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Just Treat Me Like That [Part III]

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Last and final part of the Treat Me Like That series, where everything will come to an end. In the previous book, Harry asked Caroline to give him an opportunity. Will she allow herself to find happiness with someone new, or will she give up on finding her other half?

Erotica / Drama
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Chapter 1 Surprise

Caroline and her family were having breakfast together, as per usual. Caroline sipped on her mimosa as she watched the twins enjoying their flavorful breakfast. “Caroline,” Elizabeth spoke, making Caroline shift her attention from the twins to her mother. “I’d like to speak to you about something,” Elizabeth added.

“After I take the twins to school we will talk,” Caroline responded. Caroline and the twins finished having breakfast. She then dropped them off at school for their first day back from winter break.

When Caroline arrived back at the mansion, she went to the living room, where Elizabeth was waiting for her. Caroline took a seat on the armchair next to Elizabeth, and spoke, “what is it?”

“Caroline, I just want to know how you are doing with everything that has happened.”

“I’m fine, mom.”

“No, you’re not. You’ve been burying yourself in work and you hardly spend time with the twins. This is so unlike you.”

“Because of the holidays, there has been just so much work recently.”

“Caroline, I am your mother. I know you better than anyone. Please tell me what is going on.” Caroline let out a sigh then she uttered, “mom, I am fine. It has been a week since everything happened. If you are worried about me getting into another relationship, that will not happen. I’ve already made it clear to Harry that I can’t be with him.”

“I’m glad to hear that, dear,” Elizabeth spoke, “I also wanted to know how you’ve been coping with everything that has been posted on Newser.”

“I haven’t been on Newser since last year. Ever since the release of C&K’s new social media platform, Newser has lost its popularity. Plus, I am abstaining from being wrapped up in gossips and as well as reading them.”

“I’m guessing you don’t know anything about Liam,” Elizabeth commented. “I don’t. And before you go asking me about him, I don’t know how he is doing, and I could not care less.” Caroline looked at the diamond watch on her wrist and stood up from the chair.

“Excuse me. I must go to work before I-.”

“Caroline, there is another thing I wanted to ask you... What are the test results that I saw the other day?” Caroline ignored her mother’s question and began to walk away. Before leaving the living room, Caroline paused and spoke, “please don’t go through my things again. The twins and I will be moving out of the house soon.”

Before Elizabeth could protest, Caroline left the living room. She walked to the entrance of the mansion, where the butler was waiting for her with her designer handbag in his hands. He handed her the handbag before opening the door.

Caroline walked out of the mansion and made her way to her white Rolls Royce. She got in the luxurious car and the chauffeur closed the door for her. Because Liam had gifted her the Lamborghini Urus, Caroline decided to let Charles have it. After all, she wanted nothing to do with Liam.

After the chauffeur began to drive out of the driveway, Caroline received a call from her brother. Caroline answered the call and placed the phone by her ear. “Hey, Mark. How’s New York?”

“It’s alright. How have you been holding up?” Caroline chuckled. “I’m fine, baby bro.” Mark clicked his tongue. “Stop calling me that.” Caroline chuckled and asked, “when are you coming back?” After a pause, Mark responded, “tomorrow.”

“That’s good. I will be leaving the mansion soon. You should stay there with mom until she finds a place for herself and then you can move out.”

“What’s wrong, Caroline? Why so sudden?”

“I just don’t feel like living there anymore. You don’t have to worry about it…. Mark, listen. I will call you later. Bye.” Before letting Mark speak, Caroline hung up the call. She let out a sigh as she looked out the window.

When Caroline arrived at her office building, her chauffeur got off and walked over to open her door for her. Caroline got off and went inside the building. She wore dark sunglasses that reflected the luminous flashes that were fired at her by the paparazzi.

Caroline ignored the pestering shouts and walked inside the building as her assistant walked behind her. Caroline stood in front of her elevator and waited for her assistant to press the button of the elevator.

As soon as the elevator door opened, Caroline stepped inside the elevator and Joseph followed behind her. “How are the shares going?”

“They keep rising, Ms. King.”

“Good.” Caroline then grabbed the iPad Joseph had in his hands and opened the detailed schedule Joseph had organized for her. “Ms. King, Mr. Williams has canceled today’s meeting.” Caroline instantly turned to look at her assistant. She rode her dark down to the tip of her nose and looked at Joseph.


“Mr. Williams seems to have traveled to New York.” Caroline rose her eyebrow. “Find out why.” Caroline handed the iPad back to Joseph before stepping off the elevator. She made her way to her office past the busy secretaries in the secretary division.

After walking into her office, Caroline closed the door and walked to her desk as she took off her dark sunglasses. She took off the blazer that rested over her shoulders. She rested the white blazer on the back of the chair before taking a seat.

Caroline reached for the control remote and powered on the flatscreen TV that rested on the wall. As soon as the TV powered on, the news came up. Caroline instantly laughed hysterically at the scene portrayed in front of her.

Just by looking at her ex-husband and his fiancée on the TV screen, announcing their engagement and the date, Caroline could not help but laugh. She focused on Liam’s face and watched how miserable he looked. She smiled with satisfaction as if she were enjoying his misery.

“So, this is it, Liam. You will get married to her. Just like that. And to think I was actually thinking of giving you another chance. But now I can see you will be miserable for the rest of your life with her.”

