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A Carnal Urge

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Charlotte was a small town girl that moved to the big city of New York to begin her new life as a new urge creeps up she finds herself lost in A mans arms that she never thought possible.

Erotica / Romance
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Charlie was a small town girl she never dreamed of moving to a big city not that she never thought about it but her family was not all that great and the town was hard enough to get out of you either graduated and got a job at a minimum wage paying job and settled down or you went to collage and it was rare to see a kid go to collage so if someone got a scholarship as Charlie you were categorized as an outcast not that she minded much she went to college and Got degree in coding and worked a nine to five job an hour away until the day she got promoted which sent her all the way to the New York office.

Charlie was finally here the big city she never dared to dream of her friend Emily helping her unpack in her open concept flat that the company had given to her as the sun began to set the girls sat down tired out from the long day of moving and Emily looked over to Charlie with an exhausted expression on her face. “I’m so wiped want to go grab some dinner and maybe some drinks?” Emily’s facial expression changed from being exhausted to one filled with excitement. Charlie could never say no to her so she smiled and agreed.” Alright I suppose so I mean it is after all our last time being face to face for a while just let me get changed and we can head out.” Charlie went over to her dresser and pulled out a form fitting black silhouette silhouette dress and some heels to go along she let her dirty blonde hair out of her loose bun and walked to the bathroom to change adding a bit of mascara and vanilla chapstick to her lips her green eyes looked over herself nodding before heading back out to Emily. “Damn Charlie look at you are you trying to attract the whole city” both of the girls laughed at Emily’s statement before Charlie shook her head no “ I’m just trying to fit in here em and well if we are going out I want to look nice.” Emily have a smirk “yeah well I will be surprised if no one takes you home tonight.” Charlie rolled her eyes before they took the lift down to the street to get into Emily’s car.
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