Can You Hear Me (Unedited)

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The sequel to Do You Love Me sees Becca and Brax at the perilous mercy of Arne. Captive within his debaucherous club, The Lust Factory. A smorgasbord of desire, carnal pleasure, and blood is a perfectly crafted meal for any sex demon who is seeking to increase his power rapidly. One of his newest pets, Becca is Ciaran's newly found and conceived mate, a potential rival to Arne's rise to power within the tumultuous demon hierarchy. Arne sets about weaving a tangled web to trap and tie his prey to him. Being a pet, collared and cuffed is far more challenging than Alpha werewolf Brax will ever be prepared for. Will put his noble intentions to save Becca to the test day in and day out. His instincts are to be a master, but he must bend to be a slave to his new master's will. So join Becca, Brax, Ciaran, Natalie, Jacquelyn, and Bryce in this raunchy, boundary-pushing battle of wills and escape in : Can You Hear Me?

Erotica / Fantasy
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Becca and Brax have found themselves at the mercy of Arne, an infamous and influential sex demon intent on using their supernatural stamina to encourage, intensify and fuel his club, aptly called 'The Lust Factory'. Agreeing to be a pet in order to save Becca has a lot more implications than Brax could have ever thought possible. The dominant Alpha used to being a master in his own right. Will find himself collared, cuffed, and forced into submission, all to save his best friend's mate. A woman, although not his own, he finds his heart irrevocably bonded to thanks to Ciaran.

Arne takes delight in devising ways to play with and torment his two new pets, making Brax the star attraction at 'The Lust Factory'. Arne feeds off the attendees who come along for a night of debauchery or the many other forbidden pleasures. By regularly feeding off these attendees, Arne rapidly grew to his high standing in the demon rankings. He can take from their desire, pleasure, and carnal delights before absorbing their souls and finally devouring every last drop of their blood. A perfectly formed smorgasbord feast in his sinister eyes. Arne fully intends to do the same with Brax and Becca once they are no longer of use to him.

Ciaran searched for his missing mate, only to discover she had fallen into the clawed clutches of the infamous and ruthless demon, Arne. Can Ciaran save his mate and his best friend before it is too late? What has become of Natalie as the Bounty hunters seek out the she-wolf who escaped their relentless clutches? What mischief have Jacquelyn and Bryce gotten themselves into? Can the vampiric duo offer assistance to Ciaran in his hours of need?

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