Caroline let out a sigh. She turned off the large TV screen and reached for her handbag. She grabbed her handbag and fetched her cellphone. She dialed Harry’s phone number and waited for the call to get through.

After waiting, the call never went through. Caroline placed her cellphone on top of her desk. She then turned to look at the computer screen in front of her. She opened her email and ignored all her other emails and began to type an email to send to Harry.

When Caroline finally sent the email, it was time for her first meeting. She stood up from her chair and grabbed her cellphone. She walked to the door and opened it. She then found Joseph standing in front of her.

In New York, after spending the entire day locked inside Taekyung’s penthouse, waiting for Taekyung, Mark decided to leave the penthouse. He stood up from the couch and went to the bedroom. He walked into the bathroom and undressed before going into the shower.

After getting ready to go out, Mark made his way to the elevator. Right when he pressed the button from the elevator, the elevator doors opened with a ding and Taekyung stepped off the elevator. “Going somewhere?” Taekyung asked. “Yes, I got tired of being here the entire day.”

“Why didn’t you call me? I could have come earlier.” Mark stepped closer to him and wrapped his arms over his neck. “It’s fine,” He spoke as she inched closer to his lips, “since you are here now, it is all good.”

Taekyung placed his hands over Mark’s waist and pulled him into a passionate kiss. After biting Mark’s lips, Taekyung separated from the kiss. “I will get ready to go out, okay?” Mark nodded and retrieved his arms. Taekyung took off his coat and placed it on top of the table in the middle of the entrance.

Then, Taekyung made his way to the bedroom and began to undress when he walked into the bathroom. He stepped inside the shower while Mark chose an outfit for him to wear. He carefully laid out the outfit on the bed and then he sat on the armchair in the corner of the bedroom.

After showering, Taekyung walked back into the bedroom and found Mark focused on his cellphone. As soon as Mark noticed Taekyung was in front of him, he put down his phone and stared at the muscular man in front of him.

“Don’t drool too much,” Taekyung commented jokingly. Mark blushed and looked away. Taekyung smirked and walked to the bed, where Mark had laid out his clothes for him. Taekyung smiled and began to get dressed.

After getting dressed, Taekyung walked in front of the armchair and spoke, “okay, let’s go.” Mark stood up from the armchair and walked up to Taekyung. He grabbed Taekyung’s hand and locked it in with him. Taekyung smiled and they both walked to the elevator. They got in the elevator and Taekyung pressed the button to the lobby of the building.

After having dinner together, Taekyung told his chauffeur to drive them somewhere before going back to the penthouse. When the chauffeur parked in front of a building, Taekyung looked at Mark and smiled. He got off the car and walked over to Mark’s door.

Taekyung opened Mark’s door for him and Mark got off the car. They stood in front of the tall, familiar building, holding hands. “Why are we here?” Mark asked. “I have a surprise for you.”

Taekyung began to walk towards the entrance whilst holding Mark’s hand. They walked inside the building and made their way to the elevator. Taekyung unlocked the button to the penthouse and pressed the button. “Why are we going to Caroline’s penthouse?”

Taekyung looked at the man standing next to him and smiled. “I told you it was a surprise.”

“I’m starting to be scared of your surprises.” Taekyung chuckled. He leaned closer to Mark and pressed a peck against his cheek. Taekyung smiled and the elevator came to a stop. The doors opened and they got off the elevator.

They stepped into the dark penthouse and then Taekyung walked over to the light switch. “Stay right there,” he commanded. Mark stood in the middle of the entrance, looking at the vast darkness. Mark took off his coat and placed it on the table by the entrance.

When Taekyung turned on the lights, lighting the entire penthouse Mark gasped at the scene portrayed in front of him. There were trails of boxes of red roses parallel to each other. In the middle of the roses were rose petals leading to the living room of the penthouse.

Mark turned to look at Taekyung, who was placing his coat next to Mark’s. Taekyung smirked and stepped closer to him. “What’s this?” Mark asked as he continued to look around. “Your surprise,” Taekyung responded. Mark smiled and began to walk down the trail of rose petals as Taekyung followed behind him.

Mark stood in the middle of the spacious living room, where there were white and red roses in the shapes of teddy bears. The room was dimly illuminated by the romantic light of candles.

“What’s all this? You spent the entire day doing this?” Taekyung nodded. “Why?” Taekyung stepped closer to him and explained, “because I wanted to surprise you and do something nice for you. Because you deserve this.” Mark smiled and then continued to look around the room.

Mark looked behind him and when he looked back at Taekyung, he was kneeling on one knee. Astonished, Mark gasped and took a step back. “Mark King… I know we have not been dating for long, but we have loved together for four years and through all those years, I fell in love with you. Will make me the happiest man alive and marry me?” As he asked, he took out a small jewelry box from his

Mark covered his mouth with his hands. He did not break eye contact with Taekyung. “Yes. Of course, I will marry you.” Taekyung gently grasped Mark’s hand and slowly placed the ring on his finger. Taekyung stood back up and Mark placed his arms around his neck.

Taekyung placed his hands over Mark’s hips and pulled him into a passionate kiss. Their tongues met and slowly swirled around together. Taekyung bit Mark’s bottom lip before enveloping into another kiss. This time when Mark sent out his tongue to meet Taekyung’s, Taekyung sucked on his tongue and then kissed his soft lips once more.

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