Allured in Amber

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Being an adopted child in a mafia family, Elizabeth Barone wants nothing more than to prove herself worthy. Try as she might, she can't get her father to see past the precious princess image he has given her. But what happens when our dark princess finds an even darker prince who makes her an offer she can't refuse? Can she say no to temptation and be loyal to her family? Or will this little Lizard turn her back on the man who saved her to get everything she's ever wanted and more?

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter One

Chapter One

I glide across the antique hardwood floor of Samuel Manor, feeling like a goddess as the black lace of my dress trails behind me. My hair cascades down my back in thick dark ringlets, covering nearly the entire bare back of the mermaid-style dress. The only thing missing is the Incomparable diamond around my neck.

Weighing a total of six hundred and thirty-seven carats, this piece of jewelry is literally fit for a queen. It was once owned by Marie Antoinette and has now become a wonder of the world. It’s worth over fifty-five million dollars, and most people don’t even know where it’s kept. Until today that is.

When I heard this beauty was showcasing in a neighboring town, I knew that I not only needed to be here but that I needed to take it for myself. Acquiring such a delicate artifact would prove that I’m more than a trophy prize to be shown off.

I skip over most of the cases, uninterested in whatever prop jewelry they are showing. Though I do pause by one display, just to make sure I’m not too suspicious. This necklace is covered with diamond flowers and two butterflies that hang off the back. The thing looks like it was made for a child rather than the queen of France. If it were not for the clarity, I would have thought someone had made a mistake.

I walk past a couple more exhibits, occasionally taking sips of champagne to look around the room. There are a few cameras, but nothing that I think would be too hard to get around. For housing some of the world’s most expensive gems, the place seems to be lacking in the security department. It’s almost as if they wanted to be robbed.

I scan the large room one last time before making my way to my main target. The incomparable diamond stands on one of three podiums in the center of the room held in its own glass case. The pictures online could never do it justice. I hover my fingers over the glass, noticing the weight sensor and lasers guarding it. Getting it out isn’t going to be easy, and I’m going to need some prep work.

I know I shouldn’t look for too long, but I can’t help it. It’s the key to my future and just looking at it makes me feel powerful and capable. I just know the rest of the guys will agree once they see it wrapped around my neck. I can see it all clearly in my reflection.

Ninety-one white diamonds decorate my neckline, trailing down my chest where the incomparable brown diamond lies between my breasts. Even as just a reflection, this necklace makes me feel like royalty. I need this more than I’ve ever needed anything.

“I would wipe the drool off the corner of your mouth if I were you. Someone might get the wrong idea and think you were here to steal it,” a male voice chuckles to my right, pulling me out of my daydream and back to reality.

“Can you blame me? It’s the only piece here worth seeing,” I chuckle, forcing myself to turn and face him.

He smirks at me with eyes that could only be described as autumn and a sparkling smile that could put any prince to shame. His light brown hair is slightly curly, sweeping perfectly across his forehead in that I’m so hot I don’t even need to try style. His tux hugs him in all the right places, making my mouth feel dry and awkward. The man isn’t even wearing a tie, for fucks sake.

“It’s pretty, I guess,” he says as he puts his hands in pockets.

“You guess? Name one piece that looks better,” I scoff, pointing to the surrounding cases.

“I don’t know. That one with the blue heart is pretty,”

“Pfft. Figures,” I roll my eyes and turn back to the display only to have him step in my way.

“And why would you say that?” he asks, running his knuckles down my shoulder.

“The Heart of the Ocean? It’s a cliché, and there are thousands of knockoffs just like it. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were one of them, placed here to look prestigious among the rest of them,” I toss my hair over my shoulder, turning to another nearby pillar. The piece is a bland array of diamonds and rubies that nearly makes me yawn.

“Yeah, but cliché or not, it still looks better than that shit-colored diamond,” he says, popping up behind me and crawling under my skin. I turn to face the bastard, ready to give him a piece of my mind.

“That shit diamond just so happens to be four hundred and seven carats,” I say, stabbing my finger into his chest, wishing that it were one of my throwing knives. “That’s worth more than you and your grandchildren will ever see in a lifetime,” I snort, walking past him to a waiter with a tray of champagne.

“She’s not as dumb as she looks, folks,” the guy smirks, taking two glasses from the waiter and passing me one. “Small tip, if you want to seem inconspicuous, you probably shouldn’t let people know you’re obsessed,” he chuckles, patting me on the back before heading over to a display of ancient swords.

I’ve only known the guy for a few seconds, and he already seems to be getting on my last damn nerve. I’m half tempted to leave and come back after hours when the place isn’t so crowded. But I’ll be damned if I let him get the last word.

“Excuse me,” I murmur as I grab him by the shoulder and spin him around. “But I am not obsessed. It’s not my fault you don’t know how to read a plaque. Perhaps you should have brought a friend that could read them to you,” I say, dusting off his shoulder and turning to leave him.

His hand catches my arm, whirling me back around to face him. His cinnamon and cedarwood scent hits me hard and washes over me like a high tide. My head swims, and my mouth waters at the smell, and I have to breathe through my mouth to keep my cool.

“Why would I bring a friend to read to me when I can just ask the beautiful girl trying to steal it?” he asks.

