we ate and decided tonight would be a "recover from jet lag and chill" night. Once upstairs we started to unpack and chat. I miss my ladies. I didn't realize how much until I sat back and listened to them. Each was beautifully unique and added their own flare to our little coven of friends.
Scarlett was a tall red head, covered in tattoos, and a spit fire. She had beautiful ice blue eyes and the face of an angel but the attitude of the devil. She was always up for an adventure. She was tall and lithe, well defined in all the right places.Bianca was an inch shorter than me, a big 5'4, but don't let he compact size fool you. Her attitude is ginormous. She had more of a punk feel to her. Her hair was a long dark blue almost purple Mohawk that she let fall, she wasn't a fan of spiking it. Beautiful soft blue eyes, and a dirty mouth, with tattoos and piercings. Lol. I can remember her almost giving a poor nun a heart attack once when we were standing in line for food. It's hard to apologize and laugh at the same time. She also had the face of an angel and she was a little on the thick side, not the "too big" side, no she was just right. Cammi was a gorgeous blonde woman with piercing blue eyes and cat shaped glasses that fit her face perfectly. She was my height, 5'5, her body was lithe and well defined. She wasn't as outspoken as Scarlett and Bianca, she had more of a bad librarian feel for her, all her tattoos were covered. I looked around at the 3 beautiful women in my life and sighed sending a prayer to whomever was listening , thanking them for such awesome friends. Out of the four I'm the only one with dark eyes. I'm 5'5 dark auburn almost dark brown hair, hazel eyes and a svelt size 7, and like my girls I sported tattoos as well. I finally got my body how I wanted it, a thick hour glass shape. We may not have been in our 20's anymore, but we were all mother's, some still married some not, and a deadly force to be reckoned with. We ordered some wine and sat and chatted for a few hours before all of us bundle in the king size bed. The good thing about my ladies, we could actually all sleep together with no incidents, even though that was tempting, and not have to worry about late night back poking boners or morning wood.
"I love you bitches, I'm so glad y'all convinced me into coming" I say giving them all a hug and a kiss on the forehead. They all reiterated the same sentiment and finally let sleep take us.
7 came early and the light was shining through the curtain. I grumbled and hissed at the sunlight, mumbling for someone to close the blinds so we can go back to sleep. The sun and I have a fickle relationship. I enjoy being in the sun but it doesn't like me, so I don't like it back. If I'm out to long I start to get little pus pockets on my hands. According to my dr I am "allergic to the heat and my body is trying to get rid of impurities and blah blah blah". She had no earthly idea as to why my body reacted the way it did. I had to force myself to tan so I wasn't a sickly fish belly white, but my relationship with the sun was still on shaky grounds. When no one got up I grumbled, rolled out of bed, yanked the covers, stealing their warm protection and letting the cool air seep in. There were groans and hisses of death awaiting as I chuckled and open the blinds further, squinting my eyes at the intrusion.
"Up and at em girls, time for us to sightsee and enjoy our vacation, we can sleep at home."
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