He looks down on me with darker lust-filled eyes that have me wondering what he looks like naked. I can just picture his thick muscles and tanned skin gleaming with oil. His hands run down my bare back, making goose pimples rise on my skin. Why do the most annoying men have to be the best looking? Perhaps I’ve just had too much champagne.

“Don’t flatter yourself, pretty boy. You aren’t my type,” I take a sip of champagne, pretending that I’m not imagining what he looks like outside of his tuxedo.

“Oh yeah? And what makes you think I’m not your type?” he asks, taking my jaw between his fingers and turning my head to face him. “You don’t even know me,”

“I know more than you think I do,” I chuckle as my eyes move towards the sky.

“Try me,” his thumb runs softly along my jaw, and I have to swallow the saliva that pools from his touch.

“Let me guess. You were dragged here by parents who are probably high up on the corporate ladder but still have some family values. You half-assed your attire to rebel, and you enjoy bothering the attendants in hope they won’t bring you to the next event,” I place my hand on his arm, pressing it back down to his side. I can’t have him touching me.

“Is that all?” he asks with a cocky grin.

“No. I’ll bet you work under your father in a job you don’t want. You’d probably be much happier making stupid blogs for the internet that girls only watch because you’ve got smoking hot abs. You…” he laughs too loud for my liking, making several people turn to scowl at us. So much for being unseen.

“You think I have smoking hot abs, huh? You may just be onto something there. You wanna get out of here and find out?” he asks, wiggling his eyebrows and pointing his head toward the exit. I squint my eyes at him in an attempt not to look down at his stomach, feeling as if he could see through my façade.

“I’m sorry. But it’s going to take a lot more than smoking hot abs to get me into bed. I already told you, you aren’t my type,” I shrug and bring my glass to my lips, taking in the rest of my champagne.

“I think you’re just intimated by me,” I choke on my champagne, coughing around the bubbly liquid as it tries to enter my lungs. Intimidated? Yeah right!

“You’re delusional,” I chuckle when I finally catch my breath. I place my hand firmly on his shoulder and lean into him. “I’d eat you alive,” I whisper in his ear, placing a gentle kiss on his cheek. I go to lean away from him, only for his hands to press harder against my back. He holds me tightly in his arms, both our mouths placed next to each other’s ears. I’m in over my head, that’s for sure.

“And what if you have it all wrong?” he asks, his breath hot in my ear. “Maybe I’m not the goody two shoes you’ve painted me to be. Perhaps I’m the guy who could handle all your crazy and give it right back to you,” he says as his hand runs down my backside and cups my ass.

“I highly doubt that,” I chuckle, imagining the look of shock on his face if I were to pull a knife on him. “You’ve got trust fund kid written all over you, and I can promise your daddy’s Amex won’t be able to bail you out of this,” I push away from his chest, both relieved and disappointed by the absence of his touch.

I walk as fast and ladylike as I can to the bathroom, desperate for a moment alone. This guy has worked me up too much, and I need to calm down before I do something I regret. I place my hand over the handle, and I’m shocked as someone pushes me inside. My instincts kick in, and I smack the person across the face.

“Nice arm,” he chuckles, rubbing his hand against his now pink face.

“Who the hell are you anyway?” I ask with my arms crossed over my chest.

“I’m a man who loves a challenge,” he chuckles, leaning up against a sink.

“Wow, what a surprise,” I say in a sarcastic tone. I walk over to another sink, placing my clutch on the counter and pulling out a tube of lipstick.

“You aren’t like other girls, are you?” he says as I pop my lips and place the tube back into my bag.

“What can I say? I’m one in a million,” I turn on the sink to rinse my hands, not noticing him move until he pins me against the marble. I place my hands into the cold water, knowing it’s the closest thing I have to a cold shower. It’s clearly been too long since I’ve gotten laid. Why else would I let this loser touch me?

“I want to see you again,” he murmurs, trailing kisses across my neck.

“Not going to happen,” I say in a husky voice, placing my hands flat over the counter. It takes everything I have not to beg him to rip this dress off of me.

“Meet me at Satan’s peak tomorrow afternoon,” he nibbles on my ear lobe, and it’s a serial connection to my groin.

“No,” his hands wrap around my stomach, slipping ever so slowly to my nether regions, and I find myself clutching at the counter.

“If you’re the girl I think you are, you’ll meet me there,” his hand runs back up my stomach, and I watch as it moves toward my chest.

“And what kind of girl is that?” I ask, swallowing hard around the ball of desire lodged in my throat. His hand moves between my breasts before wrapping gently around my neck.

“The kind of girl who loves a challenge,” he places another kiss below my ear, then turns and heads for the door.

“Who the fuck are you?” I ask, moving away from the sink as the mystery of him becomes too much for me to stand.

“You’ll have to figure that out tomorrow. See you around, Tesorina,” he says with a wink before walking out the door.

I stumble back over to the sinks, falling into the counter as his words begin to make sense. I’m not the best when it comes to speaking Italian, but I’m pretty sure Tesorina means little treasure. Is he mocking me for loving that necklace? Or is he trying to tell me he knows who I am? I’m paranoid, I know, but now I know I have to meet him. But first, I have to get that damn necklace.

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